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Miscellaneous notes- two more neighbors – questions about children from Chihuahua – and a fatter but wiser NXIVM lawyer

On Keith

Another neighbor told me this:

Keith would walk up and down Independence all over the neighborhood and he would always have a girl at his side or two girls – and he would hold their hand or hold her close or kiss her and it was just creepy., We kind of pieced things together watching daily routines and it was just creepy. We didn’t know about the S & M club. We didn’t know about any of that. We just knew he was constantly out with all those girls. He was my age and he was with 18-19 year old girls and it was creepy. I mean they were young enough to be his granddaughters.

Yet another neighbor told me that Keith would gather a group of 20-30 women on Friday mornings and have them run around in circles while he sat in a chari and watched them. They would all come over in their cars or walk. Some of them came with children and the women would run. It seemed that Keith would be training them.

After running in circles for a while, they would all leave.

This was done in front of Flintlock Lane.

The neighbor also said that before they removed the tennis courts near her home, Keith would sometimes teach people tennis. She said sometimes he even taught a male.

Notes from my interview with Big League Politics.

“I worked as the publicist,” Frank Parlato told Big League Politics. “We ran into a major disagreement and we split. At the time I worked for them, I thought they were a little peculiar but it wasn’t until the end that I realized they were a downright evil group.”

I think I realized Raniere was a Luciferian. Before that, I just thought he was a guy who liked to have sex with a lot of women and necessarily sleep all day.

“There are women on the record who are now adults who have accused Raniere of statutory rape and there are some very suspicious incidents where Mexican girls came under the perimeters of Raniere’s control and left under suspicious circumstances. They came from Chihuahua Mexico. I reported this to the authorities,” Parlato said.

There is no doubt in my mind Raniere had sex with girls from age 12 to 15 many times. As for Chihuahua last year – something happened. What exactly, I don’t know, but it was not pretty and it involved Raniere and a number of teen girls from Chihuahua. Rosa Laura Junco may know. The Lebaron’s may know. The girls – who are back in Chihuahua –  know. Whether they will tell, is anybody’s guess.


Finally, NXIVM lawyer Michael McDermott has really enjoyed the fat of the NXIVM land. Hard to say if it will come back to bite him.

He was the lawyer who led the highly unethical charges against Barbara Bouchey and Toni Natalie, Joe O’Hara and John Tighe in the ultimately dismissed computer trespassing case.

He seems to have put on a few pounds since the days when he was persuading Holly Trexler and Rodger Kirsopp to work for his clients’ interests.

Michael McDermott was Bronfman-Raniere attorney and Holly Trexler’s old boss.
The years have been kind to Mike. He who has the most joy gets bulbous?  



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  • Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative and Fundacion Carlos Slim to Support A Ganar Program in the State of Chihuahua, Mexico

    “a project that uses sports”

    Speaking of 12 yo girls, two words, Kathy Shelton. “A favor” to represent the paedophile rapist When did Judges have the power to force any atty, not serving with the Public Defenders Office, to represent someone who released his appointed Public Defender? “We had A LOT of fun with Maupin.” (Wink wink nudge)

    Interestingly if a person is deprived of food, symptoms will present themselves including cognitive functioning. Such as “brain fog” (legally drunk).A person could take a nasty fall or even collapse. Unable to climb stairs or walk down them. Food poisoning? Someone sustaining a serious concussion. What was the source of the poisoning? Was the health dept notified if the source was a public eatery?

    Missing YOGA EMAILS.

    An “Insurance policy”file on someone’s laptop?. Would that be like collateral?

    Conchita Sarnoff, author of TRAFFICKING,if memory serves, stated during an interview that she was told, “They are stealing our children.”

  • The blog is great. The comments section is tedious AF though. You might want to consider putting a max posting per day limit. Scott Johnson practically insults the world on every post 50 times a day. Pretty annoying to sift through. And no, I’m not prior posters, no, I’m not a “libtard” and I really dont GAF on his response, I’m sure he will have one.

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        Frank, please consider limiting the postings.

    • Scott has posted more in two months than I’ve posted in two years.

  • Frank, I love your blog but as an overweight person who struggles, I find your comments to be highly offensive and you have now stooped to the level of the people you write about.

    • Anonymous, I thought you said you wouldn’t post here any more. Sounds like less posting and more exercise is what you should be doing. So go ahead and struggle out of your chair and get more exercise and eat less. I don’t recommend the Raniere 500 calories/day, but you should take responsibility and not be fat.

  • Viva Trumpski’s AmeriKKKA !!! Viva Scott Johnson!!! Turning The Frank Report into anutha Executive Success!!!

  • Right across from Flintlock was a single tennis court (next to the pool). There are two more tennis courts on the other side. Keith used to play tennis with who I now assume was Marianna Fernandez. Our previous mail carrier used to always see Keith and a female partner playing and being kissy faced with each other. Someone posted in a comment that Keith allegedly told her parents he would turn her into a tennis pro. I did not know that story. Our mail carrier also told me that sometimes in the mailboxes of one two and three flintlock change or bills would be left and it would move from one box to another. They always felt it was a test of honesty.

    As for the running races, a former resident of Flintlock told me the same exact thing. Keith would get various women out there and time them. I don’t think that has happened in several years though and I never witnessed them coming over my way in Knox Woods.. I think the early morning training runs may have taken place on the bike path or some other locations.

    • Always appreciate your interesting bits of information.
      Thanks for continuing to post them in spite of the morons.

  • You don’t get a nose that red from sobriety, that’s for sure.

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