Clare Bronfman, second form right, with attorneys.
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A few words on ‘Legatus’ – Clare Bronfman – who brought me out to fight!

Clare Bronfman used her enormous wealth to destroy others – using the court system as her weapon of choice – it gave many people joy to see the courts turned to good use at last today.

And she who has the least joy loses, I believe.

According to the Albany Times Union, “Prosecutors filed a memorandum Tuesday outlining details of the alleged crimes against Bronfman. They said she conspired to commit identity theft, facilitated Raniere’s use of his deceased girlfriend’s [Pam Caftriz American Express] credit card, and led efforts to discredit Raniere’s alleged victims.”

She was a pip all right.

You’ll pardon me perhaps a moment to win through joy – for I was one of her victims. She went into a grand jury in the Western District of New York and lied about me – leading to my indictment. I always thought this was a brutal and ruthless thing to do  – after I recovered $26 million in assets for her.

Finally, it might be a little cheeky of me to mention it – but I believe I predicted this day – about a year ago – and repeated the predictions on numerous occasions on this very website.

Furthermore, I asked all of the individuals presently indicted to leave the cult – at one time or another.

I also met in person with Clare Bronfman – in the offices of Aronowicz and O’Connell – in the presence of her attorney William Savino – and suggested that she not go after me – for after all – I had done her only good.

Clare ignored my good efforts to help her again.

Attorney Steve Pigeon and Clare’s attorney John Bartolomei advised Clare and Keith Raniere that they should not go after me – for I would fight back.

The message Pigeon got back from Keith is that he “was afraid of Frank Parlato.”

Pigeon said, “No I’m not afraid of Frank Parlato – you should be afraid.”

He was ignored, of course – for who was I against the all powerful Vanguard [backed with Bronfman wealth]..

Finally I tried to reach out to Keith before I was indicted and asked him not to go after me – for I would not simply fight in court – I would fight with the pen. This was before I knew about the branding.

He scoffed at the idea of me being able to puncture his brilliance. He was arrogant.

I said to Keith “you hired me as your publicist – then you fired me unjustly. I tried to work it out with you. You declined. But the good news is that I am not quitting as your publicist. I will continue to work to make you famous. You and Clare.”

Many helped us to achieve this day – Toni Natalie, Barbara Bouchey, Susan Dones, Joe O’Hara, Catherine Oxenberg, Mark Vicente, Sarah Edmondson and many others. I thank you all. It could not and would not have been done without all of your help and the help of the media.

But in my own little way, I am proud because I fulfilled the task for Keith and Clare.  I helped get them more publicity than they ever had in their lives.

That’s what they hired me for.



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  • If Keith R. was so “brilliant” and a “genius,” how did he lose $66-million in the commodities market?

    I’m a lowly fine arts major who knows to 1) walk away from a blackjack table when I’m up fifty bucks and 2) hello, it’s the COMMODITIES market where returns are historically FLAT. Any person who can 1) read and 2) look a line graph on a prospectus and see that the line doesn’t go UP can synthesize this.

    If proven guilty, Ms. Daddy’s-Money should be locked away for being wretched AND stupid.

  • Now onto the the Ramtha Cult please.
    They may have not done branding but they are money sucking and soul sucking just like NXINM.
    Besides let’s not forget that there were core of people in NMXIN that were involved in the Ramtha cult priorly and some of these people helped NXIMN to get it to where it was once the branding, money laundering and sex trafficking started.
    Hope the authorities go after more corporate cults and religious cults now.
    The wheels of justice work slow to dismantle Scientology, but hopefully Leah Remini can take care of that more quickly now that she is involved.
    There are quite a few extreme sects out there right now that need to be shut down but thanks to the powers at be that closed up this pyramid scheme type of cult like NXNM

  • You gave them plenty of opportunity to change their course of action, which is why today, particularly, you must be relishing developments.

    LEs generally don’t like to give credit to members of the public who have a hand in bringing people to justice, especially if they could be considered part of the media. But you know Frank. And so do we.

  • Justiice been served so far in the US,,,What about Emi Salinas, A. Betancourt and the Edgar and Omar Boone they have been doing so much harm to many pepole in Mexico too, we need justice from US courts.

  • Congratulations, Frank.

    I hope you are thoroughly enjoying this day, and more good news tomorrow.

    I look forward to reading about the goings on in western NY being dismissed with prejudice very soon.

    Also, thanks for crediting the people who have contributed. Even if they did bad while in NXIVM, I think it is important we give people the opportunity to grow and their coming forward and actively speaking out against what has gone on seems to show that they have.

  • Bravo! You made them all kinds of famous. Especially Clare who enabled all of it with her wealth.

  • Frank is probably enjoying some popcorn right now watching this, champagne on verdict day 😉

  • There are other names that don’t seem to be discussed on Frank Report. Siohban Hotaling, Juliana Vicente and Olivia Cheng for example.

    • Siobahn Hotaling comes up fairly regularly, and several of us contribute to that whenever possible.

      Search the articles. Juliana Vicente has come up, and so has Olivia Cheng.

      If you have specific information about either of them, you are welcome to share it.

      • Is Siohban Hotaling being investigated? She has been accused of Canada-US border money laundering. Same with Juliana Vicente and money laundering from Mexico to the US. What about Olivia Cheng fronting One Asian, a NXIVM shell company?

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