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Laura Darby – a few notes on Knox Woods and its NXIVM folks

By Laura Darby

I went up Oregon Trail from Nancy’s home at 3 Oregon.  The silver Nissan that has been there for some time was not there when I drove by yesterday.

Edgar Boone’s house was quiet but the lawn was recently mowed.

At 21 Oregon Trail — – the last known residence in the Albany area of Keith Alan Raniere – has yellow barricade tape across the front door and two wheelbarrows pulled up to the front door steps……  I will try to get a picture tomorrow — I wonder where the bodies or evidence is buried?
A vehicle that looked like a Mercedes (not Karen Unterreiner’s) was pulled up to the back garage of Lauren Salzman’s home on Lape.
Karen U must have returned home to 3 Flintlock – at least for a visit. The shade where the U-Haul box was visible had been drawn. The shades are up now and what looks like a plastic storage container is now in the window.

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  • Thank you, Laura, and apologies on behalf of all the morons you have to put up with in the comments.

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    • Yes that is a camera. someone is watching from their mobile phone app somewhere . probably waiting for the feds to show up, then will make themselves scarce.

    • Believe me I know what a camera looks like all the NXIVM homes had them outside pointed down on their doors. This is clear plastic bin with what looks like personal belongings or clothing in it. If the window shade is still up I will try to get a picture.

        • That picture with the camera on top of the UHAUL box is over two weeks old and a photo Frank recycled. The Uhaul box is no longer in the window. It has been replaced by a plastic container with no camera on top. I hope this filters thru your ears and into your brain.

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  • Thank you, Laura, for being a set of eyes on the ground! Be safe up there – these people could potentially turn dangerous, especially if they think a long jail sentence is in their near future!

  • Thank you for your up dates. Hopefully soon we will see a lot of black SUV’s taking people away in handcuffs.

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