Laura Darby – Updates on Knox Woods – Karen Unterreiner spotted and ran away, Ben Meyers possibly seen

By Laura Darby

French TV was in Clifton Park today, making yet another documentary – this one for the people of France – on Keith Raniere and the cult he started and brought to destruction.  The camera crew got footage of 455 Karner Road. Interesting tidbit – only Nancy Salzman’s sign remains; they didn’t see Edgar Boone’s or Lauren Slazman’s reserved parking signs. The crew also said one of the numbers on the New Karner building was missing.

They pretty much filmed in three places: at 127 Grenadier, where the human branding reportedly took place. Neighbors are still arguing over whether it could have occurred in that unit as no one ever heard screams and, as I have said before, the walls are thin. Another resident of the same building disagreed and said she is pretty sure it took place in the master bedroom, not the spare smaller bedroom. It was also said that a mattress was on the floor of the smaller bedroom when Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne were in residence there.
House of horrors — where the branding of women is said to have occurred.


Oddly, she said the FBI never raided the alleged branding unit and, up until a few weeks ago, there was still stuff in it.  Allison’s BMW sits parked over in the pool parking lot to this day.
Apparently the FBI have been in the neighborhood frequently these last few weeks, watching and observing, it appears.
With the French filmmakers, we meandered across to Flintlock…. Karen Unterreiner’s car was in the driveway. They filmed the mailboxes, the door and low and behold out came Karen. She fled from her unit and jumped into her car faster than you can say, ‘Hello Karen,’ and sped off.  The blind in the front window is now pulled all the way down so you can no longer see the U-haul box.
Off to Hale they went – home of Keith Raniere’s former sex lair. Ben Meyers and Michelle Salzman may still reside in #3. Someone exited the building with a fog. I was too far away to confirm it was Ben, but he did look in our direction and the man fit Ben’s description.
The old adage, “believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see” applies here. I am pretty sure some neighbors have embellished their stories. Most neighbors feel Keith was nothing but polite, if they did encounter him. He was quiet and did not interact with them. Others said Keith approached them.
In the case of one resident, she claims he said to her, “Be careful walking alone at night there are weirdos out late and you tell me if you see anyone strange”.
Whether this was a threat to her or not is hard to tell. And, yes, he told one neighbor he walked 150 miles a week or 21.4 miles a day  Which means if you average 20 minutes a mile at 3 miles an hour, you would be walking seven hours a day…  I call “Bullshit” on that.
The world’s smartest man was once seen walking the streets of Clifton Park – he claimed – some 150 miles per week. Now Keith Raniere can only be seen with a special visitor’s pass in Brooklyn.

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