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Wiser words were never spoken…my opinion. I personally want my President to be BUDS with all our enemies. If you cut off a friend or relative, you leave no doubt in their mind on how you feel about them. Maybe, in some instances that’s fine but when dealing with countries and their leaders who hate us and make that clear by words and actions and have nuclear weapons …we would be much better off if they don’t know exactly how we feel about them, have a fleet of Trident Submarines, that are so undetectable that WE can’t find them when they go dark, that are loaded with insurmountable and unstoppable nuclear warheads and understand that we would use them but… not against you, “ You’re our BUD”, or are you?

Here’s more words of wisdom that I wish the President would follow, “A good defense is a better offense”! That’s something the regressive; left wing “leaders”, where Democrat party leaders like chief Maxine Waters lead the way! Maxine, in my opinion is the smartest Democrat I have ever seen! She has her ear (or is it her rear) on the “pulse” of America’s opinion on all matters and a brilliant understanding of the laws she helps create. For example, when the President does his job and fires someone who works for him and is entrenched in corruption, she chants, without reservation, “Impeach 45”!

What a great way to teach young Americans how to deal with disagreement. Good thing we have teachers who can tell young Americans that, that’s not how our Rule of Law works. There must be a “reason” not just, “I don’t like the President”…but why would she understand that…no one ever told her, poor thing!

Another great example is the chant, “Republicans are ripping babies out of their mother’s arms…damn Republicans”! Never mind that it’s the Democrats who made it impossible to just send illegal, alien entries into our country back to from where they come! Remember Jimmy Carter? Remember, “If you set foot on American soil, we will not send you back”? Remember that? Until them we could turn them around and send them back…no more, thanks to Democrats. Now an illegal with a criminal record sets foot, for example, they can’t be sent back without a hearing that takes several years and they will never attend. So what to do…change the Immigration Laws and stop them from coming in with physical barriers. The Dems won’t do that… why …because it works and they won’t have anything to “talking point” about. Besides, look at all the votes they will lose.

You know, people who can’t speak English and are oblivious, make the best Democrat voters! If the illegal’s knew what the Democrat party is about ,they wouldn’t vote for them either! Just look at the brilliant folks they send to WDC; there’s my favorite Maxine Waters and next Nancy Pelosi, then there’s Harry Reid, Joe Biden, Barbara Boxer, Elizabeth Warren, Freakin’ Franken, Schumer, Swalwell, Booker, Ellison, Schiff-ty… and many more. These people have little understanding what the laws they make, mean. Their speaker said , and I quote, “Just sign it ( a 3,000 page health bill) we’ll find out what it says after we pass it”. Here’s another, from the former Speaker, “We won so we get to make the rules”. Really? I guess Nancy never heard about our Rule of Law, you know, “equal rights to all” and that nonsense we call the Constitution. What she was talking about is, what she and ALL her followers want, Socialist Democrat America where the winning party gives the losing party the “rights” that THEY, the winning party, want them to have, not the Rights we all have, with our Rule of Law.

Listen… that is the lexical “definition” of a Socialist Democracy. Do you really want that? Where there is no private ownership, no Bill of Rights, no Republic? That’s what the freaking Speaker of the House Pelosi said!!! You can’t make this stuff up!

All those people I mention above took an oath and swore to “protect, preserve and defend” the Constitution of the United States. There are two Islamic Muslims in that short list above who took their “oath” on the Koran which does NOT believe in the separation of church and State…how can they swear to defend the Constitution and believe in the Islamic teachings in the Koran? Someone please explain that one to me! How about the ACLU gets a hold of my lawyer, Dewey Screwum and we sue Ellison and Booker for violating their oath to protect, preserve and defend the Constitution, by taking their oath on a book of faith that calls for infidels who believe in the separation of church and state, to be beheaded?

These are the people that the President needs to fight back against…starting with DOJ, the enforcing Department of our Rule of Law that some of the Democrats in Congress don’t understand. They need the supervision that the President really can provide by getting rid of those who blatantly violate our Rule of Law, starting with Rod Rosenstein.

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