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Neighbor in Knox Woods –‘I heard a woman screaming’


Washington Lane

Another neighbor in Knox Woods told me this:

I can tell you a story. I was walking up to the Mobil store in the summer one evening, going to get cigarettes and cut across the hill to save time. I heard screaming from one of the houses in the next cul-de-sac [Washington Lane]  I heard this woman screaming. It was not just an argument. It was like, “Oh God, help me… no, no, no!

I went over there. As I got nearer, I continued to hear the screaming. “Oh no it can’t be –  help!”

[He took me over and showed me the house.]

I heard this screaming and I can tell the difference if someone is just upset on the phone.  This was different. I rang the bell. Knocked on the door. It became dead silent. The lights went out.  I waited. I saw there was a black car in the driveway. When no one answered and the lights went out, I went over to the Mobil.  I wondered if I should call the police. I bought my cigarettes and decided to go back and check the house again. The house was quiet and the black car was gone. There was no more screaming and the house was dark.

I think personally – knowing what we know now – that she might have been getting branded or forced to watch movies.  It was a blood curdling scream of fear and pain. She kept crying. “Oh God., Oh God- no- oh my God no! Half crying, half screaming. At first I thought she got maybe a phone call – that somebody died. But I don;t think so. I did not hear any other voices. When I rang the bell, it got quiet.

I really don’t know what went on there.


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  • If you understand our world, you can read between the lines of stories like this, and know that the greatest evils committed by Raniere, Mack and others involved in NXIVM, have not, and probably will not, ever be exposed.

    Raniere, Mack and other NXIVM scum probably murdered some people. There were probably some accidental deaths.

    Evil people who gain complete power over others will have to push the boundaries in order to keep getting their endorphin releases. The abuse they inflict on others has to grow more perverse to satisfy the abusers.

    Raniere & Mack had power over people like mid-east dictators. They were free to use people to explore their darkest desires. There was no law, no morality, to stop them.

    It is also very likely the NXIVM sex cult was supplying sex slaves to powerful & influential persons. Those people will block the case from ever fully exposing the full story.

  • How many people out there could have done something, this is America today look the other way. When your gut instinct tells you something is very wrong-like blood curdling screams, do something!

    • In 1964 a young woman in New York City named Kitty Genovese was walking home at night from her job at a restaurant/bar.
      A man attacked and stabbed her to death while up to 38 people watched and did nothing.
      The killer was apprehended and spent the rest of his life in prison.

      This tragedy occurred 54 years ago.

      Murder of Kitty Genovese

      In the early hours of March 13, 1964, Kitty Genovese was stabbed to death outside her apartment building in Kew Gardens, a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Queens.[2] Two weeks later, The New York Times published an article claiming that 38 witnesses saw or heard the attack, but none of them called the police or came to her aid.[3] The incident prompted inquiries into what became known as the bystander effect or “Genovese syndrome”,[4] and the murder became a staple of American psychology textbooks for the next four decades.

      • Hello darkness, my old friend
        I’ve come to talk with you again
        Because a vision softly creeping
        Left its seeds while I was sleeping
        And the vision that was planted in my brain
        Still remains
        Within the sound of silence

  • I only know of two houses on Washington Lane in Knox Woods that had Espian owners. Barb Bouchey at #6 which sat empty for quite awhile after she NXited, until it was sold in 2013. It looks like Barb may have purchased it circa 2003 before she built her house. I remember a leaked email where Sara and Clare accused Barb of ignoring them while she was busy building her knew home. #6 has changed hands several times since most recently February 2018.

    .#3 may still be owned by Edgar Boone. It is possible Edgar lived in that unit before moving to 7 Oregon Trail. Unknown who the occupants of it are now.

    FWIW the Mobil is no longer there on the corner of Guideboard Road and Rt. 236. It has been replaced by a Stewart’s as of summer 2016.

    I doubt is was branding since DOS came into being in 2015 and the Mobil was sold to Stewarts Corporation December 2015 and demolished.

    .There is a women on Washington who has dementia or some mental illness who screams. She lives at the other end of Washington from #3 and #6.

  • If it really sounded like someone was in trouble, why didn’t this guy call the police?

    I remember once reading a news story about police being called because someone heard horrifying screams coming from their neighbors house. When police investigated they discovered that the screams were from the movie these neighbors were watching. They had the volume turned up and the windows opened.

    Not everything is as it seems at first glance.

    • For the same reason all of those women didn’t call the police for literally decades after being sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, or Eric Schneiderman. They wanted others to be sexually assaulted just as they were sexually assaulted.

      • So true i like you Mr. Johnson! Women are the worst!! they’re just smoflak Womtards! They should go back where they come from they should go behind the mexican wall!!

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