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Daily Beast catches whiff of hypocrisy as Kristin Kreuk Dodges “Her NXIVM Cult Past’ while playing brave lawyer on TV series

You can run but you can’t hide.  This is a lesson that Kristin Kreuk may yet have to learn. Following multiple articles in Frank Report – the Daily Beast is now calling it a ‘controversy.”  Amy Zimmerman of the Beast writes in How Actress Kristin Kreuk Is Dodging Her NXIVM Cult Past.

Kreuk’s Canadian investigative drama, Burden of Truth, premiered on the CW last week.

“She’s starring in the new CW series, ‘Burden of Truth,’ playing a lawyer investigating a town of sick girls—and is refusing to answer any questions about her NXIVM ties.”

That says it all.  The hypocrisy is palpable.
Kreuk plays [and I emphasize the word “plays”] Joanna Hanley, a hotshot attorney who begins the series by representing a big pharmaceutical company that may have irreparably harmed a growing group of high schoolers – then turns heroine and decides to risk all to expose the Cult Big Pharma.

The Beast article reveals that in real life Kreuk is dodging questions about NXIVM.

“The 35-year-old actress has done a smattering of interviews around the CW summer premiere, discussing her role as executive producer and star of the show with headlines like ‘Kristin Kreuk talks her strong and passionate character.’ What these articles don’t cover is NXIVM, the sex cult that seized international attention this year with the arrest of leader Keith Raniere and Kreuk’s Smallville co-star, Allison Mack. Mack…  was reportedly introduced to NXIVM in 2006 by Kreuk. … When The Daily Beast reached out for an interview with Kreuk, a publicist for the CW responded, ‘We are not answering any questions about Allison Mack or NXIVM so I would need to make sure this is only about the series.’…

“Given the overlap between the real-life scandal Kreuk’s become associated with and the central themes of her new series, those banned questions could have led to a fascinating conversation.

“Kreuk was listed in a 2012 Times Union article about NXIVM’s “rich, powerful, and influential” members. Former NXIVM publicist turned whistleblower Frank Parlato wrote in a 2018 post that, in addition to recruiting friends like Mack, Kreuk had reportedly been a NXIVM coach. ‘As NXIVM’s former publicist, I know Kreuk was used as NXIVM’s star recruitment tool,’ Parlato wrote. ‘She was a draw for those who wanted to meet her. She made herself available to recruit. I recall speaking with one radio show host who was eager to meet Kreuk and agreed to promote a NXIVM a-Cappella event—if he could have Kreuk on the show. I set it up and he plugged the hell out of it, as I recall.’

“As if Kreuk’s character’s mission to protect an army of vulnerable young women wasn’t topical enough, this pilot seems to suggest that there’s something dark going on beneath the surface—some sort of psychic distress or underlying trauma that’s terrorizing the young women of Millwood.”

The Beast writes, “Kristin Kreuk does an admirable job forcing life into a character who’s been tasked with delivering lines like ‘litigation is war’ and ‘my retainer is usually 10K, but buy me a burger and I’m yours for an hour.’…”

As the Beast reports: “In a series of increasingly tight close-ups, we watch the lawyer [Kreuk] weigh her extreme guilt and curiosity against her desire to return to a place where you can order sushi on Seamless and there’s more than one kind of white wine. Eventually, disturbed when her waitress collapses and haunted by the words of a teen who she sweet-talked into taking a settlement, Hanley storms into the local law firm demanding a battery of CT scans.”

She is now ready to take on Big Pharma and find out the dark secrets – no matter what the cost!

My goodness, Kristin Kreuk plays one brave lady on TV – which, when contrasted to her sheer cowardice in real life, it seems rather humorous to watch her.

The show’s original network, CBC, referred to the series as ‘an Erin-Brockovich style legal drama.”

But let’s face it, Kreuk is no Erin Brockovich.


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  • At a time when the actual leaders of this cult are finally being bought to justice to focus on Kreuk seems like a petty vendetta now. The general accepted consensus is she left before the really weird stuff started. She was never a leader. She did make a statement. She is a victim, just as many others are.
    Lets let the criminal cases go to court and find out the facts and then see if she actually did anything criminal.
    Contrasting an actors screen roles with their personal behavior is hardly newsworthy. They’re actors. That’s their job.
    And yes, I know she’s not going to sleep with me.

  • Kristin Kreuk doesn’t have to answer questions regarding those issues. She already addressed them. She left the cult BEFORE it turned into what it is now. Back then she was seeking self-help for her shyness and as a fan of hers since 2001, I remember interviews where she mentions her shyness and female empowerment. Alison Mack is an adult woman who is responsible for her own ass. Stop trying to blame Kristin. That’s like saying a gun instructor is responsible for a student shooting innocent people on the street.

  • The victims who have come forward have even said Kreuk left before the cult and sex trafficking happened and was never involved in any recruiting

    Why is it people continue to not believe Susan Downes and Sarah Edmonson on this, I have no idea. There isnt a story here and Daily Beast tends to pretty much live with throwing up airballs on controversial subjects ignoring the facts that have come out

  • John Wayne, the Great American Patriot, received several draft deferments during World War 2.
    Wayne’s job as a movie actor during WW2, when he made 13 movies for 4 movie studios, was deemed too important.

    Jimmy Stewart, the movie actor, joined the US Army Air Corps, became a pilot and flew several bomber missions over Germany.
    After the war Jimmy Stewart went on to become a Brigadier General in the US Air Force?

    Is John Wayne a coward?
    Is Jimmy Stewart a hero?

    Should we condemn John Wayne for his seeming cowardice?

  • Kristin Kreuk makes me sick. I definitely won’t be watching.

    Her cowardice left NXIVM to continue their criminal operations and even expand them, when she could have taken action when she did finally actually leave.

    I appreciate other people who have already reminding us all that when the story was published about Keith Raniere’s pedophile patterns, she completely ignored and still stayed for years.

    I hope she can never get away from what she was done until she acknowledges it. Would be curious to find out just how many other DOS members were direct recruits of Kristin Kreuk, as well as how many were recruited directly by Allison Mack, since Kreuk brought her into the fold.

    Shame on her for not acknowledging her part in all of this.

    • Vice already did an investigation and found out of the 3 women who joined with Krisitn (Allison, Tabitha Chapman and Kendra Voth) all but Allison left when she did and before it became a sex trafficking cult. On top of that we know the victims and people who come forward have vouched for her not being involved and leaving the group, so why people continue to say this when there’s mounting evidence she’s in the clear is beyond me.

    • Not sure why it’s KK’s life-purpose to come down on her kooky castmate’s weird predilections, especially when it took the Feds years to rev-up the investigation themselves.

  • Hypocrisy and Cowardice are not crimes.

    Racketeering is a Crime.
    Extortion is a Crime.
    Mail Fraud is a Crime.
    Human Trafficking is a Crime.
    Involuntary Servitude is a Crime.

    That’s why Kristin Kreuk has a TV program and Allison Mack is standing trial.

    • You are saying then that hypocrisy and cowardice are worse than crime, because they are not punishable under criminal law? Because civil law does not hold cowards and hypocrites responsible?

      The Vancouver branch of the NXIVM crime family gets too much of a free pass here at The Frank. Let’s hear more about the folks who they victimized and profited from.

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