Clare Bronfman was once heavier as this 2009 picture indicates.
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Clare Bronfman released on $100 million bail – house arrest, ankle monitor and no contact with Nxivm members

In Brooklyn, Clare Bronfman’s attorney entered a not guilty plea on behalf of her client.

Federal Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis released Bronfman on a $100 million bond with home detention and electronic monitoring (ankle bracelet).

Bronfman is due back in court on Wednesday (tomorrow) for a status conference with her co-defendants before Judge Garaufis at 2 p.m.

In Albany, the three defendants entered not guilty pleas to the superseding indictment.

Magistrate Judge Stewart agreed to release Kathy Russell on a $25,000 bond; and the Salzmans mother and daughter each on $5 million bonds.

My latest information is that Russell and Lauren Salzman have not met all the conditions of their bonds and may not be released today. That means they spend the night in prison.

Russell – based on what she is charged with and federal guidelines – faces 3 years in prison.

Russell and Lauren Salzman appeared in court in shackles and Russell was handcuffed in front. Nancy Salzman walked in to court on her own volition – without handcuffs.

Clare Bronfman was arrested earlier today – and was handcuffed..

As of right the only one who is Bronfman. The other three are in still in federal custody. Nancy is expected to be released today. But even the Prefect may have to spend the night in jail – if so they may all have to undergo full body searches.


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  • Nuts!

    The shackles are two pairs of cuffs and chains. Your ankles are cuffed. Then your hands are cuffed.

    Lastly, there is a chain that goes around your waist, and your handcuffs are chained to the waist chain. So you cannot raise your hands fully or touch your face.

    All for what? For Keith Raniere? The broken Messiah of a fcked up religion that teaches ethics???

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