Lauren Salzman wants to go with her mother Nancy and sister Michelle Salzman Myers to visit Nancy's parents.
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Arizona Mafia and NXIVM– Lauren Salzman’s criminal attorneys are from Arizona

This is peculiar: Lauren Salzman is being represented by two lawyers in her criminal case – Hector Diaz and James L. Burke – and both of them are from Arizona.

I have previously reported that Clare Bronfman retained Arizona lawyer Dennis Burke.

Dennis Burke is connected to the Carlos Salinas organization and considered a top member of the Arizona Mafia.

I also speculated that Dennis’ first consideration in representing Clare would not be to protect Clare but to protect Emiliano Salinas – and if need be he would trade an indictment of Clare to spare Emiliano being charged if he could so arrange it behind the scenes.

Clare has been indicted – Emiliano remains unscathed so far.

But why does Lauren have Arizona attorneys? Because Lauren’s two Arizona lawyers are not licensed to practice in New York they had to make a special application {Pro hac vice] to represent Lauren in New York.

Of course Burke is a fairly common name – perhaps even in Arizona – but could it be more than a coincidence that Clare has a Dennis Burke from Arizona [a staunch Salinas ally] and Lauren has a James Burke – also from Arizona.

Lauren may know far more than we give her credit for – in the Salinas – NXIVM connection and their massive bulk cash smuggling operations. Hence the need to keep her under wraps.

Viva Arizona.

Her attorneys are:

Hector Diaz
Quarles & Brady, LLP
Two North Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Fax: 602-229-5690
Designation: Retained

James L. Burke
Qurarles & Brady, LLP
Renaissance One
Two North Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Fax: 602-229-5690
Designation: Retained


Her $50,000 cash bail was paid by Lorraine Loshin of Canfield, New Jersey, who is reportedly Lauren grandmother.

The question is – who is paying for her high powered Arizona attorneys?

Curiously James Burke is a litigator who concentrates his practice on white-collar criminal defense and governmental investigations in both state and federal courts.

He is is a former Assistant United States Attorney in the District of Arizona, serving as lead counsel in numerous criminal investigations and jury trials.

Clare’s lawyer, Dennis Burke was at one time the US Attorney for the District of Arizona.

James L. Burke
James L. Burke

During his 12 year tenure at the United States Attorney’s office, Mr. Burke worked in the Organized Crime and Gang and White Collar Crime Sections. In these roles, he oversaw and prosecuted cases related to organized crime, drug syndicates, financial crimes, securities fraud, and intellectual property crimes. Prior to that, Mr. Burke was a county prosecutor in Seattle, Washington where he tried over 100 jury cases taken to verdict. Mr. Burke has also appeared before the Ninth Circuit on numerous occasions.

Some of James’s significant cases are listed below:

  • Representation of pharmaceutical company indicted by federal government for distribution of human growth hormone (HGH) drug.
  • Defense of officer of college football bowl committee indicted for campaign contributions to state and federal political candidates.
  • Representation of financial institution in $8 million property dispute.
  • Defense of company related to computer intrusion investigation.
  • Representation of companies relating to FTC allegations of running pyramid schemes.
  • Defense of firearms company pertaining to ATF investigation.
  • Defense of various professional athletes.
  • Representation of physician on charges brought by US attorney for over-prescribing narcotics.
  • Defense of company related to violation of civil rights allegation levied by Office of Civil Rights.

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  • exactly did these impoverished grandparents come up with 50,000$ cash ??

  • she has all her bases covered with this guy who’s already defended people for computer invasion, pyramid schemes, overperscribing meds, and of course professional athletes…we can just surmise what they might be guilty of (psst….spousal abuse ,rape)???? My bet is the “Mexican Connection” is funding her little rat ass because they are still hoping not to get arrested!
    Now onto that matter….that’s where most of the illegal immigration and money laundering came from…so the good old Democrats are holding that up in favor of Salinas …nice….times up guys..round em up!!

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