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Ben Szemkus – the man who claimed to attend NXIVM party with Weiner, Abedin, Alefantis, Schneiderman, Allison Mack and Stormy Daniels – to take lie detector test

“We are asking the public to help us choose the questions

for the Ben Szemkus polygraph examination about that

NXIVM mixer” – The Tanster


The blogger who goes by the name The Tanster contacted me to let me know she is paying for Ben Szemkus’ polygraph or lie detector test.

Sezmkus volunteered to take it.

To remind readers, Szemkus said he attended a NXIVM mixer in February 2007 in Connecticut and there he saw Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman, Clare and Sara Bronfman, Anthony Wiener, Huma Abedin, James Alefantis, Eric Schneiderman and Stormy Daniels.

This has raised some suspicions. On the one hand, some say Ben is a liar and made the entire story up. Others say this group of Democrats and sex perverts/addicts speaks to a possible child trafficking – sex trafficking ring that goes beyond what we know about NXIVM.

Ben says that Wiener and Schneiderman both spoke of NXIVM as a movement they evidently were part of, and Stormy Daniels went into a bedroom with Keith and Allison Mack and the lights were turned off.

James Alefantis’ presence adds the child trafficking suggestion.

Ben’s story has created quite a stir and Ben says he will he take a lie detector test. Tanster has agreed to  pay for it


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Ben Szemkus

Here is what Tanster tells Frank Report:

Hi, I linked to Frank Report on my site and I sent out the check for Ben’s polygraph today. We need to craft four questions. The examiner will mix in other control questions with it. Please let me know if you have any preference for the content of the questions.

Warmest regards,

I responded: “Can we open this up to readers’ suggestions?”

Tanster responded “Please [do]”

It would be good if readers offer suggested questions for the lie detector test on the veracity of Ben’s claim that he went to a NXIVM party and saw the above mentioned individuals.

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The judge said in Anatomy of a Murder “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, a polygraph or lie detector test is not admissible into evidence, because nobody has ever been quite sure if some people couldn’t lie to a lie detector and get away with it.”


The Tanster

Tanster writes on her blog.

Today we started the process of arranging Ben’s polygraph examination.

We are looking for questions. Please share with us what questions you would most like to see put to Ben.

We decided to pay for the polygraph because it is a conflict of interest for Ben to pay. Some people expressed interest in helping to fund this. If they are still willing to do so, let me know.

This polygraph examination will be conducted by a Private Investigator named Steve Hamre who possesses over 30 years experience and there are no bad reviews anywhere about Hamre that we can find.

I am supporting Ben’s testimony in any way I possibly can because I am doing an art project that works to uphold the Truth.

I am trying to prove with Ben’s help that the Truth can be ascertained. You can rest assured a story is more than likely True if it’s congruent. Ben’s story is congruent so far.

I believe Ben’s story is True. I don’t know if polygraph examinations are the end all in Truth but Ben feels confident that he CAN pass a polygraph examination. Let’s find out and see what happens.


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Here is a YouTube post where Ben speaks with Scott Johnson and Peter Mingles about the NXIVM mixer.


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