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Wealth hath its privileges in Fed Court – None of new defendants made bail yesterday – guess who did not spend the night in jail?

According to a courtroom source – Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, and Kathy Russell spent the night in jail yesterday following their arrest in the Federal NXIVM crime prosecution.

None of the ladies could get their bail package together in time to be released.  So off they went from the Marshall’s custody to the County jail for the night.

In Brooklyn – another defendant – Clare Bronfman – was also unable to get her bail package together. But, unlike Nancy, Lauren and Kathy – Clare was allowed to walk out of court – given until Friday to get her bail package together.

Nancy and Lauren have family and friends – who together will likely muster the $100,000 [combined] they need to post in cash. It’s not very much really – yet they could not be released  – on their word – and given a day to come up with bail money they assured the court was forthcoming from family and a friend.

Poor Kathy Russell – all she needed was someone to come up with a mere $2,500 – but she was sent to a cage – with the understanding that she might stay there until trial – for want of $2,500.

Clare Bronfman was tens of millions shy of making her bail – and has to depend on her sister coming from France and finding another non-NXIVM co-guarantor – for her $100 million bail. She was not inconvenienced with a night in jail.

In this instance, we see a woman – alleged to be equally – if not more – guilty than the other defendants – treated disparately.

Nancy, Lauren, and Kathy spent the night in jail – on a hard bed – and awoke to prison breakfast – and the requirement to be in Brooklyn Court today – fresh before the judge, the prosecutors, and the eyes of the world.

Clare went home to her luxury apartment. She will arrive to court escorted by her attorneys.  Kathy, and possibly Nancy and Lauren, will likely arrive in custody – in handcuffs and shackles.

For my own part, I keep thinking of Kathy Russell – a 60-year-old woman – who wanted to be a ballerina – listening to Keith Raniere – following the orders of Clare Bronfman and others – languishing in a prison cell – for lack of ability to raise $2,500.

Clare probably paid more than $2,500 for her attorneys appearance at her bail hearing.

In the coming prosecution, I suspect we will see instances of favoritism for Clare Bronfman.  There are many who say she will not have to endure a single day of prison.  I think we have an interesting opportunity to watch the US justice system at work. Apropos of that, I wonder, who will ultimately spend more time in prison – the low level bookkeeper Kathy Russell or her chieftain, Clare?






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  • Clare Bronfman should be made to pay for her privileges by being squeezed until she starts singing.

    Start telling us what you know about the Salinas crime family in Mexico and money laundering.
    Are the Salinas gangsters involved in laundering money for the various Mexican drug cartels?
    Start telling us what your sister Sara and her Libyan brother in law are planning in Libya.

    You were spending 10,000 dollars per week for a Puerto Vallarta villa for Keith Raniere to hide out in.
    What was going on in that villa?
    Why were Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, Laura Salzman and Loretta Garza in that villa the morning Raniere was arrested by the Mexican Federales?
    Were Allison Mack and her “Bad Ass Women Warriors” planning some kind of operation?
    Were Allison Mack planning to lure NXIVM cult defectors down to Puerto Vallarta to be kidnapped and killed by corrupt Mexican cops?

  • It’d be nice if one of these other 3 lunatics would drop the $2500 for poor Kathy. After all the crap she did for them, it’s the least they can do.

  • Clare spent years victimizing and torturing those who threatened to Vanguard and she did so primarily by abusing the courts, initiating lengthy, extensive and expensive lawsuits against them wherein she was allowed to lie and provide false data to law enforcement and judges who accepted cash and other bribes behind the scenes- I.e., she was/is given “special treatment” by providing money and the cream of DOS sex slaves – offered on demand. I hope she burns in hell, this horrible, evil witch.

  • He can’t be cheap.
    Who retained him for Kathy Russell to try to make sure she doesn’t talk even though everybody else except her can afford to get out on bail?

  • Actually the jailhouse accommodations are nicer and newer than spending the night at her grandparents in Cranford, NJ.

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