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Raniere’s attorney speak up – call people who claim Raniere hurt them ‘crazy’, ‘wrong’, ‘not that many’

Channel 10 Albany posted their report of Wednesday’s court hearing:

Perhaps most interesting is how Keith Raniere’s lawyers express their confidence that Raniere’s is innocent.

One of his attorneys, Paul Derohannesian said, “We feel really good I think so does Keith and we were just talking about this yesterday and today how good our client feels and how good we feel about it right now.”

The lawyers said there are many more people who have been helped by Raniere and his groups than those who think they have been hurt by him.

Of those who claim Raniere hurt them, his attorney, Marc Agnifilo said, “They’re crazy. That’s my answer.”

DerOhannesian said of NXIVM critics. “They’re wrong and there are not that many.”

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  • Is there a way for people who got ripped off by ESP / NXIVM / Keith Raniere / Nancy Salzman to express themselves to the judge? The only reason KR can tell his liars, oops I mean, lawyers that he did so much good and hurt so few, is because he is/was an insulated sociopath. Nancy Salzman was his brainwashed insulator. I only lost around $3,000. Many, many others lost far more if not everything including their homes and/or marriages in some cases. The only reason so few of us suckers rise to the level of say Barbara Bushey who lost everything so publicly is because we weren’t wealthy in the first place. Keith Raniere belongs on the top shelf in the con man Hall of Fame.

  • This is rich. The lawyer representing the sociopath who thinks he’s a living god, has told women that he can stand in the rain without getting wet, lies about being a genius, Judo champ, sprinter, when he could speak full sentences, read, and do college level mathematics, etc., is calling *other people* crazy.

    Put the fucking crack pipe down.

  • One victim is one too many. What a ridiculous comment for an attorney to make that more were helped then harmed. These are the great VANGUARDS attorneys?

  • I’d like to add to my below comment:

    Calling Raniere and NXIVM’s victims crazy, is a form of gaslighting.

    • Toni Natalie was all over it when the media asked her what How she felt about Keith’s attorneys calling her crazy. She basically said, run it i want everyone to see what he does to his victims.

    • It’s a type of gaslighting. When they say that the victims are crazy they cast doubt on the credibility of the victim, in the publics eye, and it also causes the victim to doubt their own perceptions.
      It’s not surprising that abusive and unethical lawyers would agree to represent Keith.

  • Thank you for posting this, Frank.

    Even if there are people who were helped by NXIVM, that doesn’t negate what the whistleblowers are saying. It only shows us that a group that professes noble intentions can be rotten at its core.

    I got a strong feeling of “me too” from the attorney’s smug comment “They’re crazy!” Don’t get me wrong, I know that both men and women were threatened and harmed greatly by Raniere and NXIVM. But the sex crimes and branding were done to female victims. And I feel it is most often women who get labeled as crazy when they make allegations of abuse. Does anyone else feel that his insult was a coded sexist reference? A sort of mirror of Keith’s ideas about women? I’d be interested to hear other reactions.

  • Of course his lawyer is going to put out the bullshit about him “helping” people and being this great “ethical” guy to maintain the fake image VanDouche created for himself, except his lawyer doesn’t actually believe it. It is/was the same with VanDouche’s followers, except they (or most of them) did actually believe it.

  • If that pepole is crazy; is just becouse K. Raniere has been…through its teachings for so many years…and undécima its influencie.

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