Univision in Mexico comes out with damning video report on Keith Raniere, Emiliano Salinas

Univision in Mexico has come out with what must be a shocking report on Keith Raniere and his primary assistant in Mexico, Emiliano Salinas.

I am pleased to have been able to contribute a little bit to this production and had the pleasure of meeting reporter Juan Cooper – a very fine and detail oriented reporter.

The clips feature Emiliano Salinas leading a Vanguard Week dance with  a passel of NXIVM members.

Interviews with Mexican and American Expians – and NXIVMs look for Alejandra Anaya, Alex Betancourt, and Catherine Oxenberg speaking in Spanish [below] calling Keith Raniere a criminal.

And a dramatization of a woman being branded.

There is also an interview with Keith Raniere’s high priced and exceedingly competent defense attorney Marc Agnifilo.

Check out this clip:




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  • These Espians remind me of Up With People

    Except I dunno if UWP had orgies after

  • Look into the bigger picture: The Ramtha Connection. Dare you to do an article on them. They work in tandem with the Ramtha mind control cult and ESP took a blue print from them.
    Where is the some of the cast members of Dynasty in all this. They can hide behind the lawyers and the power of Ramtha.
    Channeling is fierce business and competitive. There are only a few that stand the test of time, Ramtha is one of them.

  • Frank, you mentioned that Carlos was leading a dance at V week. Was it supposed to say Emiliano?

  • English speaking media has failed to adequately cover NXIVM and its crimes.
    Is it because the NXIVM story fails to advance the mainstream media’s preferred narrative and agenda?

    • Our fake news prefers to cover immigration issues as though it’s a brand new issue. The dems suddenly care about immigrant children being separated from people that may not even be their parents, but let’s not waste time with DNA, how dare you conservatives try to actually fix the problem. MS 13 are simply misunderstood, somewhere these poor boys have families and surely they have good reasons for leaving them behind. Yes let’s continue to blame republicans for issues the democrats caused and promised to fix. So now let’s go after a group of men and women hired to do a difficult job, now it’s ICES Fault, . Democrats do you shop at wal-mart, the head of the FBI Can smell you too. This is why NXIVM IS NOT GETTING THE NEWS ATTENTION IT DESERVES , THE LEFT CANT ACCEPT THEY LOST EVEN NOW THEY THINK THEY STAND A CHANCE. FRANK keep it in the news. Thankyou

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