Reader: ‘Barbara Bouchey deserves medal of honor’

By A Reader
This woman deserves a medal of honor. I left the area in 2011, when stories about NXIVM were beginning to emerge.  Reading her horrible struggle with lawsuits and threats truly saddened me even then. I am so glad she is getting “rewarded” for her efforts and persistence. God bless her.
One article from the 2011 Times Union interview has information about Barbara’s brothers redacted. I imagine it was due to the damage that would be done to [name redacted] his reputation.  Hopefully, her brother has been providing her with the financial and emotional support she needs or needed.
While I ceased being among your readers who were regularly updated on details of the case before the branding incident broke, I still go to it often to get the latest information I can.
Again, so glad that “what goes around, comes around.”
Brava, Barbara!

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  • If Bouchey didn’t have someone write this and post it for her, someone out there does not like this woman. Ever post that goes up about Bouchey ends up with her getting blasted for the crap she did while in NXIVM.

    Bouchey knew after a short time that she was not her Vanguards only girlfriend. She went batshit crazy when Ivy Nevares started having a sexual relationship with her Vanguard. Ivy was younger and way better looking. Bouchey was constantly having high ranking members deal with her reactions to her “boyfriend” having other relationships.

    Bouchey was kicked off her throne and lost her position as “Queen” after the Bronfman’s came along and opened their checkbook to their Master. Vanguard didn’t need Bouchey for her money any longer, so she lost her place in line for his attention.

    The main issues are Bouchey knew her Vanguard was manipulating women to having sex with him, as she was (at first, but after you know and still sleep with the man, who’s to blame for that) but didn’t tell people he was this kind of scum bag until she was ready to leave. A fair question to ask is how many people would have signed up for any NXIVM program if Bouchey would have made it public he was behaving in what some think is unethical and immoral? Does this behavior equal a Badge of Honor?

    Second, Bouchey knew her Vanguard had lost her and others money in his failed attempts in the commodities market. Bouchey knew this long before the Bronfman’s came to NXIVM that her Vanguard was horrible in commodities, but never bothered to warn her clients, (Bronfman’s) about this. They went on to lose over 100 million on his failed gambling and real estate dealings. Does this behavior equal a Badge of Honor?

    It wasn’t until she was ready to leave NXIVM that she was willing to come clean about her ex-lover. For all those years she helped to lie about who her Vanguard was. Bouchey was deep inside the inner circle and was part of the cover-up of her Vanguard. She helped him by manipulating people into believing he was the greatest man on earth.

    So what badge do you give a woman who spent years covering up? She could have saved thousands by coming forward and telling the truth sooner. Instead, she was part of a major cover-up that if the truth were known when she knew it, thousands would have never enrolled.

    • I’ve also heard Barb thinks it’s okay for a man to have multiple sex partners, even wives. Raniere teaches this as part of the NXIVM “technology,” a word I love because Scientology uses it as well. Can you confirm Barb believes this part of Raniere’s teachings?

  • I am among 10s of millions scammed by Amway. How many others do you see educating others about Amway and other MLM scams? It will be similar with NXIVM. But thanks for the attempted put-down, it is meaningless to me. Dummy. LOL

    • If ever you where able to construct a thought of your own, you may automatically begin to realize any information giving could simply and easily identify the person, thus exposing themselves. As I spell this out for you, you may begin to understand the effects blackmail has upon a person or there family, kinda like you have been reading about how NXSCUM operates. You know nothing , and have not experienced it. I have giving you simply clear instructions on how to think, I do not have time to dumb this down further for you.

      • How could somebody be blackmailed if what they were posting was anonymous? Sounds like a sorry excuse for someone who doesn’t want to protect others, and allow them to be blackmailed as well. I call that cowardice, so you could be right – I’ve noticed there are a ton of cowards in this world of ours.

        • How could someone be blackmailed if what they were posting as anonymous? Example: you told me you lick your dogs asshole, you did not tell another person this information. I, now inform others that you like to lick your dogs asshole using a public website. Could you figure out who posted that info? (Obviously you can not). you demonstrated you can not think for yourself by using my words in your responses.. Please continue responding, your well thought out, highly intelligent responses are….. well I’m just going to have a whole lot of fun with you!!!!

    • As you stop, and start now rereading our posts, you have been given clear, simply instructions on how think, to a point that a child could understand, yet you prove once again your inability process clear, simple instructions. Keep it coming, your proving my point. You can absolutely not think for yourself, nor process a though!

  • Based upon my past experiences with Barbara, I have no sympathy whatsoever for her.

  • And now we have Barbara’s publicist, Christine Marie, jumping into the fray to protect her client. Really not that much different than Raniere’s high-priced attorneys whoring themselves out to explain why everything he did is normal and voluntary.

    Note To Christine Marie: I know Sarah Edmondson and Susan Dones – and Barbara Bouchey is nowhere close to them on any measure. But most of all, they’re not out there still praising the “tech” and explaining to everyone who will listen all the “good parts” of NXIVM.

    Bullshit is bullshit – and Barbara is bullshit. It’s that simple.

    • Barbara Bouchey left years ago. So did Susan Dones. Sarah Edmondson only left in early-mid 2017 after she was personally affected by the cult. She has had way more press coverage than Barbara Bouchey and Susan Dones. You say you want Barbara Bouchey to reimburse all the people she recruited into the cult and should help fund their aid. What about Sarah Edmondson? She claims she recruited hundreds of people into the cult. She stayed loyal to Keith Raniere despite all the information out there. Women came forward in the February 2012 Times Union expose revealing how Raniere raped them as children. Barbara Bouchey, Susan Dones, Toni Natalie, John Tigue, Joseph O’Hara, Rick Ross, Frank Parlato, Gina Hutchinson, Kristin Snyder… So many opponents and victims of NXIVM and Sarah Edmondson still was loyal to NXIVM. If you want to criticise Barbara Bouchey, so be it, but Sarah Edmondson is no angel.

  • I don’t think she deserves a medal of honour.

    I do believe she deserves to be able to heal.

    Good for her getting out when she did, and standing up to a vicious organisation with unlimited financial backing and enough political influence to get phony criminal charges against her.

    I think she has more than paid for any alleged financial gain. Seems to me she lost a lot more financially than she gained out of the ordeal, not to mention years of attacks.

  • This will be interesting. When the other sociopaths are indicted, the comments section will explode with information from people who are being blackmailed, or perhaps scared to post what they know.

    • I frankly cannot wait for the days that ex members feel safe and secure enough to come forward and finally speak. I think they may be waiting for more arrests / convictions. But as a forewarning – the will not speak on a site that degrades or humiliates them. We have a lot to learn and they are the only ones who can educate us. Maybe someday this can be a healing / learning place.

  • I will honor Barbara as soon as she agrees to reimburse all the people she recruited for all the money they wasted on taking Executive Success classes. She should also donate all the commission she earned from those same people to a fund to aid them.

    • Yes, but what if you joined an organization that you totally believed was legitimate and helped people? Worked you a** off trying to make it a go? But later, you discovered it was a sham and a dangerous group? Why should that person have to reimburse everyone? We all make mistakes and most of us eat them. Financially, of course – I am not counting forcible, painful branding.

  • I beg to differ. Until Barbara didn’t get her money back from Keith, Barbara was part of the problem.
    I met Barbara when she was in her fantasy monogamous relationship with Keith. She would happily bury you if it meant continuing on her path to Nxivm La la land!

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