Ayla Ferrone – top NXIVM TV reporter – reports US Marshal signs now on ‘Sex Lair’ [8 Hale] and Branding Hell Hole [127 Grenadier]!

Ayla Ferrone
Ayla Ferrone for News 10 In Albany – an ABC affiliate
Ayla Ferrone, an Albany TV news reporter, is a firebrand. But, unlike Keith Raniere, she does not actually brand women. Instead, she investigates the cult whose leaders are charged with such deeds.
Ayla is an aggressive investigative reporter who has broken several important elements of the ongoing NXIVM story.
I was particularly impressed how – after the last court hearing – with a pack of some 30 news reporters and paparazzi all in pursuit – Ayla took the lead in questioning Allison Mack and her attorneys as they left the court  – virtually challenging her to comment – and boldly challenging her lawyers too – as they whisked Mack away into a limousine in waiting.
Now Ayla reports on Twitter, “Neighbors alerted me to recent federal activity in the Knox Woods area. Here’s a better look at each notice. No one is to enter or remove anything from these related properties. Remember, we saw two men emptying out ’s condo months ago.”
Keith Raniere maintained a private town house at 8 Hale Drive for mentoring female students. The town house, which he referred to as ‘The Library’, had a hot tub which is said to have been employed to relax female students who Raniere consented to teach.


The properties she is talking about are Keith Raniere’s “Sex Lair” at 8 Hale Drive, where last week I reported there was still a $90,000 Steinway Grand Piano sitting inside – and the “Branding Hell Hole”, Allison Mack’s former rented town home at 127 Grenadier, where some of the branding of women allegedly took place.

Of the last property, I personally feel that the EDNY DOJ is giving us a glimpse of a somewhat Dystopian world – since Mack did not own the property – and the true punishment is being meted out here not to Mack, but to a person who appears to be to be an innocent landlord.

The “Branding Hell Hole” at 127 Grenadier – where Allison Mack allegedly operated her chamber of horrors – with Dr. Danielle Roberts administering the torture.

After all, how could the landlord [whose property the feds are trying to seize] know what the otherwise respectable looking Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne were doing behind closed doors? Indeed, the landlord-tenant laws do not permit landlord snooping. Absent neighbor complaints – of which we have no known record – how is it fair, or indicative of justice, to punish the landlord for the secret-rites branding ceremonies that allegedly took place there?

Regardless, evidently, no one is allowed to remove anything from 8 Hale Drive or 127 Grenadier, according to the new postings on the doors, which were not there a week ago.

The feds previously raided Raniere’s sex lair – and removed items. What they did not remove was his $90,000 Steinway Piano which Frank Report first detailed was inside there [and remains there]. With mounting legal costs for her and other NXIVM members – it might have been tempting for Nancy Salzman – who allegedly gave the $90,000 gift to Raniere – to sell the Steinway Grand.  It might fetch as much as $70,000 – if you didn’t tell the buyer who used to own it.

Of course with the craze for criminal memorabilia – the piano might be worth far more.

Here is my previously published, artist rendering of “Keith Raniere at his Grand Piano.” I sincerely hope the illustration does not cheapen what is otherwise a serious post.

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  • Just Confirmed with my own two eyes 127 Grenadier has the signs too!! Thank you Ayla for obtaining those photos I was on my way to snap some when it came up on my twitter feed!!

    Allison’s blue-black BMW sedan sits lonely in the pool parking lot off Knox Blvd. There is also a car sitting in the Apropos parking lot with a 4-sale sign on it. I have not had the chance to rule out that someone at Fred the Butcher parked it there and actually owns it however.

    Silver Nissan sedan (Sentra perhaps?) has been parked at 3 Oregon Trail for at least the last two weeks. Yesterday it was joined by three cars which are now gone. Karen U. has either garaged her Mercedes at 3 Flintlock or we really did spook her on Wednesday and she is holed up elsewhere There is a Blue Audi sedan at 7 Oregon Trail (Edgar Boone’s) and has been for the last few days.

    I confirmed that the other properties do not have the US Marshalls signs on them. However, as reported to me by neighbors who live right on top of the NXIVM properties. a UHAUL and/or pickup truck made the rounds of the properties after the initial raids and removed belongings. There is footage of two guys removing Allison Mack’s personal belongings from 127 Grenadier on or about May 8th or 9th. The two black contractor bags that were on Allison’s back deck have been gone for a bit

    It may be nearing 90 degrees here in Knox Woods but winter is coming……………..

  • Message to NXIVM supporters:
    Those stickers mean “No Trespassing.”

    Let’s hope the US DOJ quickly comes to its senses and understands that the landlord is probably an innocent victim who unknowingly leased the townhouse to wicked people, Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.

  • Ayla Ferrone is good. I have enjoyed the clips I have seen of her.

    Keep up the good work, Ayla !

  • Busted! It will be a good day when we see that sticker on the Bronfman Jet.

    Anybody looking for a Challenger cheap? Too bad Scarecrow and Airhead didn’t buy a Gulfstream G650…

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