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Laura Darby – a few notes on Knox Woods and its NXIVM folks

By Laura Darby

I went up Oregon Trail from Nancy’s home at 3 Oregon.  The silver Nissan that has been there for some time was not there when I drove by yesterday.

Edgar Boone’s house was quiet but the lawn was recently mowed.

At 21 Oregon Trail — – the last known residence in the Albany area of Keith Alan Raniere – has yellow barricade tape across the front door and two wheelbarrows pulled up to the front door steps……  I will try to get a picture tomorrow — I wonder where the bodies or evidence is buried?
A vehicle that looked like a Mercedes (not Karen Unterreiner’s) was pulled up to the back garage of Lauren Salzman’s home on Lape.
Karen U must have returned home to 3 Flintlock – at least for a visit. The shade where the U-Haul box was visible had been drawn. The shades are up now and what looks like a plastic storage container is now in the window.

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