Raniere’s lawyers to go to Mexico to gather witnesses

According to sources in Mexico:

Keith Raniere’s lawyers plan a trip to Mexico in the coming weeks to interview witnesses. Mexico remains the stronghold of NXIVM.  Raniere’s lawyers are expected to be there within the next two weeks.

Dani Padilla is in Monterrey and may interviewed.  Her parents are wealthy and apparently unaware of her role in the branding and blackmail sex cult of Keith Raniere.

Don’t let her parents know, but Dani Padilla is a top ranking slave in the DOS sex slaver cult – and is believed to be one of the 7 first -line slaves of Master Raniere.

NXIVM coach KS was spotted in Monterrey. His rumored departure from NXIVM seems to be inaccurate.

Finally, four well-known NXIVM members have contacted me directly (or through their attorney) to inform me they have left the cult following the arrest of Keith Raniere.

I am withholding their names for they may already be – or soon will be – witnesses for the prosecution.  At least one of them was branded and another a DOS slave who may not have been branded. Two others were long-time members.

They may come as a surprise to the Raniere defense team – as they wander about seeking witnesses for Raniere.

The bricks in Raniere’s building are falling and fast.


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  • What happened to the long list of women who are prepared to be paraded before the court to declare his supreme eminence? Nobody left in NY?

    I have seen that complaint before… People getting Mexicans to do jobs Americans don’t want.

  • Lawyers going to Mexico – ONLY ONE REASON = BILLABLE HOURS ! kr is “TOAST” but the “lawyers” are going to get rich !

  • “four well known NXIVM members have contacted me directly or through their attorney to inform me they have left the cult following the arrest of Keith Raniere.”

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