Rough translation Spanish to English of Univision video

One of our readers sent me this translation of the Spanish in the Univision video


A leader with a turbulent past, a personal supperation program, and a group of woman marked like if they where cows.

Then a man’s voice says, a leader with a turbulent past, an organization of personal suppuration, and a group of woman marked as if they where cows. And a girl says, “I not only appropriate your mind but I manipulate and control your actions and I also appropriate your body till the point that I brand you,” that is very perverse.
According to the FBI, Keith Raniere was the grand master and the women, his slaves. He demanded them to make sexual tapes like a guarantee of obedience, and then Keith Raniere played chess alone and everyone else were his game pieces.

In March of this year, he was detained and sent back to the USA. The news hit hard influential Mexican families who venerated him and now they will have to explain how much they knew about the abuse.

Emiliano Salinas, son of the former president, Carlos Salinas, and other businessmen were made part of his personal circle. Other families are affected like this actress whose daughter is branded.

Catherine Oxenberg says “I am happy that this man is behind bars. Why? because he is a criminal and has harmed many people.”

Raniere’s lawyers say that the women did it with consent but many specialists insist they were manipulated.

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  • Televisa Mexico created a video to mock the Vanguard. In the video he appears as a “burnt” individual looking for help at a hospita. l

  • There is a bigger part of the picture you are missing. Ramtha School of Enlightenment connection. Ever seen what goes down at that cult compound? Or an airel view?
    Why no stories on Linda Evans involvement in all this? Wasn’t she the one that is indirectly responsible for the brainwashment of India?
    Please move on from the tabloid style drivel and get to the real meat of why ESP is a funnel for the many in Yelm and Tacoma area straight into the Ramtha cult and compound.
    You would be surprised at the sinister cult Linda Evans and some of the other Dynasty cast are funding. They have taken in many of the people fleeing from Nexivm straight into Ramthas mind control cult.
    Educate yourselves and see the real connection to these two groups, Its like what Father Devine was to Jim Jones. That’s where the Pulitzer is.

    • Ramtha was there first. The Tacoma ESP center of Dones and Woolhouse was a success because Ramtha had attracted cult-succeptible people to the area. Linda Evans was in Ramtha’s cult and a funded a hagiography video, and hired Mark Vicente to film it. Ramtha funded “What the Bleep Do We Know” ‘s production by Vicente. Vicente then jumped to the Raniere-verse.

  • I think this guy is trying to give Raniere a run for his money: https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdny/pr/manhattan-man-arrested-child-pornography-enticing-minor-have-sex Do you agree Raniere’s ethics look much better in comparison?

    By the way, I found this guy while responding to someone who said Yale and Columbia Universities were NXIVM hunting grounds. Here is his recent tweet: “I have 2 friends from Yale Law School and one from Columbia Journalism School who were at a NEXIVM Recruiting Parties. The lawyers told me about it BEFORE the bust years ago. The Columbia grad afterward”


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