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Can Seagram’s Heiress Clare Bronfman buy her way out of indictment? – don’t bet on it!

By Frank Parlato

Will Clare Bronfman be indicted? I would say, “yes and soon.”  .

Based on statements made in federal court by AUSA Moira Penza on June 12 – in clear reference to Bronfman – the prosecution is planning to indict her.  Here are Penza’s statements referencing Clare:

MS. PENZA: This is a person who the government does believe has acted as a co-conspirator in criminal activity with the defendant [Ranniere].

THE COURT: Who has?

MS. PENZA: The person who is funding this trust —


MS. PENZA: — has acted as a co-conspirator of the defendant over many years.

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Moira Penza is lead prosecutor in the case against Raniere-Mack. Has she been given permission to indict a Bronfman? My guess is yes, she has.

This suggests the Department of Justice, Eastern District of New York [EDNY] and the NYC based FBI agents are not wasting their time and that Main Justice [Washington DC headquarters of the DOJ] is not going to put the brakes on a Bronfman indictment – and have signaled to the EDNY that they can move forward and indict a Bronfman.

Although it is not completely analogous, for the stakes were higher – the FBI NYC had evidence they evidently believed was sufficient to convict Hillary Clinton, but were overruled by Main Justice. FBI agents who worked on the Clinton investigation were upset by this decision. They spent a lot of time on the case – and agents are not promoted based on justice, [they get no points for doing an investigation that exonerates – that does not lead to an indictment] but on indictments and convictions and the amount of time convictions yield for the accused spent in prison. This is no secret.

And it is also no secret that some FBI agents threatened to resign over what they believed was the lack of integrity at Main Justice concerning the Clinton investigation. They believed Clinton was being protected by what some have called the Deep State – the DC elite and the uber-wealthy – the wealthy of more than just this one nation.

The ‘modus operendi’ gives us a clue as to why Clare Bronfman retained a deeply-connected lawyer from Arizona.  Dennis Burke once took the fall for the DOJ – and had to resign as US Attorney for Arizona – a normally deeply embarrassing disgrace for anyone — [he resigned because he got caught lying]. Still, he resigned [and was not prosecuted] I believe – to protect the coverup of the black ops Fast and Furious criminal scheme conducted by the deep state of the US government.

After resigning, Burke went into private practice.  He seems to me the best pre-indictment legal choice money could buy for Bronfman.  He carries a cache with him. The imprimatur that he can go over the EDNY’s heads. He took the fall, fell on his sword, by resigning for the whole Department of Justice and in effect ended the public curiosity over the investigation into Fast and Furious – a most corrupt black op-fundraising scheme.  There is much Burke might have said to protect himself and expose the underbelly of this murderous scheme.  Indeed, the Deep State almost had no choice but to not prosecute him for this very reason. He played along famously, He resigned and kept his mouth shut. They owe him.

Afterward, the DOJ appointed him – despite his ostensible disgrace in having to resign as a US Attorney – to a top advisory board position to the AG himself – Jeff Sessions.  This kind of prestige appointment pays nothing but is a lucrative prop to give confidence to high wealth clients who are considering retaining him. It is presumed influence peddling.

I am guessing that, at the topmost levels of the DOJ, the FBI, the ATF, the CIA and elsewhere, there are decision makers who know they owe Dennis Burke a debt of gratitude for taking the fall for the murders, gun running and money raising and laundering on behalf of various federal agencies – by bringing untold numbers of guns into Mexico and giving/selling them to criminals.

Whether Burke can parlay that into a ‘no bill’ against Bronfman is hard to say. Can he broker a deal where Clare becomes an un-indicted co conspirator? And not be charged?  The problem with this is that everyone knows Clare funded most of the crimes.

If they indict Nancy Salzman and other less affluent NXIVM co conspirators and absolve Clare, it will message the world that the US Department of Justice [with its Orwellian use of the word ‘justice’] is really up for sale.  Which of course it truly is – only Americans are not supposed to know it.

No – I think it’s “either everyone or no one.” Clare and her gang – or let them all go free and be satisfied with only Allison Mack and Keith Raniere.  I think, we are way past the latter. I believe Main Justice DOJ in DC and Main Office IRS have signed off on a Bronfman indictment. It is only a matter of time – maybe days. And for various reasons the EDNY will have to act soon – probably by the end of July for the judge has admonished expedition.

To wit:

MS. PENZA: … As we did tell Your Honor earlier, we do expect — at our last status conference, we do expect a superseding indictment in this case and that there will be additional discovery obligations in accordance with the superseding indictment as well.

THE COURT: So this would be a superseding indictment as to these defendants?

MS. PENZA: As to these defendants — as to these defendants, yes.

THE COURT: And what about the issue of any additional defendants that might come along and whether we would be having one trial or more than one trial in this case?

MS. PENZA: Your Honor, at this time, based on our ongoing investigation and the charges that we do expect to bring in the superseding indictment, which we have made representations to at least Mr. Agnifilo on the phone earlier this week, that we expect to do that within the next month and a half, we would be seeking — the government would expect that the defendants that we seek to charge would be tried at the same time based on the charges that we anticipate bringing.


THE COURT: … As a practical matter, if there’s a superseding indictment and that superseding indictment includes other defendants, it’s going to restart the clock anyway and then there’s the question of if some of the people indicted are potentially cooperators, there are all kinds of issues here…. Last time, with all due respect to the government, they said it would be four to six weeks or something like that and we would have a superseding indictment. I thought it was scheduled today, a meeting for today we’d have a better understanding what the timing would be for a trial, but now that’s been pushed back and we’re talking about July or August, right?

MS. PENZA: Yes, Your Honor.

THE COURT: Right. So what I think I ought to do is make a schedule such that we have a status conference in July and we see where we are. And if we have to go ahead with just a trial of two people on October 1st, you can hurry up and make your motions at that point. Does that sound reasonable?


For now let us examine the realities. America has a special cadre of men and women who are generally above the law. This includes the very wealthy [who are also above any nation’s laws] and the DC elites and their allies – sometimes referred to as “the Deep State.”  A Bronfman, in the past, would have almost certainly qualified for above the law status. {Which shows how far the family has fallen in just three generations.]  There are many indications that Clare Bronfman will not be treated to such special status.

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Dennis Burke will be paid either way.

Primarily, I believe, because the federal [and state] criminal investigation into Bronfman-Raniere is massive and civil actions that may follow will likely be unprecedented and exceedingly likely to make Clare, and maybe her sister, Sara Bronfman, ultimately paupers – or at least women of substantially lower net worth. There may be nothing to protect them. The green light has likely been given to indict Clare and quite possibly Sara Bronfman.

From a standpoint of justice [one of the least of considerations] should Clare Bronfman be indicted? Yes, she should.  It is the only way to prevent her from using her wealth to destroy the lives of more human beings, the only way to cripple the massive coordinated defense strategies of the NXIVM organization, the only way  – to indict her and Sara – to stop the further exploitation of people still under Raniere’s thrall. So, yes, she should be indicted.

She almost has to be indicted. For the DOJ – because this investigation is massive – and others will be indicted – it means they will have to indict her too – even if reluctantly – even if Burke might wish it otherwise – because not to indict her will make the DOJ look utterly and completely corrupt. And no agency – and one without any oversight whatsoever [which is of course the real reason for corruption] can afford to look corrupt – no matter how corrupt they are.

Clare Bronfman – much like Dennis Burke – is a good fall guy [or gal]. She belongs at least ostensibly to the above-the-law set and therefore makes a perfect example to be paraded as “see – no one is above the law.  The law is the law and we can indict even a Bronfman.”

That’s the message. It is of course untrue. The law is only the law when prosecutors want to enforce it. This time however they want to.  For two decades, prosecutors in the Northern District must have known about criminality involving Bronfman-Raniere – but either chose not to enforce the law or were too inept to be able to do so.

Now the plain facts are before us: Bronfman must be charged – not because she did criminal acts – that doesn’t matter – but because she was stupid. She joined a desperado named Keith Raniere and aligned herself with this criminally insane man and stupidly it made worldwide news.  This is not just the local Albany Times Union writing stories. The New York Times and the entire worldwide media is on the case.

Not to charge her [while charging Mack, the two Salzmans, Unterreiner and other obscure individuals] will be prima facie evidence that there are indeed two categories of people in the US – those above the law and the rest of us.  And while there are, of course, those two categories of people – Bronfman never did anything to serve the deep state or the uber wealthy who own and control much of the government. She’s expendable. Much like Burke, she will take the fall. Unlike Burke, who knew which side he was on – Clare doesn’t and despite her money she won’t be able to buy her way out of it.

As for Burke, the deep state will feel they have done him full service. It shall so happen that he can feed Clare alternate dishes of hope and despair – billable in multiple hours – at $2000- $5,000 per hour – and he’ll make as much as he can prior to indictment and quite possibly a hell of a lot more – after she is indicted.

In any event, Burke won’t lose a minute of sleep if Bronfman is indicted. He and the rest of the deep state will be able to point to Clare Bronfman and say “You see- no one is above the law in America.”

And, in Burke’s case, get paid for it too.

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Turnabout is Fair Play: So many times Clare Bronfman headed into court to use her enormous wealth and the presumption that such a member of the elite class would not perjure herself to destroy victims of the NXIVM cult. Here she is walking with one of her attorneys – William Savino – into court to destroy an enemy – likely with Savino’s aid in suborning perjury. Next time however we see that vicious Miss Bronfman with an attorney – don;t be surprised is she is the defendant and not the plaintiff.



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