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Ben Szemkus threatens Defamation Lawsuit

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Ben Szemkus
Ben Szemkus – the man who said he went to a NXIVM mixer where Stormy Daniels, Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, James Alefantis, Eric Schneiderman, Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman, Clare and Sara Bronfman, some Yale college girls and others back in 2007 – is evidently unhappy with an article Larry Shea wrote about him for Frank Report.
Larry gave his opinion that Ben is lying.
By the subject line in his email, Ben might be planning a lawsuit: “BEN SZEMKUS DEFAMATION SUIT”
Here is the body of his email:
This article You published is blantantly [sic] a defamation attack
(plus a few other things if You throw the word ‘Cyber’ in front of it).
Do We go forward with this?
I think I deserve an apology…

As for myself, I have not stated whether I think Ben’s story is true – but it seems there is little doubt that Larry Shea – who wrote the article – is of the opinion that Ben is not telling the truth about meeting the cast of controversial and disgraced characters he says he met all in an apartment in Connecticut one wintry evening.

But since I published it – I will have to stand a lawsuit if Ben chooses to file it.

And because I like freedom of expression and Larry made some excellent points – I would publish it again – despite the threat of a lawsuit.

And unless Ben could prove otherwise – that he really attended this NXIVM mixer – I don’t think I will apologize for publishing Larry’s article.  I do not know if Larry wants to apologize to Ben – although I rather doubt he will.


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  • You could ask larry to edit the word liar. The
    Facts dont add up, inconsistent timeline.

    Calling someone a liar, even if true, attacks the person. Focus on the story, the facts… and throw in your opinion. Remember your ethics.

    Painting stories is natural when writing. I do it all the time. If you give a little room to allow the reader to make a conclusion, your readers will not feel like something is shoved down their throats, and by making their own conclusion, they will have gained something. Perspective. That is what keeps people coming back. They feel they have gained something.

    Strive to be better. Thank you for the facts. I am more aware, and i have changed my perspective. This guys story doesnt add up. I almost didnt read because it seemed like a hit piece. Nobody likes that. I was luckily open enough to press on, most wont be. #MAGA

  • No retraction, nothing.

    Ben what’s his putz is full of shit.

    He is just threatening to sue like his mommy and daddy did when he was picked on in high school.

    Grow up.

    Unless I see physical evidence, I don’t believe a word that little twat says.

    Him or his buddy, Mr. Amway.

    • Yes, you’re not concerned. Because you’re an anonymous poster who isn’t potentially being sued. How “brave” of you. LOL

      The FBI may be looking into physical evidence as we type. They have LOTS of NXIVM records, and may be obtaining more from the various politicians Ben claimed were at the party.

      By the way, my name is Mr. ANTI-Amway. LOL

  • Too bad everyone knows that clicking on the real @ScottTexJohnson’s name will put a virus up your ass. Just like my wife put a syphilis virus up my ass. Thanks for the free publicity, LOSER! LOL

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