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On day sister is indicted, Sara Bronfman Tweets about Lucy from Peanuts

I knew this was coming. But on the day Clare Bronfman was indicted her sister Sara Bronfman was busy tweeting about child education, Nelson Mandela and of course, Lucy from the comic strip Peanuts. But not a word about her sister or her master Keith Raniere.


  1. So important! By being mindful of the emotions we invoke in our students, we can turn otherwise dull lesson plans into colorful, memorable ones.

  2. LOVE! “Cultivating empathy is low on child-rearing to-do lists.(When is the last time you saw a bumper sticker that said PROUD PARENTS OF A KIND KID?)But we must make it a priority-at stake is everywhere we hope for in our kids’ future.”

  3. So sweet & yes, our elders hold so much <3 Lucy from Peanuts reminds everyone about the wisdom of elder women in this comic from 1976!

  4. Wisdom! Panicking about the emotional pain we’re experiencing can prevent us from finding a semblance of calm, as it prevents acceptance. The answer is not to numb ourselves from pain, but to feel it and be okay with feeling it.

  5. Indeed “Honour belongs to those who never forsake the truth even when things seem dark & grim, who try over & over again, who are never discouraged by insults, humiliation & even defeat”

  6. Indeed! 😉 Transformational teachers: ?? Share best practices ?? Build mentoring relationships ?? Observe their peers ?? Keep things fresh ?? Model their subject’s usefulness ?? Demonstrate caring beyond what they teach

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  • Sylvie Lloyd isn’t arrested… yet…

    And if she were, Sara would likely find someone else to take over her social media.

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