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Bronfman retains NYC super criminal trial lawyer Susan Necheles

Led to the slaughter by her Arizona Mafia lawyer Dennis Burke – Clare Bronfman is now indicted and facing 20 years for Racketeering and other crimes. Emiliano Salinas has not yet been charged.

Bronfman has now retained white collar criminal lawyer Susan R. Necheles for her trial. Burke remains behind the scenes using his influence to ostensibly defend Clare while insuring that Emiliano is not charged – which is Burke’s primary objective.

Necheles is an experienced criminal trial lawyer.  In 2013, the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers named her outstanding practitioner of the year for her “extraordinary and dedicated efforts on behalf of the accused.”

She obtained acquittals at trial for defendants charged with health care fraud, securities fraud, perjury, commercial bribery, and charges of sexual misconduct.  Necheles previously worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Kings County.

None of this will avail Clare Bronfman – for she is as guilty as sin. The fact that Clare was indicted – and now faces 20 years – suggests the DOJ is not going to back off on her and give her a light plea deal.

She is now target #1. Why?  Because she has the most assets to seize.

And all the money she has avails her nothing now. In fact it works against her.

So there is justice after all.


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  • You’re a hero Frank. Thank you for standing up to these elitist monsters at enormous personal cost.

  • A bit late to do a plea deal for Clare Bear.

    • This round of arrests, I don’t think there will be any plea deals, at all.

      Those will be reserved for smaller players, and I would not expect anybody to get a plea deal that doesn’t involve serving at least some time.

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