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Actress Kristanna Loken threatens to sue over report on her role in Allison Mack’s sex cult

By Frank Parlato

Taking a page out of Keith Raniere’s playbook, actress Kristanna Loken has threatened to sue me unless I take down a story I published about her.  That story is “Terminator 3 Star Kristanna Loken revealed as part of NXIVM – Raniere may be her baby daddy”

In the story, I asserted that, according to sources:

  1. Loken is a staunch Nxivm follower.
  2. She attended Jness Track #11 in Albany, in October 2017.
  3. She stayed with DOS slave Vany Huber in Clifton Park, a few doors from Keith Raniere.
  4. When she first met him, she had sex with Raniere in his sex lair.
  5. About nine months later, she gave birth to a son named Thor. She has not revealed the identity of the father.
  6. Raniere claimed to followers, Loken had sex on the first night they met and loved to tell polyamorous stories about her.
  7. Loken appears in an online video endorsing Raniere’s teachings.
  8. In her video, Loken says, through Raniere’s teachings, she “found out who and what I am all about.”
  9. Alleged sex-trafficker Allison Mack appears on the same website endorsing Raniere.

Three days after I published the story [April 7, 2018], I received an email from Jordan D. Grotzinger of Greenberg Taurig [one of the world’s largest law firms]. Here is the PDF of the letter

Below is the text version.

Greenberg Traurig

RE: Loken v. Parlato, et al.

Dear Mr. Parlato:

This law firm is litigation counsel to Kristanna Loken. We understand that you own and/or control the websites artvoice.com and frankreport.com, which published false and defamatory information concerning Ms. Loken in articles dated April 7, 2018.

We demand that you immediately remove all references to Ms. Loken on your websites and cease and desist from making any future false and/or defamatory statements about Ms. Loken in any forum. In addition, you must confirm in writing by reply to my e-mail within 24 hours that you have done so.

The false and defamatory statements against Ms. Loken include, among other things, (1) statements alleging Ms. Loken’s participation in a “sex slave cult,” (2) statements that Ms. Loken attended an “advanced secret women class,” (3) statements
regarding the identity of the father of Ms. Loken’s child, and (4) various false accusations regarding Ms. Loken’s sexual history.

The apparent purpose of these articles is to drive traffic to your websites through “clickbait” by defaming Ms. Loken.

Your false statements constitute actionable defamation of Ms. Loken, and were plainly intended to harm her reputation and business in the entertainment industry.

This matter is of serious concern to our client. There is still a chance for you and your businesses to avoid costly litigation and a substantial judgment against you. You and your companies, agents, representatives, affiliates, and all others directly or indirectly
involved in the posting of defamatory information must immediately and permanently cease and desist from any and all such further conduct and remove all references to Ms. Loken from the websites you own and/or operate. Specifically, pursuant to California Civil Code § 48a, our client hereby demands that you immediately and permanently cease and desist from any reference to Ms. Loken on artvoice.com, frankreport.com, or any other website, location, forum or medium under your control. Moreover, as
mentioned, you must confirm removal of the offending material within 24 hours from now, by reply to my e-mail.

Unless you take the steps referenced above to remove the false postings and cease and desist from publishing false, misleading, and damaging materials concerning Ms. Loken, we will seek appropriate relief in court against your companies and you
personally. I assure you that you will deeply regret any noncompliance for a long time.

Ms. Loken reserves all rights and claims, including, without limitation, those regarding any proliferation of your defamatory articles, which is more likely to occur the longer the defamatory content remains online.


Jordan D. Grotzinger

Image result for Jordan D. Grotzinger
Jordan D. Grotzinger


Naturally, I do not want to publish false and defamatory information. Neither do I want to “deeply regret any noncompliance for a long time.” I double checked with sources, spoke with new sources, and updated the story with more information. Some new information I uncovered I withheld so as to not further embarrass Loken.

I then called Loken’s lawyer and informed him I would keep the story up.  He said he would sue.  I said I look forward to discovery. He said it would cost me a lot of money.  I said he might check with his client – for she may not be telling him the full story. I kept the story up. I have not been sued – yet.

So why write about it now? 

Before the lawyer’s email, I was not planning to write more about Loken. Still, her attempt to silence me, [Raniere-style] should not be answered with “compliance” but defiance. It requires putting her threat of a lawsuit on the record.  When and if she sues, I will post that on the website. And discovery I will also post.

I recently published a story about an athlete who was a NXIVM member – in the few hours it was online it was getting plenty of traffic. He called. He did not threaten. He asked me to remove his story because it would hurt him and his family. I took the story down.  As a matter of principle, I never take posts down based on threats.

I am not done with Bronfman-Raniere yet.


Loken said the teachings of Raniere brought ‘joy’ to her life.
 Keith Raniere – currently in custody. 

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