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Salzman once said she caused 9-11

I recently heard an interesting story about the Prefect, Nancy Salzman.

It seems that Prefect once told a NXIVM member – a few years back  – that she,Nancy Salzman, was responsible for the destruction of the World Trade Towers on 9-11-2001.

How? asked the puzzled NXIVM member – who told me the story.

Nancy explained — when Pam Cafritz first told her about Keith and how great he was – and that she should help him in his quest to save the world, she hesitated – at first. She wanted more proof. She wanted to examine his motives better. She finally came round – and chose to follow the great Raniere – but the point was – she waited. She hesitated. She had been at first a Doubting Thomas – just as this NXIVM member was now doing with Nancy.

Sure, the delay in following Keith was not great – as measured in time – it was just a few weeks or a month that she, Nancy, held off trusting the man who wished to create a more noble civilization. But – and this is crucial – she hesitated – and just as “He who has the most joy wins,” she who hesitates – sometimes even for a second – is lost. Or in this case – some 3000 people were lost.

But really, how was 9-11 her fault? the NXIVM member asked. Nancy joined Raniere in 1998 — 9-11 happened in 2001.

Nancy explained that Keith Raniere’s ‘tech’ was so great and powerful that, had she not procrastinated that few weeks in 1998 – and got right on board, learning and teaching the tech – the world would have changed – oh, so, subtly – but it would have changed enough that 9-11 would have been avoided.

She missed saving that tragedy from occurring by just a matter of moments, she said and because she was candid and honest – she admitted to the NXIVM member – alas – 9-11 was her fault.

Now, whether Nancy really believed this [because Keith told her], or whether she was just bullshitting the NXIVM member to try to impress her, or manipulate her into doing something she wanted, is hard to say.

Early in their relationship, Nancy was told by Keith Raniere that she was the reincarnated Adolf Hitler. Hitler caused many people to be killed. Keith told Adolf/Nancy that she was reborn on earth to work off her sins she committed when she was Adolf and she could – if she chose –  in this lifetime – to work for the most ethical man who ever lived – Keith Alan Raniere.

It might have made sense to Nancy – for – if she believed she was once the worst human being – Hitler – she was now given a second chance – and what more perfectly cosmic way than to follow the best man ever – Keith Alan Raniere – and yes, she could be spared – Keith told her – of all of her evil deeds when she was ruining the world as Adolf Hitler.

Otherwise, she would be lost and have to pay the karmic price. As proof of how powerful this was – just because she hesitated to follow Keith fast enough – back in 1998 – three years later – the 9-11 attack occurred.

Fast forward to 2018. And now, worse luck, Nancy is likely to go to prison – for life.  Maybe that is because she did not follow Raniere quickly enough – or maybe because she did.  Either way, poor Adolf – if he got himself born as Nancy Salzman – he struck out  – even when he tried to repent, he never caught a break – and wound up being one evil bastard – again.

He who has the most joy wins.

Nancy Salzman
Was Adolf Hitler reborn as Nancy Salzman? Keith Raniere said it was so.

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  • So hard to fathom how people can believe this rubbish. It’s apparent that Raniere studied up on $cientology when he devised this NXIVM scam.

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  • like a moderately more sophisticated version of those pleas kids post to their snapchat grps “if you don’t send this [ ] to 7 people, children will die”, basic understanding of probability theory, is best armour against such dangerously fabulist claims.

    I swear by this site and this mathematician for any of you with school age kids 10 to whatever, because it works just as well for those of us with a school size gap in our understanding of such things – Ben Orlin’s site is a treasure.

    • Like a chain letter.

      Top portion of an 18th-century “Letter from Heaven,” produced in England.
      A chain letter is a message that attempts to convince the recipient to make a number of copies of the letter and then pass them on to a certain number of recipients (either a predefined number or as many as possible). The “chain” is actually an exponentially growing pyramid (a tree graph) that cannot be sustained indefinitely. Common methods used in chain letters include emotionally manipulative stories, get-rich-quick pyramid schemes, and the exploitation of superstition to threaten the recipient with bad luck or even physical violence or death if he or she “breaks the chain” and refuses to adhere to the conditions set out in the letter. Originally, chain letters were letters one received in the mail. Today, chain letters are often sent via email messages, postings on social network sites, and text messages.

      If Nancy Salzman really believed that she caused 9-11, she is dumber than I imagined possible.

  • So NXIVM had maybe 500-600 active members before the ceiling started to fall in last year. They’re tiny compared to groups like the Moonies. Even compared to failing cults like Scientology, NXIVM isn’t even a rounding error.

    And yet Prefect thinks she is so important that she inadvertently had power over historic world events. It’s hard to stay focused on the depths of suffering that NXIVM had caused its members, opponents and others it has come in contact with when you are confronted with such laughable narcissism. Like a line from one of the X-men movies when a mutant shows off a mundane ability, someone says, “congratulations. You are like a termite among ants.” That sums up Prefect perfectly.

    • – It’s hard to stay focused on the depths of suffering that NXIVM had caused its members, opponents and others it has come in contact with when you are confronted with such laughable narcissism.

      This cult breeds self-serving, conceited, opportunists, oblivious to the haughtiness in their exclusiveness and to the harm and destruction they cause to others.

    • You could put Scientology, NXIVM, and the moonies together and they would be a rounding error compared to Amway and other MLM scams. We’re talking 10s of millions of new people every single year, 100s of billions of dollars scammed annually. I don’t know if/when you people are going to wake up and see the light. LOL

      • Yes yes we know amay is aweful. And they scam millions and they have been around, like…. forever. And it’s important to bring awareness. Yes abosolutly.
        And yes vanguard started with consumer by-line. Yes the two are the same thing. Yes. Your right. Yes he uses that in this cult….. yep. That’s true too. Yes we are fully aware. Some on here appreciate that. They burned you terribly. Sorry that you went through that. Thank you for warning us about Amway. .

        Frank report focusing specifically on Keith, DOS, rainbow cultural garden, NXVIM and everything specifically tied to Keith. This is specific. We question whether Ben was with all these people at the party or not only to determine whether or not Ben has ties to NXVIM. Anything is possible. But every single story here is tied to Vsnguard and company.

        Yes some here care about Amway. And all the other cults. And we also care about other things too. But this particular issue is Franks razor sharp focus.

        Have you considered starting a blog that specifically covers Amway? Have you considered doing investigative reporting of what goes on with Amway? And with your blog it would take much of your time looking things up, interviewing people who were victims and writing drafts and final reports. That just may be your calling.
        You might be good at that. It’s a full time job. All your energy would be used to research, interview, write and post stories all about Amway. You seem to be an expert on the subject. And that would be your way of successfully get the word out.

          • May I ask you how much time you put into each report you do ? How many people do you call or speak face to face to when you do your interviews? How much time do you spend prepping for questions? And how much time do you spend editing? Fact checking? From the Little I know of investigative journalism the journalist needs to focus 100 percent to assure that what they report is true. That means after asking the question the best journalist makes sure what is written is true. And attributing quotes accurately.

            I know that for short pieces alone it can take hours if not days of investigating. Sometimes taking journalists to computer sometimes taking journalists on the road.

            I get the impression that frank doesn’t comment and if he does it’s very rare. Reasearch time consuming and so is editing and making sure the story is accurate.

          • Are you asking all of these questions to Frank? A real journalist would communicate more clearly. Frank has a blog and has never claimed being an investigative journalist, as far as I know. Besides, keeping up with fake news, which takes almost no time at all because all one has to do is make up stuff, makes it impossible to do the usual research.

          • Fair question for you, Frank and anyone who runs blogs. It’s obvious that both you and frank are vested in what you blog about. So Amway is personal with you. NXVIM is personal with Frank. So there is s visceral component to the respective stories. So. Yes both of you put emotion into it. And it shows.

            But yes that question is something I would ask anyone. As with any and all news and blog sources we all have to question our sources. Take into account what drives them. Consider the source at all turns. Fact check everything.

  • After Nancy first met Keith and spent time with him, she told everyone who listened that Keith was crazy. She said Keith was a sociopath. That Keith was trying to manipulate her. That she wasn’t falling for it. This went on for a couple weeks or so.

    However, it reminds me of when a girl meets a “Bad Boy” and talks about how she doesn’t like him because of his tattoos, drug usage, loud motorcycle, participation in bar fights, his time spent in jail, how he sleeps around, has STDs, and how her parents hate him. Next thing you know, the girl is tatted up, pissing fire, and clutching on to her stinky boyfriend while they hit 150mph on his stolen Harley.

  • Is it not amazing how much Hitler looks like Carlos Salinas? (or maybe the other way around)

  • LOL. This is fucking hilarious.

    One easily understandable slippery slope fallacy could have saved Nancy from this stupidity (presuming this story is true of course).

    I wonder who the poor, unfortunate soul was in a past life to be reborn as VanFraud now that he is suffering from Karmic justice? Who will be the poor, unfortunate soul in the future who will be told that he is Keith Alan “VanFraud” Raniere reborn?

    Oh the tangled webs people weave with their own utter stupidity.

  • This is the real Scott Johnson. Ben Szemkus just posted proof of that party, and it did happen. Lyin’ Larry Shea and Fondlin’ Frank Parlato are in deep shit now, and Ben says he’s going to sue the asses of them. Here’s a link to the proof

  • Perhaps Nancy can get it right during her 3rd try. This is an obvious manipulative story to condition people to follow what Raniere says immediately, which suspends the thought process. The same thing occurs with all kinds of other cults and scams, including….. LOL

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