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Sex cult news: Allison Mack has fat ankles; NXVM’s Keith Raniere – the first 100 days; He did not invent Hypno-Coin

Per my calculations, July 4th will represent Keith Raniere’s 100th day in federal captivity. It seems to me that deserves some sort of special recognition. Let’s start thinking about something appropriate.

It is funny – July 4th is Independence Day and many people can celebrate a new feeling of independence now that Raniere is caged. He was a dangerous animal.

Still on the loose was that other most dangerous creature Clare ‘Cruella’ Bronfman.

I guess it’s also not too early to start planning a series of articles for Vanguard Week.


Allison Does Have Chunky Ankles 

A battle has been brewing over whether Allison Mack has chubby ankles ever since Ben Szemkus described a party he attended with her in 2007. The pictures below, selected by John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt., show Allison does indeed have chubby ankles.

Schmidt writes, “My point is that Allison was BORN with unnaturally CHUBBY & THICK ankles and calves.  Her calves and ankles are SUPER THICK for a woman and NOT DAINTY at all. Her calves are enormous, but her ankles are super thick for a woman also.  She’s always had them. Even when she’s skinny she has them. It’s just bad genetics.

“The truth is that Ben got this fact about her right (and FormerNexian was proven WRONG)…..which only shows how badly some of you leftwingers hate Ben……to the point you need to LIE and MAKE SHIT UP to try and discredit him. ?

“Hang tough Ben. The leftwingers are clearly fuming that they can’t run you out of here and silence your speech. LOL. ?”

Keith Did not Invent the Hypno-Coin

This came from a reader:

I enjoy reading your site. However, I wanted you know that a quick search (which I made given the novel style of the image) showed that the Hypo-coin has been around for quite some time and is sold through many, many comic and novelty vendors.

As I said, I enjoy reading your site so either 1) You may want to check submissions to ensure that their contributions do not invalidate your work or 2) it was included deliberately as part of the piece in an effort to sway your readers.

Once again, I enjoy your work and wonder why more people aren’t doing it, so I hope it wasn’t the latter. Also, I don’t want an editorial oversight to cause readers to doubt your content. No need to respond to this inquiry. Just some friendly insight.

Keep up the fight.

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Reader claims Raniere did not invent Hypno-Coin.

So how come Nancy Salzman is in the advertisement?

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  • Wow talk about stupid, You might like females with wheelchair legs but thick legs are a staple of attraction for many Her legs along with a couple females in that picture are amazing. expression of strength and beauty males tend to have bigger upper bodies but females strength and beauty is in their lower body.

  • Wow. That was a trash article. I’ve been keeping up on the AM stuff because I used to be a fan (and do sincerely hope she pays for what she has done), and when I google her this site often comes up, unfortunately, your articles are more trash magazine at the checkout then actual news. And then the entire ‘left wingers’ bullshit? I hope you aren’t expecting to be taken seriously.

  • Sorry, what was the point of dragging up one man’s opinion of Mack’s legs? The woman has done a lot of horrible things that we should talk about, but also it’s clear she has an eating disorder from people’s unnecessary cruel comments like these. Let’s be better than that.

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