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Is Nancy Salzman moving out? – and to where?

Is Nancy Salzman moving out of her longtime home on Oregon Trial?
If, as federal prosecutors announced last week, superseding indictments are coming with multiple new defendants, it’s hard to believe that she will not be among those charged.
Of course, it’s always possible she’s already cut a deal with the feds.
Either way, it probably makes sense to her to put her valuables away in some kind of long [and I do emphasize ‘long’] term storage.
Whether she’ll be able to get bail is a decision for the judge. The home was raided by FBI agents who spent more than 10 hours searching every inch and removing box after box of suspected evidence. And more than $500,000 in cold, hard cash, plus some foreign currency.
A reader – unsolicited – sent these pictures [below] from Clifton Park, adding, “Looks like Nancy Salzman might be packing things up at her house on Oregon Trail.  I’m fairly certain we saw her behind that SUV with the hatch open.”
Who can blame her? She rode roughshod over human beings for 20 years. And as the Prefect in the NXIVM cult, she was worshiped by those who believed that she and Keith Raniere were some kind of superior beings,
She used her skills to punish and harm an untold number of people. On the other hand, maybe a glimmer of common sense entered her brain. At the last V-Week [the very last ever], she was heard to have been defiant with Keith over the branding of women – perhaps discovering from the Frank Report that her own daughter, Lauren, wore the mark of the beastly Raniere’s initials on her crotch.
On a more comical note, another reader sent this picture [below] –  also unsolicited – with this terse note: Apparently, Nancy is doing everything she can to raise money for her defense fund.”
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Four questions arise.
1. Is that Nancy in the picture? [It sure looks like her]?
2. Is that how Keith got everyone to do his bidding?
3. Is this the simple tech he used to get women to follow him?
4. Did Keith get the patent on this yet?
This portrait of “Sir Keith Raniere” adorned the walls of NXIVM’s training center at 455 New Karner Road for many years. {artist unknown].  Now that NXIVM has suspended its training for the immediate and foreseeable future, it is not known where this treasure currently is being housed – or whether it will be included as collateral as part of Raniere’s next proposed bail package. 
Nancy Salzman AKA Prefect on the left and Keith Raniere AKA Vanguard on the right. Back when all was well in NXIVMville. 

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