Master Raniere with his Prefect, Nancy Salzman.
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Nancy Salzman – granted $5 million bail – tells court she is facing life threatening illness

The superseding indictment charging Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Clare Bronfman and Kathy Russell – along with Keith Raniere and Allison Mack of running a criminal racketeering enterprise – that enjoyed money laundering, extortion, sex trafficking and obstruction of justice – as part of its operations – has now seen the new defendants all appear before judges in Albany and Brooklyn.

The two Salzmans – mother Nancy and daughter Lauren – were arrested and handcuffed – along with poor little Kathy Russell – their witless bookkeeper of many years.

Clare Bronfman was also taken into custody by federal agents in New York City. We are awaiting word from our correspondents at the scene.

The story of the arrests was broken first by the media outlet that has probably broken the most stories about NXIVM [with the possible exception of the Frank Report] the Albany Times Union.

Russell was first to appear – before U.S. Magistrate Daniel Stewart in Albany today.  She would have been released on  $25,000 cash bail. Her attorney said she had no access to cash.   Federal prosecutors had asked for $50,000.

She remains in custody at last report. This is another example of the efficacy of Executive Success Programs -Russell has worked for NXIVM 0- and took the Executive Success Program courses – for some 17 years – and could not come up with even a modest bail.

Lauren Salzman’s grandparents — traveling from New Jersey today  — agreed to pay $50,000 cash against a $5 million bond. If the money is delivered Lauren will get bail. Her mom, Nancy Salzman will be released pending the signing of a $5 million surety bond that will be signed by her parents and her friend, Capital Region resident David Messing.

Within 10 days, Nancy will have to provide authorities with information on eight properties she owns that have a combined estimated value of $1 million.

The mother and daughter Salzmans will be allowed to maintain contact with each other, the judge said, because Lauren is helping care for her mother, who is facing what he termed a life-threatening medical condition.

Frank Report revealed last summer that Nancy had told friends she had cancer.

The Salzmans will appear in federal court tomorrow alongside their Vanguard – and Allison Mack – at 2 p.m. in Brooklyn.

Bronfman was scheduled to make her court appearance at 3 p.m. today in Brooklyn.

Raniere, 57, has been denied bail and Mack is free on home arrest, an ankle monitor and $5 million bail; she lives with her parents in Orange County California  – although she is expected to be in Brooklyn tomorrow – joining her Vanguard, her Prefect, [Nancy Salzman,] her fellow slave, Lauren Salzman and the stooge, Kathy Russell.

Poor Kathy – so many times I tried to warn her to leave – and cut a deal. She was defiant and now sits in custody.

The fate of Karen Unterreiner, Karen Abney, Emiliano Salinas, Alejandro Betancourt, James Del Negro and a host of others – hangs in the balance. More arrests are possible.

But poor Kathy Russell – such a low level member . Maybe she is proud to be thought of so highly to be arrested in the same batch as Prefect and Clare Bronfman.

Kathy was best at keeping double sets of books. Keith kept her at a low salary and often made fun of her to the others. She was the butt of many of his jokes.

He told Kathy that if she followed his teachings carefully – and paid for all the courses – and worked at low wages – to heal her ethical breaches – she could become a star ballerina – her dream – she would become a world famous Prima Donna.

Problem is she is 60 years old.

Viva Executive Success!


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  • hahhaha! 17 years of working for NXIVM an taking Executive failure programs and can’t muster up a few grand, fucking hilarious! Sounds much like other NXIVM members I know.

    • I was just explaining to my husband that there are probably 10 people or less who really made a big profit on this.

      Sarah Edmonston likely made a small fortune. She is already a witness, and will, hopefully, have been smart enough to settle her issues with Canada Revenue and the IRS as part of that process.
      Mark Vicente, as well. Same situation as Sarah Edmonston.
      Keith Raniere, but he kept things in other peoples’ accounts except for cryptocurrencies.
      Nancy Salzman, who made so much she accidentally overlooked 500K in a shoebox.
      Lauren Salzman was likely just as comfortable as her mother, along with her sister Michelle.
      Alex Betancourt and Emi Salinas did quite well with Mexico along with whatever other monkey business may have been going on with their “currency exchange” and their “capital fund”.
      The Boones probably did pretty well, too. That’s about it.

      That is it. Everybody else is broke. Rosa Laura Junco cut off from her father’s fortunes. The Bronfmans have lost fortunes, even if they still have ten times that to lose.

      Everybody was kept broke on purpose. I think keeping them hungry was supposed to be part of keeping them loyal. Most of them have zero career prospects outside of the organisation.

      Ben Meyers can get a tech job, but name any other long-term Nexian who has something to go to. They are ferhoodled.

  • Who is this David Messing willing to help with bail? Now we know why she was emptying out house over the weekend.
    She probably was aware of indictment from her attorney.

    • Keith actually allows Nancy to keep a male friend???? Bet Vanguard thinks that rat bastard is a leveler & shifter, huh Nancy? I feel for you, Nancy & Lauren, but you can’t say we didn’t warn you.

  • So if Nancy Salzman has a “life-threatening” illness, how exactly was she planning on following through on her guarantee of six months of once a week coaching for the low, low price of 60,000$US cash upfront ?

    And, how exactly was Lauren taking care of her hanging out in Mexico with Raniere or hanging out in Brooklyn to be close to him in jail ?

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