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Laura Darby: Some neighborly thoughts on Nancy Salzman and co.

By Laura Darby
The next few days of court hearings will be interesting, to say the least.
Yesterday, l was ready to get videos of local arrests but, as was discussed, I am pretty sure the Salzmans turned themselves in. And I don’t think I have ever seen a picture of Kathy Russell. Would love to see her arrest shot to see if I recognize her.
There were no sirens or fleet of government vehicles racing thru Knox Woods or Stage Run Plantation. Kind of a letdown but the important raids had already happened and the right people interviewed.
It looked like the Salzmans were already inside the courthouse when the media arrived – since I saw no footage of them being arrested. Ayla Ferrone of News 10 reported from the steps of the courthouse and used photos of Nancy, but had none of Lauren or Kathy.
As for Nancy and her life-threatening illness: First, she had cancer – she is said to have told friends at V-Week 2017, which was reported in Frank Report. Then someone said she was lying and crying wolf in a post on Frank Report. So what is to be believed?
For the last few weeks prior to the arrest, Nancy was spotted leaving early every day from the Raleigh/Wilton cul-de-sac. She often came back late at night.
As for Nancy’s $1 million in [eight] properties:  That’s $125,000 per property and the cheapest homes in the area are more than that. I suspect she listed them at the purchase price and their values are understated – unless some are empty lots.
I suspect that laundered money was funneled into real estate. There is no way in hell that Monica Duran, who had no income outside of NXIVM, could afford her $200,000 plus condo on Minuteman. Same for Loreta Garza’s $600,000 home over in Farmview.
It was said to be ‘fake news’ about Keith Raniere admitting he invested in Bitcoin on Reddit.  But could they have funneled money into crypto-currencies?  Rational Inquiring minds want to know.

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  • Nancy’s elderly parents live in Cranford, New Jersey. I wonder if she and Lauren spent the night there. The accommodations at the Cranford residence are very spartan.

    • Yet somehow they can magically produce 100,000$ cash overnight, and be able to guarantee 5M$ for Lauren.
      How magical.

      • Unless things have changed recently, Nancy’s parents did not benefit from their daughter’s “alleged” criminal activities. The Cranford, NJ house is somewhat dilapidated.

  • The role of Dr. Porter in all of this seems to present important questions that may hold the keys to something much darker. Does anyone believe the “human fright experiments” were random or for an unspecified purpose? There was a reason for those experiments. Where were the results sent? Who wants to know the reactions of American women to Mexican beheading videos? What are they planning?

    • Neither Doctor Porter nor Doctor Danielle Roberts have been mentioned yet.
      Perhaps they will be included in the next round of indictments when Nicki and India and Rosa Laura Junco get tagged.

      • Yes, Dr. Danielle Roberts especially needs to face full accountability for being the medical professional responsible for the branding. “First do no harm” should have been her credo and instead she listened to and participated in DOS.

  • Laura – do we know if the Salzmans spent the night in jail? And what time is the court hearing today?

  • Laura, you’ve been a gem. And, I’m not near the Albany area, but I’ve watched some of Ayla Ferrone’s reporting. She deserves an Emmy for investigative journalism.

    One of the things I’ve been most curious about (that no one else seems to care about), is some footage that Ayla Ferrone included in one of her stories that made it into the Ch. 10 website version of her report, but wasn’t on air. She and her photographer caught Dr. Porter with his car backed up to his garage and he was filling his trunk with boxes of files (they were file boxes). This seems really vital to me from an investigator’s perspective — where was he going with all those files? I don’t think it was to the FBI.

  • A $200,000 condo would have a mortagage if less than $1000, combine that with renting one of the rooms to someone else i.e an Airbnb kind of thing and it’s very easily affordable.

  • If the feds nabbed any computers with bitcoin wallets and such, they would have access to whatever crytpocurrency he had.
    They can also be carried on USB, so perhaps he could have hidden one with someone.
    It is literally impossible for them to have spent everything they bilked both the Bronfmans and intensive attendees for with just the meager lifestyle they pretended to have.

    Thank you for your update, as always, Laura. Have a great afternoon.

  • Do you think Nancy will be staying with Lauren on Lape Rd during their house arrest so Lauren can take care of her “ailing” mother? Since you were pretty certain she’s moved out of 3 Oregon Trail.

    • According to one story, Lauren’s grandparents were coming in from New Jersey to make bail for her. The grandparents live in Cranston, NJ in a vary spartan house.

  • Tune in to my radio show on 87.9 FM, weekdays at 5 am.

    I’ll be discussing the Clinton-UFO conspiracy, alien abduction, and how the Reptillians are secretly running AMWAY to fund their invasion. LOL.

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