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Salzman retains legal heavyweight, former US Attorney Michael Sullivan — will fight to keep Raniere’s sex lair- claiming she owns it!

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Michael Sullivan – current attorney for Nancy Salzman [formerly Keith Raniere’s attorney.]

Nancy Salzman has retained legal heavyweight Michael Sullivan, a former Massachusetts U.S. attorney who now practices in former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft’s law firm. Criminal charges against her are expected soon.

Readers may recall the name of Michael Sullivan from Keith Raniere’s bail package. Sullivan was the one who called the wrong US Attorney [Northern District of NY] in March – only to be told there was no investigation going on against Raniere.

He called the wrong district – despite there being plenty of media reports that the investigation was being conducted by the DOJ in the Eastern District of NY. Bad mistake.

In any event, when Raniere was charged by the Eastern District a few days later, he retained other attorneys.

Now Frank Report has learned that Sullivan has emerged again – this time as Nancy Salzman’s attorney.

He is working with her to fight the EDNY DOJ’s civil action to seize Raniere’s notorious sex lair on 8 Hale Drive. She claims it belongs to her.

Here are Salzman’s claims:

1. Claimants [Salzman and her company, Executive Housing & Properties, Inc., hold legal title and/or beneficial ownership of the real property and premises located at 8 Hale Drive, Halfmoon New York 12065…

2. …  title of the Hale Drive Property is held by Executive Housing & Properties, Inc., a domestic business corporation registered in the state of New York in 2004. …  Nancy Salzman is listed as the chief executive officer of that entity, which was dissolved by proclamation in 2009….

3. This ownership information is consistent with a search of state of New York corporate records and Saratoga County land and tax records….

4. I, Claimant, Nancy Salzman, after having been duly sworn under oath, hereby declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of  America, that the foregoing is true and correct and I hereby declare under penalty of perjury that my claim and that of Executive Housing & Properties, Inc., to this property are not frivolous and are made in good faith.


In 2009 the Dalai Lama asked Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman to be transparent. They chose to ignore his message. Now every day they are becoming more transparent.

Salzman is going to fight the seizure of her property – his sex lair. She may also be fighting more serious charges soon. Indictments are expected within a month. She may be one of those indicted.

8 Hale Drive – Raniere’s sex lair – is owned by Nancy Salzman?

She has now retained a high powered attorney – – much more high powered than what is needed to fight a simple civil forfeiture proceeding on a condo worth not more than $200,000.  If Salzman is charged criminally – it is expected her legal fees will be easily over one million. Where is she getting the money? When her own private residence was raided in March, the FBI removed more than $500,000 in cash from the premises.

Is Clare Bronfman paying for Salzman’s attorney? Is there an irrevocable trust? This does not bode well for Salzman – for if Bronfman is paying for her attorney – as she is paying for Raniere’s attorneys – as was admitted in recent court proceedings – it means Salzman is sticking with Vanguard – and not working on taking a plea deal.

[As of the last court hearing, AUSA Moira Penza told the court that Allison Mack’s attorneys were not working with  her office on a plea deal. Bronfman may be paying for Mack’s attorneys too.]

In any event, Clare Bronfman has retained former US Attorney Dennis Burke – a Democrat and Obama appointee.

Now Salzman has retained former US Attorney Michael Sullivan [he was also Acting-Director of the ATF] – a Republican and Bush appointee.

[They got the former head of the secret service to supervise Raniere’s security – if the bail package had been approved – but it wasn’t.]

On top of that Sullivan is with John Ashcroft’s law firm – Ashcroft was big time Republican appointed to the top spot in the DOJ. He was once the boss of most of the senior prosecutors at the EDNY DOJ .

So NXIVM – with Bronfman millions – is covering both sides of the political aisle.  Funny – Bronfman-Raniere used to pay for indictments.

How the worm has turned.  Now they are paying not to be indicted.

Ha, Ha Ha…

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    • That was for bail, last I recall. Too bad they’re not paying for attorneys too – they might get some that are actually working for Mack’s best interests instead of Raniere’s.

  • Watching the massive errors in judgement being made here is gratifying, keep digging your holes there are plenty of espians to fill them. Don’t forget Keith Rainere is Unified. Those of you on the fence keep in mind the only person Rainere cares about is Rainere, he will dump all of you to save his cowardly hide. He still believes he can talk his way out, he has not yet realized the Bronfman money is not going to save him.. You can feel his desperation knowing his only way out is escape.. is that how his victims felt . Dani spent 18 months locked up and he’s falling apart after a few months. Practice what you preach you fraud.

  • Nancy getting herself involved in a fight over ownership of a townhouse means one of two things: (1) she already knows she’s going to be indicted and viewed this as a bargaining chip (it’s not); or (2) she was ordered to do this by Raniere/Bronfman. No attorney who cared about his client’s best interest would volunteer to get the client involved in this type of claptrap.

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