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Laura Darby: Nxian members’ homes not listed by Franca DiCrescenzo – Is NXIVM’s longtime realtor out?

By Laura Darby

24 Moe Road is also for sale (Prorsus owned)–3

It is listed by Berkshire Hathaway and not by longtime NXIVM realtor Franca DiCrescenzo. Did she quit NXIVM – or did NXIVM quit her? Up until now, she got all the NXIVM members’ listings.

At 324 Moe, I noticed a dumpster outside the home on my way to the recycling center. This is the home that Emi and Alex owned via Prorsus Capital LLC.
There was a family living there (unknown if Espians) up until a short time ago. I saw the dad and a teenage boy with a lacrosse stick getting out of their cars and going into the house. My guess is they were renting it.
Another neighbor told me yesterday: At one point, NXIVM was interested in buying up all the properties over in Stage Run Plantation (Oregon Trail and possibly Mohican) for a compound. They offered one homeowner nearly double what he paid. This may have been after the Woodin Road “World Headquarters” idea was shot down by the planning commission.
Meantime, 18 Silo Drive is still an active listing (home of Ludwika Paleta, the wife of Emiliano Salinas.]  Alex Betancourt’s ultra modern home at 318 Moe Road is also an active listing of almost 30 days although no longer thru Espian  Franca DiCrescenzo’s real estate agency.
It also appears to be listed via Berkshire Hathaway per the sign   –

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