Guest View: No matter what Keith Raniere achieved his goal — writing history

Hi Frank;

I do know and acknowledge your blog is living from the hits. As such you may need frequent new postings. Well Keith Raniere is arrested.

The accusations will pile up as the Feds dig into the seized material (slowly). They have tons of files to carefully read and terabytes of text mail and data. Their challenge is to combine it for true legal violations. No matter what, there will be superseding charges – some of which might be dropped for bigger ones  K.R. will get life one way or the other. He might be mentally ill or whatever and end up in an asylum. Either way, he will never again walk outside confinement except in and out court.

He is done. You did your job.

I’d rather you focus on getting others indicted such as the Bronfmans who tried to harm you. They are a much bigger risk to society. They could start a similar cult with their understanding learned from Keith Raniere. Or they could merely rev up NXIVM once the dust settles. Clare is Legatus and with her millions she can attract and do what KR has done.

I feel sorry for the families of those members – burning through savings – trying to rescue their kids with no help. Anything you could do to foster – with your blog – to show people a way out – would be great.

A frequent update on those Rainbow Cultural Garden children to mobilize CPS to shut down and seize the locations – get illegal nannies indicted – would be a success especially for the children still being abused.

Reports on Raniere are good for clicks, but will not convince the brainwashed.  Is there no way the Feds would offer NXIVM members who come foreword with a good plea deal to help the Feds move on facts?

The Keith Raniere case may not be just another cult, but perhaps the biggest cult using modern life developing and multilevel marketing ideas – combined with the latest digital world. There will be lots of books, PhD, theses written based on KR.  No matter what –  KR achieved his goal of writing history.

And how about that sweater?
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