With the release of 19 highly redacted pages from the Carter Page FISA warrant, there is one thing that is CRUCIAL, indisputable and what we suspected all along. James Comey, Peter Strzok ,Rod Rosenstein and every other DOJ employee who signed off on the FISA warrant and renewals, withheld vital evidence from the FISA court and did it intentionally, with malice aforethought, period!

They all knew that Hillary Clinton owned the DNC, and controlled all the DNC money by a signed contract. They all knew that her money paid for the Steele Dossier through Fusion GPS that Clinton hired. They all knew that the Steele Dossier was “unverified, solicitous” and completely inaccurate, and withheld that information from the FISA court, intentionally.

In my opinion, as a participant in several Title 3 wiretap applications and as an Affiant in all, I can state with confidence that no Federal Judge, FISA or Title 3, would issue a wiretap warrant on CARTER PAGE, A US CITIZEN, if they were aware of the withheld evidence, as stated above!!!  ASK ANY FEDERAL JUDGE FOR HIS PERSONAL OPINION!

I don’t know who Peter Strzok thinks he’s fooling but he isn’t fooling anyone who is or was involved in any Criminal Federal investigations where Search and Seizure warrants were obtained. The Rules, Regulations, and Laws are crystal clear… the Agents/prosecutors  ALL know that to violate any is “certain death” to a career and probably would result in total bankruptcy for attorney fees. They won’t go along with what Strzok, Rosenstein, Comey and the others perpetrated because they believed Clinton was a shoe-in.

What this all means is this; President Trump must suspend any DOJ employees who signed off on the warrants and swore that the information was true and accurate.

He must order that Criminal investigations be opened, by the FBI, on all those involved.

He must order that all the investigations and “MATTERS” that were touched by the same Agents be reopened and aggressively pursued.

He must suspend and close, by direct orders, the Mueller investigation, which was initiated by the same players and same Dossiers immediately;  all charges that were filed by the “mule team” be dismissed with prejudice, as fruits of the poison tree,. There is no need for the President  to wait for those whose rights were violated by the corruption,  be put through the rigors of the court system…order that the charges be dismissed by Pardons if necessary!

All that we said, wrote about and believed as well as what President Trump has been saying are turning out to be true and substantiated by the FISA documents. The President is doing his job and correcting many wrongs by taking charge and ordering that the DOJ “train” that has been derailed, be put back on track and draining the swamp!

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