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Go Green with Steel Build

As a new start-up, there are a million things to consider about your business, from your key strategies and three-year goals to your hiring process and office culture. Yet, one of the things that can often be left to last is where you will work from. It is very easy in the beginning to start your business from home as this is a cost-effective way to build up clientele, but as your enterprise expands and it becomes essential to bring on board other talented individuals the need for additional space becomes a priority. Buying or renting premises requires a good deal of initial capital and with some companies already working to a tight budget, a smart, green solution is needed.

Why should I invest?

Steel Builds are an excellent investment if you have available land or garden space at home that you can expand upon. They come in a range of sizes, shapes and colours to suit its purpose and can provide a highly functional space suited to any business venture. They are easily customised, meaning you can add a mezzanine level if you want to build an area just for meetings or a social space for team lunches. They come pre-fabricated and are incredibly easy to erect which can cut the cost of hiring help. Armstrong Steel is a company with years of experience helping homeowners and businesses expand their premises and develop successfully, making them the perfect place to start your search for the right steel build for you.

Why are they green?  

Steel buildings are an incredibly environmentally friendly option for businesses as they are completely recyclable and can be very easily modified to include solar panels and wind turbines, meaning you could power your entire operation sustainably, maintaining a low-carbon footprint. Steel is a low waste, flexible and durable material with a high safety factor, ideal for keeping costs low and keeping your employees protected. These buildings can be expanded upon as your business needs changed and can be restructured with little disruption.

Other tips on how to make your business green

Running a sustainable business is not just great for the environment; it also makes great financial sense with many suppliers offering reduced rates for buying in bulk with a percentage of the profits going towards environmental charities. Other ways you can directly make your business more green are:

  • Communicate with your employees and let them know your sustainable goals so everyone can work together to achieve them
  • Invest in dedicated recycling bins for the office and anything that cannot be placed in them such as printer ink cartridges and batteries should be sent to locally run schemes that dispose of them correctly.
  • Use water wisely and only what you need. Bathroom facilities can be modified to save up to five litres per flush.
  • Holding meetings on site will reduce your travel time, expenses and your carbon footprint. This is also a great way for your clients to see how the business is run directly.


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