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Arizona Mafia? Frank is Being Played for a Fool by Jeffrey Peterson; Emi will never be extradited – even if indicted!

By a Reader:

Frank is being played for a fool here. Jeffrey Peterson is playing him.

It’s a common tactic for a person to sprinkle a little bit of truth and credibility into a lie in order to make that lie more plausible. The fact that this guy really has ties to Dennis Burke and Emiliano Salinas is the “truth” which he’s using to make his “lie” (about Clare Bronfman being traded for Emi) more plausible.

Frank’s being manipulated by a guy looking to protect himself by publicly hitching his trailer onto the NXIVM investigation. The more *public* he can make himself (as part of this investigation) the harder it will be for others to harm him. I don’t doubt that this guy has previous business connections to Salinas and Burke. I also don’t doubt that he may be in danger because of those activities.

But Frank is using this guy as the “only” source (of his previous article) for claiming that Burke is trying to negotiate Emi’s freedom by offering up a Bronfman trade — and that’s all a crock of bubbling bullshit served with creamed corn. It’s a figment of Peterson’s imagination.

It makes no sense and it’s not even remotely legal.

The EDNY and DOJ are most certainly “not” negotiating with Burke in relation to the grand jury which was  meeting to consider evidence against NXIVM/Bronfman/Emi.

This grand jury has already been meeting for months to consider evidence against everybody in NXIVM. They can’t un-ring that bell, which means that Burke has nothing to “negotiate” Emi’s fate with —- since Clare’s fate is already tied to whatever the grand jury has found and Emi’s fate has “nothing” to do with hers (she was indicted), but this has nothing to do with Emi’s fate.

Emi’s fate is “not” in any way tied to Bronfman’s fate. They can “both” be indicted and the EDNY doesn’t need one to trade off for the other. That’s stupid.

This alleged discussion between Burke and the DOJ is pure fiction.

How is it even possible for an attorney to offer up a client’s indictment (in return for somebody else) “without” the cooperation of the grand jury who’s already been hearing the case evidence for months?

Is this Alice in Wonderland?

Do they just come forward and make a motion to cancel/quash any indictments that are returned by the grand jury, without any rational explanation for letting such a high ranking person off the hook for no logical reason?

Furthermore, even though he may have dual citizenship Emi will never be extradited by Mexico to the USA to stand trial in this case. He’s still a Mexican national residing in Mexico and they do not have to turn him over if they don’t want to. Frank is dreaming if he thinks Mexico will extradite Emi to the USA regardless of his dual citizenship. It would be too embarrassing for Mexico to let those skeletons out of the closet during a trial.

The Swiss didn’t turn over Roman Polanski even though we had a valid treaty for his extradition, and the Swiss’ court system isn’t anywhere near as corrupt as Mexico’s badly corrupt system. Mexico’s court system is a pile of shit. It’s got corruption on top of corruption. Sending Keith back to the USA was easy because he holds no Mexican citizenship. Emi is like royalty there.

Emi is perfectly safe in Mexico. This whole story reeks of shit.

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  • Typical tactics of sociopaths like Jeffrey Peterson to sprinkle small truths into big lies. Just look into his history like the other articles have exposed him.

  • You have facts to back up your ‘opinion? Since when did something have to be legal for the DOJ to act on It. Is it coincidence that lawyers connected to the Arizona Mafia are deeply involved in an upcoming trial IN EDNY
    Do you have inside info on what evidence the prosecutors have against Emi Salinas?

  • No need for extradition. Emiliano is just a parasite that will be busted when in the US. He is doomed.

  • See how cute. Sorry to tell you Mexico has bigger issues to discuss with Mexico than emis fate. There is the TLC and other issues more important than a bipolar scumbag.

  • I wouldn’t say that anyone in the Salinas family is necessarily safe anywhere they are.

    Violent criminals are always a target for other violent criminals, and the Salinas breed of violent criminals are out of favour in Mexico.

  • Hey Shithead,

    What happens to your average Mexican-American immigrant convicted of (or often even just charged with) the most petty misdemeanor in the U.S. these days? …Permanent deportation, permanent withdrawal of U.S. citizenship, at the very least.

    If any of these high-ranking Mexi-Nexians committed the same crimes as their U.S. Nexium counterparts, shouldn’t they at least face the same fate as their immigrant U.S. countrymen guilty of far less?

    Justice for ALL is a principle we ideally uphold in this Country. This discussion, these facts Frank and his readers are exposing may help keep U.S. borders from being blurred on that principle and help lessen other forms of corruption on both sides of the would-be wall.

  • The Salinas family is on the political outs and does not appear to be widely loved. I could see an extradition happening, but I think we need a more expansive presentation of the political dynamics playing out in Mexico. That said, our poor relations with Mexico might make any unilateral concession to the United States, even a desirable one, seem impractical.

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