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Ben Szemkus adds NEW details about NXIVM mixer with Wiener, Abedin, Schneiderman, Alefantis, Stormy Daniels, Raniere and Allison Mack

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Ben Szemkus


Benjamin Szemkus has related a story about a  NXIVM gathering he attended in 2007, in Connecticut, with about two dozen people.

He added some new details for Frank Report.

Some think it is a bogus story and others believe it is likely true and, because of the participants, it has incredible implications.

The party included cult leader, Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, Seagram heiresses, Clare and Sara Bronfman and actress Allison Mack, along with about 12 college-age women.  What makes the story truly interesting is that Ben claims Anthony Wiener, his wife, Huma Abedin, Eric Schneiderman, James Alefantis, and Stormy Daniels [with a bodyguard], were in attendance.

Wiener was a Congressmen in 2007. He is now in prison for sex offenses involving an underage teen girl. His wife, Huma Abedin was one of Hillary Clinton’s top aides.

Schneiderman was a NY state senator in 2007. He became NY Attorney General in 2011. He was suspected of overlooking criminal complaints against NXIVM. He recently resigned over a sex scandal where his alleged actions eerily mirror those of Raniere’s. Schneiderman allegedly demanded his girlfriends to starve themselves, he would beat them and call them his slaves.

James Alefantis is a figure in “Pizzagate” an alleged child trafficking scandal that alleges Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were running a secret child-trafficking ring out of a pizza place, Comet Ping Pong, in Washington, D.C., owned by Alefantis  

Stormy Daniels accused Donald Trump of having a consensual sexual encounter then paying her to be silent about it.

Ben called me two days ago to provide me with additional details of the gathering.

Ben’s Story:

Ben “attended a NXIVM Recruitment Party/Mixer in February 2007 in Hamden, Connecticut.”

Ben came with a girlfriend.

There were eight men:

  1. Raniere
  2. Schneiderman
  3. Wiener
  4. Alefantis
  5. A bodyguard for Stormy Daniels
  6. Boyfriend of one of the other girls
  7. A baldish guy [possibly Dr. Brandon Porter]
  8. Ben

There were about 20 women.

  1. Nancy Salzman
  2. Allison Mack
  3. Clare Bronfman
  4. Sara Bronfman
  5. Stormy Daniels
  6. Ben’s girlfriend
  7. The hostess [whose name Ben forgot] She was blond. Ben thinks her grandfather may have been a judge.
  8. About a dozen Yale college girls.

There were two phases to the event. The first was a recruitment meeting with Raniere and the women.

Is Allison Mack really a man? Ben wonders.

Allison Mack came in with a green wool overcoat with black leather boots. She seemed gruff, a ‘plain Jane’, with “chubby mechanic hands” and thick ankles. Underneath her overcoat she wore a “dark colored corset and a mini skirt.”

Ben thinks it is possible she is a tranny. She had an air about her that was suspiciously masculine. She was a “handsome woman.”

Ben spoke to Allison Mack. She asked if Ben met Keith yet?

Some of the Yale girls at the party were disappointed that Kristin Kreuk was not there. The hostess said Kreuk was not a member of NXIVM so she would not be coming.

At first Raniere was walking about, looking at the pictures of the walls and had a faraway air about him.  Ben thought he was a wealthy business owner.

“He had that air about him. The owner. He was very calm. Very aloof. ”

Keith Raniere around 2007

Keith spoke to Ben about getting young college age women together to teach them different languages so they could teach children languages.  They spoke for about 5 minutes.

Ben said he did not know who Stormy Daniels and she seemed nervous.  She and her bodyguard turned down Ben’s offer of marijuana.  Ben thinks “Stormy may have been nervous because that might have been the night she got branded.”

Recruitment Meeting 

Ben was excluded from the recruitment meeting, and waited on a deck with Stormy’s bodyguard and the boyfriend of one of the women. Ben could hear some of what was going on.

Keith spoke to the Yale girls about being nannies and speaking in seven different languages to train children.

Mack spoke and Stormy spoke.

They were training the Yale girls to be babysitters for different children  – “kind of like Au Pairs” and teaching them to speak languages.  They were not foreign women but English speaking college girls.

“That’s what I think the classes were for” to teach the women languages so they could teach children, Ben said.

Nancy Salzman

Nancy Salzman seemed to be in charge.  Keith was chief behind the scenes.  Mack seemed like a manager in training. “I would say Keith was Mack’s handler,” Ben said.

A “skinny baldish white dude” [Dr. Brandon Porter?] took notes on a clipboard.

Clare had a white poster board that she was writing on in big letters.

The Mixer

The meeting ended and the men came back in. The mixer began with low lights and party music. There was hard liquor. Ben saw no food. And no drugs.

Eric Schneiderman arrived and spoke to Ben about “the movement that they were building” and asked Ben if he had spoken with Keith.

Stormy was not part of the mixer. She was somewhere in the apartment. Keith was also missing. Something was going on in the bedrooms, because the lights were off.  Keith was in the main bedroom with the lights off with Stormy Daniels. He may also have been with the hostess and Mack.  They could have been doing a sex show.

Salzman was hanging out. The Bronfmans were on the couch.

Salzman introduced Ben to the sisters. He did not know who they were. He thought they were lesbian hippie chicks.

Abedin and Wiener

A petite Arabian woman and a sweaty man entered. They were Anthony Wiener and wife, Huma Abedin. Wiener introduced himself and his wife to Ben.  When the Wieners showed up, Ben noticed Raniere, Mack and Stormy Daniels were still in the bedroom.

Wiener talked fast with a deep NY accent. “He mentioned the NXIVM movement for a second….  He had a very vested interest in being there and seeing what was going on,” Ben said.

“Huma had a mystical look. One point when I was looking at her across the room and she was staring right at me it looked like she was steaming; it just seemed like when you turn on a stove really hot.” Ben said.

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James Alefantis

Alefantis seemed comfortable. He was no stranger there.  He was wearing a tight, white designer shirt. “He was the classic gay man. Mr. Savvy. He always had something witty to say.”

Ben spoke to him about pizza and his pizza place in DC.

When Ben was about to leave, Wiener said, ‘Hey Huma, have we got the info on everyone here?’

Huma got Ben’s signature on a sheet along with the others. Ben’s signature was on the top of the sheet of names. It was a pre printed sheet designed  for taking names and phone numbers.


Eric Schneiderman wanted his girlfriends to starve.

All in the all, Ben says, the meeting was uneventful. he thought little or nothing about it for years. His girlfriend said she forgot about the event altogether.

It was only recently years later when he saw the arrests of Raniere and Mack in the media did Ben piece it all together and decide to go public.

Ben sent an email to the DOJ to inform them of what occurred and that he signed this sheet for Abedin. He has not been contacted by the DOJ yet, he says.

If the event occurred with the participants Ben named, it suggests NXIVM was a much wider, deeper sex [with underage/child] sex trafficking then previously believed and with top political connections/participants.

What do readers think?







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  • Szemkus has since added John Podesta, Ellitott Spitzer, Kirsten Gillibrand (who was a US Congresswoman in 2007), and several other people to the mixer story in posts made earlier this year. Either way, we can be sure that NXIVM is a much deeper rabbit hole than anyone previously thought. Attention should be paid to those fancy restaurants down on 2nd Ave., all intermingled with various owners, changing names, fraud allegations, opening and closing frequently, centered around Matthew Kenney (who hired two NXIVM sex slaves at Plantmade). Why did his naked flakka arrest in Fort Lauderdale, draw national headlines, but make no mention of his being a celebrity restauranteur?

  • Contrary to what the mainstream media says, most of those who belive pizzagate DO NOT belive hillary Clinton or podesta were running this ring, but rather associated with the ringleader, alefantis. In addition, they don’t necessarily belive it was being run out of the restaurant itself, but rather that the restaurant was a money laundering tool. Alefantis owns another space called the Pegasus gallery, not open to the public, and he has threatened to kill someone over this. His properties are all connected by underground tunnels.
    as for Mr skezmus, I find his testimony very difficult to believe that all of these people were in the same place at once.

  • The media turned the pizza joint into ridiculous ruse. Nobody ever claimed the kids we at that pizza joint. They changed the topic from DC pedophilia to Pizza Gate

    • I read that it wasn’t about a restaurant, but code words in emails which Wikileaks uncovered.

  • You do realize that this is one of those Reddit troll conspiracies, right? They’ve been all over YouTube and Twitter spreading this.

    • @Annodal: Could you please be more specific? What is the troll conspiracy you mention? Spreading what?

    • The real lies; you won’t believe it, but the real lies come from fact checkers, Google, Snopes, YouTube, New York Times, mainstream media, CNN, MSNBC, etc. They’re leftist globalists and along with Facebook censor and try to scew the truth about conservative thoughts and views. According to Corey Feldman of The Lost Boys and Goonies movies has claimed that there’s a huge pedophilian culture in Hollywood. He and Corey Haim were both groomed and raped at ages 14 and 15. He’s afraid to give names. We know for sure that this NXIVM group is real, and we know that the stories about Weiner are true. We know who Stormy Daniels is. This all may be true. It’s not a far stretch.

  • Free sex slaver Raniere! He took a stand against chicks with fat butts and they threw him in the slammer for it! He alone railed against chicks who sit on their already ginormous steatopygia and refuse to exercise and eat right. He merely exacted a pelvic brand of his initials which is totally reasonable and worth it considering that women with tight asses are a disappearing species in the West. Raniere is a martyr to all men who refuse to date chicks with big buns, who refuse to only have state-enforced monogamy, who refuse to be satisfied with chicks with mudflaps way too large to satisfy.

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