The great Vanguard not only stripped Clare Bronfman of scores of millions of dollars, and got her indicted but he made her wear a jockstrap too.
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Photo Essay: She who has the most joy wins – and pictures prove it – for Clare Bronfman

Now as a special treat for those who love to win by having the most joy – here are a series of pictures – of Clare – going into court – when she was the attacker – and leaving court  – after having been indicted and released on $100 million bail.

See if you can guess which pictures she has the least joy.

The first photos are courtesy of the Albany Times Union.

Here the vicious one is headed to court to destroy an enemy. The dark glasses perhaps disguise the thrill of joy she feels – but the slightly upturned, rather Mona Lisa smile – gives it away.

Here the smile is more pronounced and the joy is palpable. Clare is headed into court where she has a million times more money than her enemy – a nice advantage and one sure to induce joy in one such as Clare.


Again the winsome lady fairly gambols into court with her attorney – the joyful William Savino – see the joy in every atom of her being.

As she gets closer to the court room Clare Bronfman seems to be galloping like a thoroughbred horse competing for the joy of ruining the life of an innocent victim. What wonderful joy she was undoubtedly feeling at this precious moment.

Bonus picture: Here Clare – in another court – with other attorneys – salivates for the kill. Look at that joyful face.

Below Clare today leaving court

Now here is the proof of the law of Karma.

Clare Bronfman – on the other end of the court system. And she does not have more money the US government.

Gone is the Mona Lisa smile – gone the light stepping lassie – she walks as one doomed.

New York Times contributor Vanessa Grigoriadis wrote a highly supportive story about NXIVM, Clare and Keith Raniere.

She wrote, “When I asked Raniere about his relationship with Clare Bronfman, he said only that she’s ‘so supportive, so pure.’”

Reality setting in for Clare Bronfman- it is not “he who has the most joy wins” – but rather “she who gives the most joy wins.”

Too smart too late.

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