Larry Shea:  A Sense of Community

By Larry Shea

Frank Parlato Jr., with the help of some incredibly strong women, Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey, and Catherine Oxenberg (among many others), has been the driving force that has brought the NXIVM cult to its knees. Keith Raniere, the leader of this dangerous cult is in jail awaiting trial largely because of the unwavering perseverance and the Herculean effort of Frank Parlato Jr. Frank continues to fight the good fight against other NXIVM principals, such as Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack, Emiliano Salinas, and many others through his Frank Report and Artvoice.

Some of the readers of these websites have thrown their lot in with Frank Parlato Jr. because we desire to see justice done for all the victims of this cult. Our goal is to see the proper authorities close-down all the Rainbow Cultural Garden facilities, put an end to all the recruitment by NXIVM & its affiliates, and, especially, to end all the human trafficking done by this group for sex and forced labor. Overall, our goal is to see all the principals involved in the NXIVM group and its affiliates, as well as those who are, or were, in charge of day-to-day operations, prosecuted for the crimes for which they are responsible. We won’t be satisfied until the proper authorities have completely stopped the NXIVM cult from exploiting the public anywhere in the world. This is what I believe our community is or should be about.

However, recently a brazen spinner of lies, in the person of Benjamin N. Szemkus, has come into the midst of our community. He has brought along with him a swarm of harmful energy-sucking leeches. Ben Szemkus and his nasty crew of lewd, crude, and rude disrupters and deceivers have created nothing but chaos on the Frank Report. These low-lives have done nothing to advance the goals that I have mentioned above. In fact, they have behaved like a pack of uncouth and unwelcome skunks. Ben Szemkus and his ignorant supporters have diminished and polluted our community and have made it look ridiculous with their obscenities, their vulgarities, and their bullying. They have not offered any real support for the above-mentioned goals. On the contrary, Lyin’ Ben Szemkus and his squad of goons have been a huge diversion and distraction away these stated goals.

Clare Bronfman could not have done a better job of sowing dissension and distraction in our midst. Our community has had enough of these lying and bullying parasites. All of these unwelcome leeches should go back to their pathetic little lives of desperation and leave us the hell alone!




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  • LOLZ – My life has been/is anything but a utopia – whatever that word means to you – I have a personal reason for following Frank’s blog and I want to see this to the end, which will hopefully see these monsters in prison. What is your reason for being here? You seem to be a newcomer and are commenting/challenging everyone who posts – Frankly speaking, I think you are a troll along with the more obvious ones. I could be wrong, but I’m not here to debate you or the others. So, yeh, I’m back, reading and commenting where it seems right to do so. I’ve decided to ignore you and those who are here just to troll.

  • Frank, why are using the fake name Larry Shea? That’s a well done article. Why not just use your own name?

  • Nah, that’s you, Scott Johnson. 16 years with Amway. SIXTEEN YEARS. You are not very smart.

  • OCD, I’ll sing the praises of the EDNY after Raniere and Co. are convicted and sentenced to very long prison terms. Any man who is having sex with multiple women and leading them on that each of them is his only interest (with or without bribary/threats) is a pig. Consent does not include misleading them by using the lie of omission. Wake up Ladies.

  • Good heavens i just read these posts you all are acting like a classroom of junior high schoolers with a substitute teacher! Simmer down!!!

  • Thanks for writing this – the leeches that you describe are the reason I stopped visiting Frank’s site here. I have been coming around for a long time before these trolls showed up and I have a vested interest in following Keith’s story to the end. There’s been a distinctly evil (and that IS the right word) cast to the comments and the dissension and arguments they have created made me disgusted. The community that was here prior to their showing up need to ignore them all, not give these creeps any oxygen. No matter what they say to try and bait us into a stupid argument.

    • Yes I agree. I don’t add much because I just read the articles. Just to make sure to know what places to avoid. I don’t live in the neighborhoods involved but know plenty of people who do. So as a protective measure I just read. And the old commenters added just as much if not sometimes more information than frank. I stick to the more informative articles but really avoid the what to call the venting or attempts at humor. You get a mix here. But I think if you comment do so to ask questions of frank or other commenters pertaining the subject at hand. Add legit information that is verifiable or make corrections of errors. All others do what I do and just read. And comment on subject and only if you have something to add. Or just read to keep up to date. Read as many or as little as you want. I just like to stick to the facts and only facts. Thank you. Thank you for speaking out.

      Now I am going back to relatively passive reader status. Again thanks.

  • What was the purpose of posting Bens story ? Looking at pictures women Keith surrounds himself with and comparing with stormy is enough to discredit Ben. Stormy is hardly his type.

    Ben is the Nxivm Wakefield. He has followers.

    How many of the new commentators even know where Halfmoon is? Did they even know anything about Nxivm before Allison’s arrest? Suddenly things have been added and embellished and said that never part of the narrative before her arrest. Seems like people want to add things that have nothing at all to do with NXVIM at all. Why?

    All I want to read about is what happens in court. What evidence have they brought up and if and when they arrest the next person. And how long and if they are convicted. And if convicted for how long will they serve?

    Anything else is tabloid, theory and suspicion.

    The old commenters seemed to be neighbors or ex Nxivm members. Or maybe Nxivm supporters. Either adding details or denying details.
    There was also venting and commentary .
    But it was mainly informative if not venting.

    Look at stormy absolutely not Nxivm style even in the least.
    All I ask is stick to facts please.

    • Mom, the purpose of Ben’s story being posted was to try to determine whether it is true or false. If false, it was merely about a single night, a social party, where there were no crimes claimed to have been witnessed (except for Ben trying to sell some weed), essentially just a list of people at a NXIVM recruitment event and some personal impressions of them and conversations with them. If false, it’s really not a big deal, certainly not as big of a deal as many here are trying (unsuccessfully) to make it. If true, it’s a bombshell.

  • I am a little timid with all of the hollering going on here. But I agree with Larry. We are losing really good posters like ionwhitepoetry. Darth Van Douche seems to post less frequently, and his posts were really laser sharp. I would love to get back to substance rather than animosity. Of course, this is a free speech site – say what you want. But some of us were completely overjoyed when KR was arrested. Many of us thought it would never, ever happen, due to his monstrous litigation / bribery machine. I for one am delighted – not at his misfortune – just to see justice prevail. Rather than fighting like cats and dogs, I think we should be singing the praises of EDNY. They obviously have a steel set of basketballs!

    There was a great post awhile back about John Tighe and how he was likely framed. That’s why I want KR locked up – if in fact he stole years of a man’s life on a fraud….keep eating moldy lunch meat, K.


    Let’s see. Scott Johnson fell for the Amway scam, and it took him how long to figure out that Amway was really Scamway? For those who do not know, Amway is a multi-level-marketing (MLM) scam where only the top 10 % make any real money. Now Mr. Johnson has totally fallen for the Ben Szemkus scam. Unfortunately, Scott’s ego and self-esteem appear to be totally invested in Ben’s fairy tale. He needs to believe in Ben’s lies. He cannot muster the humility to admit that he has been wrong about Lyin’ Ben and then move on. I wonder how long is it going to take him to finally realize that he has been scammed again? It’s really too bad because Scott Johnson is neither incurably ignorant nor terminally stupid. Ha has the potential to turn himself around.

    Yet, sadly before us we have a gentleman who attempts to pass himself off as some kind of authority on just about everything. How does he present himself? Does he try to educate people by giving them information and facts? Is he patient with those who do not share his opinion? Does he ever admit that he is wrong about anything? Does he display decent manners? does he contribute anything of value? Scott Johnson enjoys bullying other people. He evidently thinks that it is more clever to use insults, obscenities, and put-downs rather than to educate about their errors. In short he behaves in a lewd, rude, and crude manner.Nearly all of his arguments are either ad hoc or ad hominem. He rarely has anything substantial to say, he is overly-fond of attacking anyone who does not agree with him, and he always has to have the last word. My guess is that Scott Johnson is holding onto to a lot of pain deep within his soul. He appears to be a very unhappy person.

    Nevertheless, my Pa always used to warn me, “Never get into a pissing contest with a skunk.” By arguing or replying to the bullying of Scott Johnson or any of these other pusillanimous polecats who have infested this website, you are only encouraging them. They simply do not want to recognize any contradictory facts, and they pretend that they know more than anyone else about any given subject. They act like the true standard-bearers of “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Their arguments are always emotional, because they eschew logic, reason, and common sense. They proceed boldly through life in a barbaric manner that is both sincerely ignorant and conscientiously stupid. Their words mean nothing because they are merely the desperate screams, the hollow rants ,and the moonstruck ravings from the outer fringes of reality. Remember, Scott Johnson fell for Scamway, and now he has fallen for the lies of Benny-the-Scammer Szemkus. Like Ben Szemkus, Scott Johnson thrives on any kind of attention. My word to the wise is to IGNORE SCOTT JOHNSON – DON’T REPLY TO HIS ATTACKS ANYMORE. Otherwise, all that he will do is hurl epithets at you.

    • True about the empty barrels , Larry, but the thing is I don’t think that’s the real reason Scott keeps commenting on every topic. I think he’s putting on a bit of a show for some reason, and I’m curious why.

      But you know that old saying….
      The truth, just like the sun and the moon, can only stay hidden for so long….
      So eventually I suppose the truth will be exposed, I guess.

      I agree that you don’t want to get into a pissing contest with a skunk, and recently I’ve had a few run-in with skunks in my neighbourhood. I decided to re-route my walking route rather than challenge the skunk that refused to move from the path. Better a longer walk than a smelly dog.

  • Wow Frank. I started reading the Frank Report last October, and at that time the comments were pretty respectful and intelligent (except for Luke’s of course) but in the last few weeks the comment section has deteriorated into THIS.

    Scott remarks on almost everything, even if he has nothing to say (my condolences to your poor wife for what she has to.put up with, Scott)…The Ramtha faker is here trying to distract everyone with a pretend story that Yelm is now overrun with exNXIVM , and Moosha moosha is as bad as Scott. Thats a lot if Mooshless info, Moocher.

    Whats going on here?

    • Oh…and obviously the Mooch writes under various names, ….this is why they put their name in wrong on the last group of comment’s. If they just kept replying with the same name it would have stayed in the name field box, but they obviously really entered it and spelled MOOSHA as MOOSAH.
      I’m gonna call you MOOSAH MOOSE from now on.

      • Why, thank you for asking ShadowState.?
        I actually only “trashed “you for certain things, such as teaming up with the lying troll who insists I’m Allies Mom (since that shows a total lack of logic), or any comment that sounds racist/misogynistic.
        But I have never trashed your other comments….correct?

        I think the problem is you’re unaware that your comments about Muslims etc. are offensive, so you think you’re being “trashed “….

        • Down below I posted an answer as to why some people believe Allison’s mother was posting comments. It is not quite as crazy as it sounds.

          For you I will repeat that answer here:
          Here is why some people believe that Allison’s mother was posting comments on The Frank Report.

          Someone would post a comment saying:

          1.) “Allison is a good girl.”

          2.) “Allison likes reading self-help books.”

          3.) “All we have are unproven allegations.”

          4.) “Innocent until proven guilty.”

          These are the types of statements that a mother might make trying to defend her child.

          These statements were made on here earlier this Spring around the time Raniere and Mack were arrested.

          At any time Allison’s mother is free to tell me what a nasty person I am for telling the truth about Allison.

          As for Muslims, since when did America pass Blasphemy laws making it illegal to criticize a so-called religion?
          The US Constitution guarantees Freedom of Speech including the Right to criticize any so-called religion we please.
          If Muslims don’t like America’s Freedom of Speech, they are cordially invited to leave America.

          Muslims came to America not to assimilate but to conquer and absorb.

          And Islam practices sexual slavery for women just like Keith Raniere does.
          Mohammed himself had at least 11 wives and numerous sex slaves.

          • Surely you can see the TOTAL LACK OF LOGIC needed to make the assumption that I’m her mother, or that her mother posts here, – no matter what was posted. Unless the post is in her mother’s name and has a picture of her mother, it is illogical to assume it’s her.

            And Frank knows I’m not her mother – I talked to him by email several months before any arrests were made.
            I talked to him because what I’ve said is true – I have been harassed by a cult-like group and I’m trying to get answers.
            I don’t lie, unlike some of the people who post here.

          • – Muslims came to America not to assimilate but to conquer and absorb.

            You must have mixed up “Muslims” with “your ancestors” because that’s exactly what they did to the Native Americans, along with murder, torture, rape their women, and pillage them.

          • Oh, I also forgot to the mention the four hundred years of slavery based on race for the African Americans. Their systematic humiliation and degradation continues till today. And the shitty treatment of the Chinese along with the Japanese. Also, dropping not one but two nuclear bombs on innocent men, women, and children in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Multiple world wars, the Korean War, the Vietnam war, etc. Let’s also not forgot the centuries of fucking colonialism.

            Get over yourself. If you want to play this game, your kind are the worst murderers in existence.

        • I never said that you were Allison’s mother.
          I merely said that I understand why some people believe Allison’s mother has been posting comments on this website.
          Not everything is about you personally.

          • Shadowstate, I thought your comment yesterday was agreeing with the person calling me her mom. Sorry…it appeared after my comment and had no name as to who is was addressing.

    • I never said that Ramthas School of Enlightment was being overtaking by ex nXIvM people. There is a direct link tho. Do your research! Educate yourselves

  • It would appear that Brooklyn born, convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, had a little black book. Among the names listed is Edgar Bronfman and Bill Clinton. The Miami FBI has it I believe.

    Also per an in Vanity regarding Epstiein, and insider trading. The Seagram company
    was mentioned.

    Small world, eh, Clare BEAR?

    • Might I add, convicted, registered paedophile, Jeffrey Epstein’s gal pal, Ghislaine Maxwell attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

      Missing YOGA AND WEDDING emails.

        • Clinton was no longer President in 2007 to give Jeffrey Epstein a pardon.
          But George W. Bush’s DOJ sure cut a sweetheart deal for the pervert.

          Epstein essentially got a year in a half-way house.
          According to Robert Patterson’s book “Filthy Rich”, a Florida school principal who tried to solicit a boy over the internet got a full freaking 10 years.
          And Epstein’s butler, who sold Epstein’s Black Book to the tabloid press, got the book thrown at him.
          Epstein’s butler received more time in prison than Epstein.

  • Did someone say Miami?

    The Jeffrey Epstein VI foundation.

    Brooklyn born, convicted registered sexual predator.

    His pal Ghislaine Maxwell attended Chelsea Clinton”s wedding.

    Nissing YOGA AND WEDDING emails.

    “Here are some of the better known names listed in a list of Jeffrey Epstein contacts maintained by his late, longtime Florida housekeeper Alfredo Rodriguez and now entered into the federal court docket in Miami.”

    On the list- Edgar Bronfman. And Bill Clinton.

    Per Vanity Fair-
    “In 1981 the S.E.C.’s Jonathan Harris and Robert Blackburn took Epstein’s testimony and that of other Bear Stearns employees in part of what became a protracted case about insider trading around a tender offer placed on March 11, 1981, by the Seagram Company Ltd. for St. Joe Minerals Corp.”

  • Scott Johnson enjoys lying. It makes him feel gooooooood. Now that his limp pecker isn’t working.

    So now he gets his kicks on going to message boards, spreading lies, and attacking everyone to make himself feel better.

    Get a job Scott. No one is reading your comments anymore you limp dick liar.

  • I miss Luke, where has he been? He had really stupid things to say but at least they dealt with NXIVM issues. Unlike other’s who have started to post here that has nothing to do with the real issues at hand and just need attention. I now just skip over certain posters like Scott Tex. Not worth my energy to read his posts

    Luke, The smelly one, your father, wants you to start posting your mindless posts again. At least they were entertaining to read

  • Start the Scott Johnson drinking game
    Do “Ctrl+A and Ctrl +F and add the letters “LOL”
    For everytime Scott Johnson laughs at his own posts.. take a drink.

  • Larry, the NXIVM sage is essentially over. You have very little influence, the DOJ/FBI are doing their thing. Sorry I’m not stroking your ego (not really sorry), but most of the commenters have added very little in terms of substance. The treasure trove the FBI collected several months ago dwarfs whatever input you may have to the final outcome. LOL

    Just admit it, many of you got bent out of shape with Ben’s story. It was a single night, he didn’t claim witnessing any crimes, with exception of him trying to sell some weed. If Ben’s story is a lie, very little harm is done. It’s totally different than PizzaGate, as the person most responsible is completely out of harm’s way, in jail. If it’s true, it blows the NXIVM story wide open. Grow up. Get a grip. LOL

    • Scott Johnson, you have no job and no life. You were sued by Amway and had to settle like a whiny crybaby.

      Larry has contributed 100x more than you ever will.

      Go Away Scott Johnson. No one here likes you anymore. We are kicking you off our blog.

    • Grow up and get a grip?
      Says the guy promoting a childish story, and insulting everyone who dares to criticize or poke holes in this fairy tale.

  • Wasn’t Oxenburg formly tied Ramtha Frank?
    Ever looked into their cirriculum? So similar to NMXIVN! Especially the non disclosure agreement stuff. It’s mind control at its best and human group experimentation in the town of Yelm.
    Time to graze bigger pastures and set your stakes in Yelm infiltrating Ramthas School of Enlightment. A creepy cult no one wants to touch in media because of the high powered stars involved, who also crossed over briefly to the NXIMN cult.
    Maybe they will send you to “Paradise Beach” once you have inflitrated… ask around what that is to Ramthites. It’s literally bone chilling especially if it’s 40 degrees.
    Ramtha cult has flown under the radar for quite awhile. Really hope it’s in season 2 of People Investigates:Cults on ID Channel or on Season 2 of A&Es Cults and Extreme Belief

    • Cults aren’t illegal, at least in the USA. It’s called the First Amendment of free speech and religion. NXIVM isn’t charged with being a cult, they are being charged with sex trafficking and related issues. Go find a different tree to bark up or provide some information regarding this group breaking laws.

  • Thank you. I believe in the strength of combined interests and view points of citizens to help make right in caring for and holding each other accountable along with holding power accountable to those it’s sworn to serve.

    Civility and inclusion are calling cards of functioning democracy, it’s why authoritarian power finds such simple things so dangerous and works to foment discord, strife and division among it’s peoples.

    Any time people gather, at the library or online, civility and inclusion allows communities to bloom and handle anything from the adversity of natural disasters to cults around the corner and scores a point for democracy.

  • I’m just waitin’ for that next round of indictments. I’m obsessed with it. Sittin’ on the edge of my seat. When will it happen? Within two weeks…or at the end of July? That’s when we’re gonna see action. Clare and Salzmans? Maybe more? That’s why I come to this blog every day. To get updates on the next round of indictments. That’s when somethin’s gonna happen, I think. Because Clare has a great big jet. She could do a Roman Polanski.

    • We had the lead on Clare’s jet – making weird stops in Miami, then the Bahamas. When it could have flown direct from NY to the Bahamas. Hello.

      Plus, she cannot just disappear her trust. I imagine she’s going to face a ton of civil lawsuits when she’s convicted. How do you defend a Federal lawsuit if you are in prison? Not very well…

  • But we can’t. Allison’s mother has been cyberstalking Shadowstate for a while. Mr Amway arrived, and the other nasty Mike S. who changed his name to jingleheimer whatever, who likes to attack those of us who got away from NXIVM.
    Now we have whoever wants to spam their issue with the Seattle whatever cult.

    I miss our old camaraderie and banter. Coming to the comments section was like seeing what old friends have shown up that day. Orangecountydreams or onewomanarmy or Laura or our favourite big eared albany county defence attorney or FormerNexian. I really appreciate all of you. It has helped me emotionally to have exchanges with you.

    I don’t know that there is much we can do about it, except to do our best to ignore them, which I admit is easier said than done at times.

    • When I was a child my parents taught me that to survive I had to develop an elephant’s hide and ignore criticism.

      If Allison’s mother has an issue with me, she should come out of the shadows and identify herself and let me hear it.
      I bear no ill will towards Allison’s mother.
      I understand that what she is undergoing must be agonizing for her.

      But Allison’s mother, and Allison herself, must recognize that what Allison Mack did was evil.
      It was stupid for Allison Mack, who had a decent career as a TV actress, to throw in her lot with a charlatan and fraud like Keith Raniere.
      But Allison went further and chucked away any sense of right and wrong in blindly following Raniere in his scams and abuses of people.
      For twelve years Allison made one bad decision after another and even threw away her moral compass.
      Her ability to distinguish right from wrong.

      And now Allison and her mother must suffer the consequences of Allison’s horrible decision making.

      I take no joy in this sorry state of affairs.

      • Flowers, Bat, Facts not Speculation, etc…

        There is a tiny sliver of me that actually starts to feel sorry for Allison. We all start out products of our environments, and her parents selling her to the entertainment industry at an early age probably really screwed her up.

        That being said, we all reach a point where we are capable of making our own decisions, so for as much as her mother is obviously a complete twat, Allison deserves what she has coming to her.

        • When the trial is over, no matter how it turns out, if Allison’s mother wants to come on here and lecture me on how “mean” I have been to Allison, I will hear her out and respond.

          I live near Chicago and I have seen plenty of young people with fewer opportunities and breaks than Allison received.
          And when those young people screw up I have seen them treated far worse than Allison has been treated by US Judge Nicholas Garaufis.

          So far Judge Garaufis and the US Attorney’s office for the Eastern District of New York has treated Allison Mack with kid gloves.
          Far kinder than Allison Mack treated the “slaves” under Allison’s direction.

        • The only “twat” is you. How do we know YOU’RE not Allisons mom? Lol.
          As if she actually would post here. Too funny.

          I’m actually pretty sure you’re not a former NXIVM member at all – it seems you’re more likely a mentally disturbed lookie-loo who is only posting here to be malicious and disruptive. How can we know you’re really a former member?
          What pleasure does it give you to post insulting BS directed towards me?
          No doubt you also post as Bat and Figures, Facts etc… and then pretend that it’s “Allisons mom”.
          Don’t you have anything more useful to do with your time?

          • What is more malicious than taking a hot iron to people’s flesh and branding them like cattle?
            Since when is it controversial to call evil out?

          • Allison’s mother.

            Your vitriol is easily recognisable whatever you change your name to.

          • Shadow state …are you as dumb as the one who insists I’m Alison’s Mother? Lol.

            Are you people some weird type of troll? No one could possibly be dumb enough to believe Alison’s mother posts here, so you have to be faking it. Also, why in the world would anyone presume I’m defending Allison. I’ve never once said anything in her favour. Its totally illogical.

          • What is more malicious than taking a hot iron to people’s flesh and branding them like cattle? How about using a cauterizing iron and burning the sensitive flesh near the vagina for 20-30 minutes? I think that’s much more malicious than a second or two of a hot iron. Do you agree?

          • Actually Scott, if you’re not interested in “my story” (and I don’t expect you to be) then just don’t comment. It’s pretty simple.
            Youve never explained your purpose here Scott- you showed up , apparently,.to push the fake Ben story, and you were extremely rude and abusive (mainly to me) while you treated a very delusional “Tanster” with respect. It’s odd, Scott. It’s not normal behaviour. …just like these morons who pretend they really think I’m Allisons mom. Since it’s impossible for anyone to be that stupid, they are obviously lying.

    • What evidence do you have that Alisons mothers posts anything here – since you accuse me of being her and I’m not, it seems like a delusion you’ve created in your mind…. it only makes you sound unhinged to accuse people of being her mom.
      I seriously doubt her mother has ever posted here.

      • Allison’s mother. We all know it’s you. You are easily recognisable.

        Copying our language to try to call us lookie loos because that is what we call other people. Trying to accuse us of being you because you think you are so slick.

        Your daughter thought she was so slick, too, and look where that got her.

        At least she is obviously where she gets it from.

        • You truly can’t be that stupid to believe that Alison’s mom posts here, so what is your agenda? And what do you mean by changing my name. That”s the same name I’ve used all along, with the same logo, correct? So how could it have been changed?

        • Please respect the site and refrain from devolving the conversation into mad speculation.

      • Here is why some people believe that Allison’s mother was posting comments on The Frank Report.

        Someone would post a comment saying:

        1.) “Allison is a good girl.”

        2.) “Allison likes reading self-help books.”

        3.) “All we have are unproven allegations.”

        4.) “Innocent until proven guilty.”

        These are the types of statements that a mother might make trying to defend her child.

        These statements were made on here earlier this Spring around the time Raniere and Mack were arrested.

    • Thanks I wish. I’ve always said we have different pieces of the NXIVM puzzle… only by working together can we pull the plug on this diseased body of work crafted by Keith, Nefarious Nancy, and Scarecrow (Clare).

      We also seek justice for Kristin Snyder. The real tragedy is the countless lives and families ruined by these charlatans. For what? A bored pedophile? Two rich heiresses with Daddy issues? The feeling of love and being loved, that at its essence was manipulation?

      There is no WHY. It just is.

      So we keep up the fight. Support the brave people like Toni Natalie, Sara Edmonton, and Catherine Oxenberg. And we do all we can to make sure Keith Raniere never sees daylight again!


      • Sarah Edmondson should not be put in the same category as people who were real victims of Keith Raniere/NXIVM, nor should she be put in the same category as those who actually exposed the cult and it’s members years ago, but were ignored and even attacked by NXIVM for doing so (Toni Natalie, Susan Dones, John Tigue, James Odato, Frank Parlato, the victims of Raniere’s paedophilia and rape etc).

        Sarah Edmondson didn’t give a shit about all the victims of NXIVM/Raniere and continued to be a cult member, only leaving in 2017 after she was personally affected by the cult. Did she not believe the women who accused Raniere of paedophlile rape in February 2012? Did she simply not care?

        Sarah Edmondson stayed with NXIVM through all the exposure, helping the cult to profit. Now she is seen as a victim/hero after she was personally affected and came forward. Why not all the media exposure for the women who came forward in February 2012? That is not fair to the early opponents and victims of NXIVM and Raniere. What if Claire Bronfman or Nancy Salzman were tricked into being branded? Would they be victims after what they have done?

        It’s hard to see Sarah Edmondson as a victim and impossible to see her as a hero. She continued to be a hardcore Raniere supporter after the real victims and opponents came forward and she did not give a shit.

        • Also, by “real victims”, that meant victims from years ago before all the bad exposure and publicity. It was wrong for anyone to be branded, but it is true that there were plenty of vocal victims and opponents of NXIVM years ago who were ignored and even attacked for leaving the cult and/or speaking out.

      • There is a why. It’s called evil. Just like some evil lawyer who makes ambulance chasers look reasonable, because he causes 100s of “accidents” to happen and then chases the ambulance. He gets fined about $175,000 and 3 years suspension, which is upheld by a higher court, and then pretends he can preach to the rest of us. LOL

    • Go to your local pub for your “old camaraderie and banter.” This isn’t a social club, it’s a website dedicated to bringing down scammers. First the Niagara Falls cruise scam, then NXIVM, what’s next? Could it be AMWAY? LOL

      Please ignore me, I love getting in the last word. In fact, it was the last question the Amway lawyer, himself a former Amway scam artist, with his upline Diamond subsequently sentenced to 20 years in prison because of various financial scams, and himself a lawyer as well, asked me during my video deposition. He asked me if I like getting in the last word. I said “yes.” The deposition was over, and I’m still getting the last word in to 10s of thousands, if not 100s of thousands of people, perhaps more, warning them about Amway’s scam. So much for Amway winning the settlement. LOL

      P.S., you brought up Amway, not me. LOL

  • I agree with your sentiments on Frank Parlato as well as Catherine Oxenberg, Toni Natalie and Barbara Bouchey.
    These brave people spoke truth to power and brought down an evil institution.

    I would like to add Sarah Edmondson to the list.
    Sarah trusted in NXIVM and its program.
    And Sarah trusted her duplicitous “friend” Allison Mack when Mack promised to let Sarah in on more secrets through the DOS section of the cult.

    And Allison Mack used and abused Sarah Edmondon’s trust to use and abuse Sarah personally.
    And brave Sarah stood up and publicly protested Allison Mack’s perfidious behavior.
    Sarah Edmondson was the main source to publicly come forward and accuse Mack and Raniere of branding women.
    And Sarah Edmondson went to the New York Times, the premier newspaper in the country to expose the brandings and the physical abuse that Allison Mack and Allison’s Banshees had inflicted upon her.

    What was more convincing of the madness of NXIVM and its fanatical followers than Sarah Edmondson showing the branding inflicted upon her?
    Even NXIVM could not deny pictures that documented Allison Mack and Keith Raniere’s cruelty towards women.

    As for the NXIVM harpies trying to spread discord within our ranks, we should ignore them.
    They only feed on hatred and division and discord just like Raniere himself.

    But if that is not possible give them back their abuse measure for measure.

    Show Raniere and Mack and Cruella Bronfman that we will not give in to their bullying.

    As Sir Winston Churchill himself said:
    “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”
    ? Winston S. Churchill, Never Give In!: The Best of Winston Churchill’s Speeches

    • The “discord” is coming from the other side towards the relative newcomer commenters. You were enjoying your safe-space, then some people came along after this site started getting lots more traffic and you turned inward rather than reach out and welcome some new blood and new ideas. You had your happy little “it takes a village” where everyone was agreeing with everyone else and getting their egos massaged, then came CHANGE. LOL

    • Excuse me, I am using the Google translator. Now to start I would like to say I have been reading this blog since 2016 I arrived here looking for information about Allison Mack and her relationship with Keith Raniere ‘since I found several articles related to this subject and with her as well as with Kristin Kreuk and since then I have been reading and listening to what Frank publishes the same I see the different commentators that appear here and I must say that your shadowstate1958 is a special case at first I did not understand why some of those who commented here accused you of being an Allison Mack stalker in your twitter and you used another name, I never really care but time passes and I continue to see your obseciva behavior with Allison and I have no doubt about it many times you try to deny it as you did in comments above but your own words always betray you Although we know the information published by frank about NXIVM we know well that allison never had the power that you want to attribute go all the way to frank only the idiot call useful because he knows the real level of power that she had lauren is above Allison in ESP is only below her in DOS but not even there has more power than she really because it is the Keith himself who ultimately makes important decisions and relies more on Lauren because he knows of her ability to be mentioned as second in command of the cult only proves that from the beginning there were plans to use her as a scapegoat even all the strategies of Keith Raniere in that sense and frank has described here also the same information published by frank shows clearly that Sarah Edmondson never accused Allison Mack of being his recruiter she always said that her teacher was Lauren and Lauren is someone Sarah had more Confidence was even one of your bridesmaids at your wedding and even though you yourself use the already published frank articles as a reference you keep writing against llison as if she were the mastermind behind every thing one day of these say that it was not the cult of Keith but that of Allison seriously your obsession with her is very evident.

  • Very well.said. Leave it to Clare or anyone following her orders now that the slimy one is behind bars to create a swan of wasps to distract and disrupt what has been exposed about these horrible criminals and their crimes.

    Not likely they will stop but either will we. Readers are going to have to wade through the bullshit, as Edgar Boone would say, to read between the crap from the disruptive Clare followers and what needs to be said by the true defenders of truth.

    Some are fearful of the truth and only take in what their Masters tell them.

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