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Scarrom: In Defense of Kristin Kreuk

By Scarrom

This is just getting silly beyond belief.

Hypocrisy is doing something you say not to do, or not doing something you say should be done.

Kristin Kreuk hasn’t done anything hypocritical by not delving into further details about NXIVM in interviews about her work. She already released a statement explaining why she joined, how long she was a part of it, and how she feels about her past association to it due to recent events, using words such as “disgusted” and “embarrassing”. She obviously finds the notion of a sex cult of slave women to a man as repugnant to anyone who has a clue and can read the signs.

She isn’t even similar to Tom Cruise who disallows any questions about Scientology in his interviews as he is still in the Church while Kristin is no longer a part of NXIVM and hasn’t officially been for a half a decade at least, nominally even more.

– What these articles don’t cover is NXIVM, the sex cult…

This conflation is completely false and it is unsurprising that these type of articles keep getting it wrong. NXIVM is not the sex cult. NXIVM is a corporate entity registered with the IRS that purports to teach self-help seminars and it has been controversially described as a cult. It is DOS that is/was the secret sex cult within NXIVM and Kristin was only a part of NXIVM and “never” the sex cult. She never had a relationship to the sex cult.

“– My goodness, Kristin Kreuk plays one brave lady on TV – which, when contrasted to her sheer cowardice in real life, it seems rather humorous to watch her.”

Yeah, so what? Kristin is an actor/entertainer. She sometimes plays a role just for fun, sometimes plays a role with themes that she believes in, and she sometimes uses her platform to discuss social issues that she finds are important to her, just like many other actors. Liam Neeson is not Bryan Mills. He’s not going to go start karate chopping and killing people if someone kidnaps his daughter. Mel Gibson is not William Wallace and would likely beg for mercy instead of choosing to be racked and gutted on a torture block instead of yelling “Freedom!!!”. The type of people often displayed as heroes in entertainment are role models, exemplars, people who are to be modeled and looked up to for what they sacrificed, etc. They are supposed to inspire. The vast majority of people don’t live up to them let alone the actors who play them. That doesn’t make them cowards. It only makes them normal, regular people.

I don’t even see how the current NXIVM/DOS situation thematically relates to her current show. She plays a lawyer trying to find out why some teen girls are getting sick to obtain some compensation for them from a corporation that may have wronged them. It has nothing to do with sex, patriarchy, feminism, misogyny, etc. which is what the conversation about the cult deals with. Kristin isn’t a lawyer or prosecutor. She wasn’t explicitly wronged by NXIVM like Toni Natalie or Barbara Bouchey were. She didn’t even know what was happening inside of it the years after she left. Sarah Edmondson didn’t even know about DOS until she was stripped naked and saw her fellow female members being branded. Kristin just moved on with her life and career and forgot about it well before DOS even formed.

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  • Frankie how would you know she weren’t unless you were part of the sex cult in which case you should be arrested too for it but i guess getting in bed with feds makes it easy to get away with crimes mean after all you already got away with fraud didn’t you but it IRS isn’t going just let you get away tax evasion are they. More proof the FBI is corrupt

  • She has never acknowledged just how many people she recruited into NXIVM. She has never acknowledged the fact that it was indeed her who brought Allison Mack into the fold.

    Until she is honest about her role, she is absolutely a hypocrite.

    • That’s never been your problem with Kreuk. Her past NXIVM association is just an excuse used to mask and vent your problem with Kreuk anonymously on these forums. Like many of the other fake anonymous posters here displaying their fake indignation.

      • The criticism towards Kreuk is valid in that she hasn’t apologized or even acknowledged all of the lives she helped destroy with her NXIVM recruiting practices. I would love to hear her say she was sorry to have ever gotten involved with this group and for bringing her friends into it. I haven’t heard any type of regret from her and that troubles me greatly and makes me wonder how troubled she is in regards to Raniere’s actions or Allison Mack’s.

  • Just to emphasize for the people who can’t read. I said NXIVM is not the same thing as the *sex* cult and it is false to conflate the two. I said NXIVM is a corporate entity that has been controversially – the definition of which is “of, relating to, or characteristic of controversy, or prolonged public dispute, debate, or contention; polemical:described” according to – described as a cult. I never denied that NXIVM was not labelled as a cult.

    The difference is *not* difficult to comprehend.

  • I agree with Scarrom. I’ve posted this very thing on a couple of occasions before.

    As for “anonymous”, asking and answering their own questions in the comments section here, Let me ask you this. What makes you the least bit qualified to question or criticize KK?

    What is your background with NXIVM?

    How long were you “in” the cult?

    How long did it take you, while you were inside this cult to realize such?

    You talk as though you were never part of NXIVM. That you’ve never read the full history of what’s transpired in the last year and a half.

    Imagine if I were to tell you that your group of closest friends were actually a cult. If I had an axe to grind and kept at this for a long time, how much would me, a stranger to you, convince you that the group you’re involved with is a cult. Especially at a time when I wasn’t addressing you specifically.

    Would my accusations look the least bit credible to you?

    Would you immediately listen then flip?
    No you wouldn’t.

    Even when it came to light and was proven beyond a doubt, would you then happily spread the word that you’d been duped for years?

    And one more thing “anonymous”, would it be okay for us to contact your employers and let them know that you were in this cult? And make baseless connections and accusations that made it seem like you might still be in it?

    Please, forward your employer information so we may do that okay? That will make you just a hint more qualified to question KK and her motives.

    Until then know, of what you speak is a good policy to adopt here.


    • Literally, when Kreuk first joined NXIVM in 2006, Rick Ross wrote an article about it with “Kristin Kreuk” and “Cult” in the title.

      • As if Rick Ross and his cultnews would be something Kreuk would have been reading at the time. LOL That’s hardly a mainstream publication. Even Frank, if you believe his story, though he was hired by NXIVM to destroy its detractors, lived and worked with Keith, Clare, Nancy and the gang 24/7 for several months from 2007-008, was embroiled in the LA real estate lawsuit, had a criminal complaint filed against him by NXIVM in 2011, was named in O’Hara’s 2012 lawsuit, and surely read through the 2012 Times Union series, even he said he had no idea until 2015 that there was anything so bad about NXIVM that he should finally be moved to write about them in one of his publications. Then, then Frank likes to proclaim, he “turned on an instant” after 8 years LOL.

  • A cult is like an onion.
    It has many different layers that have to be pealed away before one reaches the true essence of the cult.
    NXIVM had thousands of people go through its courses most of whom knew little or nothing about the sex cult or the the tortures associated with it.

    Only a small elite in NXIVM ‘s Albany Vatican knew the full truth.

    And the worst physical abuses only occurred in the last few years as Pam Cafritz lay dying and Allison Mack rose to power, long after Kristen Kreuk left the cult.

    In a better world could Kreuk have done better?
    Of course, but we don’t live in a perfect world.

    Focus your ire on the devious, depraved people who really created the Horrors of NXIVM.

    Keith Raniere
    Allison Mack
    Clair Bronfman
    Nancy Salzman
    Lauren Salzman
    and the few other future indicted defendants of NXIVM.

    • NXIVM was known as a cult YEARS ago. Enough “layers” were exposed to reveal that.

    • Shadow, you arrived relatively late to the party, and MY OPINION is that too many times you state YOUR OPINIONS as fact.
      As to Kreuk, given the role of actors and actresses in the #metoo movement, she should (for her own conscience and to advance what is left of her career)(she will not enjoy the longevity of Densch or Mirren) never pass up the opportunity to (1) admit that she was a member of NXIVM; (2) acknowledge that she has no current affiliation with the now defunct group and (3) denounce emphatically all of the activities, criminal and merely immoral, of NXIVM.
      Speaking in this manner, when questioned about her involvement with NXIVM, would preclude the treatment she received in The Daily Beast. (My opinion).

    • What qualifies this person to defend Kreuk? Kreuk did not just find out she was in a cult, nor did she leave because of a falling out with the cult. She was still a supporter years after the paedophile revaluations.

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