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Clare Bronfman makes $100 million bail – Basit Igtet and mother Rita Georgia Webb -Bronfman sign bond for teary eyed heiress

Basit Igtet – husband of Sara Bronfman and Georgia Webb-Bronfman – Clare and Sara’s mother, signed the bail bond today for Clare Bronfman. It is a $100 million bond.

Clare was released on the conditions that she remains under home confinement in her luxury New York City apartment, wear an ankle monitor – and – for the time being at least – she cannot speak with any NXIVM members other than family members. Both her sister, Sara Bronfman and husband, Basit Igtet are members of NXIVM.

For whatever reason, Clare’s sister, Sara Bronfman-Igtet did not appear – possibly because she dare not enter the jurisdiction. She lives in France. The court was told Sara is a nursing mother and it would be too difficult for her to travel – so she sent her husband.

In response to her attorney asking for Clare to be able to speak to other NXIVM members, Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza objected.

The judge said he would consider requests by Clare on an individual basis to speak to other NXIVM members. The judge gave leave to Clare’s attorney to make a motion in the future for Clare to be able to speak with specific NXIVM members.

Clare’s lawyer told the court previously that NXIVM members are like part of her family.

When the judge called on Clare’s mother and brother-in-law, Basit Igtet, to state on the record that they understood they were on the hook for $100 million, Clare broke out into tears.

When they both pledged $50 million – and declared they understood it would be lost – and they would be held liable – if the heiress slipped away – Clare’s tears fell like rain.

When Basit cleared his voice and said in his deep Libyan accent that he understood what he was doing for Clare, and expressed by his words and manners that he was confident there was the moral suasion for her not to flee, but to remain and stand trial, Clare’s checks were wet and red. In the glare of the overhead light they fairly sparkled with silver light for those who witnessed her sorrowful demeanor – although at least one observer called them “crocodile tears.”

Afterward she left the court with her mother and Basit, and ironically the three of them ran into three of Clare’s victims -Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, [grandmother of India Oxenberg,] Catherine Oxenberg, [India’s mother] and Toni Natalie.  One can only imagine the tension of that moment.

The two parties however said nothing to each other.

Because the heiress went first – as is appropriate for her wealth – the hearings for the two lesser lights – Lauren Salzman and Kathy Russell were postponed until the afternoon. At the moment they wait in handcuffs and shackles for the court to have lunch.

Clare left the court and should be at home now in her comfortable luxury apartment – with its courtyard, sunning area, master bedroom suite and lavish kitchen.





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  • So is 50 million worth the price of freedom for their sister, sister in law and daughter?

    That is pocket change for the airheads that have already lost more than that with this crazy cult. It’s less than VanScumPoo lost in his gambling with their money.

    Now the question is, will see stay around and stand before the court on charges she is facing or run to a country the US can’t reach her.

    So happy she cried over this shit. I hope this keeps her awake at night like so many of us have had to due because she came after us.

  • not at all. Nice touch that Scarecrow was moved to tears but that’s it. Wonder how Lauren and Kathy are faring?

  • Sara could have slipped the money to mom, how vigilant are the courts in these situations?

  • Would the loss of 50 million actually hurt either family member, serious ? Is their mother able to afford this? If so this bail is a joke. What is Keith feeling right now? I suppose it benefits him to have someone on the outside who makes sure he doesn’t go without whatever privaliges jail allowed a pervert awaiting his guilty plea.

  • Oh my Yahweh! I bet NANCY IS FUMING!!!!

    Scarecrow makes bail (with Sarr-ah nowhere to be found) and can now chill in her Brooklyn penthouse. Order room service, maid service, massages, food, anything money can buy. But Lauren Salzman had to spend two days in jail! roflmao

    I would say Nancy Salzman is the one who jumps ship. She never liked Clare but she loved Clare’s $$$$. Now, she has more reasons to hold a grudge towards Clare and act on it.

    I told you Sara was still in France! You think she’s going to willingly come to the USA? Hello Roman Polanski. No way, No how.

    There might be an INTERPOL arrest warrant or bounty on Sara later on.

    • FN: “In her Brooklyn penthouse. Order room service, maid service, massages, food, anything money can buy.”

      How can it be that the person who funded all of this is the one released to the lap of luxury? In terms of witness intimidation, she is likely more dangerous than Keith. She is a worse flight risk than even he. She funded: terroristic, punitive civil litigation; money laundering; human branding; human fright experiments, forced labor; false imprisonment, and possibly sex trafficking – plus God knows what I’ve forgotten.

      She belongs right beside Keith.

  • What does it matter to two people, who don’t even live at the US and one of whom is a NXIVM member, whether Clare racks up a 100M$ bill in their names?

    I don’t see how that is any moral suasion whatsoever.

    Interesting that Sara is too scared to set foot in the US.

    • I also don’t believe either one of those two have 50M USD of their own.

      The former help doesn’t have anything that she doesn’t get from a husband, and her latest one is just a low-level UK actor.

      Basit may have a small trust fund of his own, but he married extremely well, and if Sara has two brain cells to rub together in her head (questionable, but still) she should have signed a prenup.

      • She had to give him some major power over her finances to pull this off

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