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Readers provide sketch of Clare, pic of Allison’s ankle monitor, and evidence of Pea Onyu’s name being fake – plus other fun comments

I have to stay on top of comments more. It seems the program I use for comments puts some automatically into the “pending” or “spam” category and I must manually approve them.

I am uncertain of the cause – other than if someone posts a comment with two or more links it requires manual approval instead of automatically posting.

So, imagine my delight when I found more than 90 comments last week in the pending or spam boxes.

Only a few were true spam. Most of them were legit and sincere and most of them I simply approved and they are posted as comments on the original story they were intended to comment on.

But there were a few choice ones, which readers missed, that I think should be rounded up below for our readers’ delectation.


Finally a Sketch of Clare

The Chicago Sun-Times published this elegant sketch of Clare Bronfman


An heiress to the Seagram's liquor fortune and three other people were arrested on Tuesday in connection with the investigation of a self-improvement organization accused of branding some of its female followers and forcing them into unwanted sex.

Courtroom sketch: Clare Bronfman, right, is arraigned at federal court in New York on July 24, 2018. From left is Judge Nicholas Garaufis, Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza, defense attorney Susan Necheles.


Allison’s Ankle Monitor

The Daily Mail -gives us a look at Allison Mack’s ankle monitor.

The photo was taken evidently at her parent’s home in Orange County California.

Allison Mack was photographed outside her parents’ California home over the weekend, the first time the NNIVM leader has been seen during her house arrest.

In the pictures, a happy and healthy looking Mack steps just outside the front door of the Los Alamitos home to grab an Amazon delivery in a skirt and a button-down shirt before immediately heading back inside.  A close-up reveals her ankle monitor.

One of our readers wrote, “With a thick sock to prevent chafing, Mack retrieves an Amazon package from doorstep. So NXIVM ladies, those lucky enough to bypass jail for the moment: wear a thick sock to prevent chafing. Also, grow a conscience.”


Pea Onyu is a Fake Name

If her first name was of German origin, then it would be spelled “Pia” and pronounced “PEE-a”:


And “Onyu” is a primarily Indonesian last name, not Hawaiian, and an extremely rare one on top of

that: https://forebears.io/surnames/onyu

Based on that, it is fairly safe to assume that the name is fake and intended exactly to mean what most read of it.


Sara has not guaranteed Clare’s full $100 million bail bond

In reply to Ankle Bracelet Won’t Be Removed.

Clarification: I realize that Sara has partially guaranteed the bail bond with some of her ‘small’ property assets in the USA.

But those assets can easily be replaced by snapping her fingers —- regardless of whether they are owned by her, her husband or her mom. It’s a joke. Nobody would be left destitute.

AFAIK, Sara has not personally guaranteed the entire $100 Million dollar bond with her own extensive net worth. That’s the basis of my previous comment stating that she didn’t want to “personally guarantee” the bail bond with her own assets.

Putting up a few houses is not guaranteeing the entire bond, it’s just tip money for somebody like her.


How to win the most joy

Be the first one to flip.

Serve the least amount of time.

Come on, Kathy.

Just because they retained a lawyer for you doesn’t mean you owe these people anything.

Technically, he is supposed to advise you to do what is in your best interest, not theirs.


Steve Coffey – Super Ex-Cult Attorney – What ya thinking now

Wonder what Steve Coffey NXIVM Cult Ex-Attorney is thinking these days. He went on a radio show 6 years ago to speak out against ex-blogger John because he was posting the truth about these now indicted criminal enterprise humanitains.

So funny, everything he had to say was pure projection


Makes one wonder why he isn’t representing NXIVM any longer, he is a criminal defense lawyer after all.

Oh right, they got caught with their pants down and stopped being NXIVM Cult lawyers.

I’m sure Steve and Pam are still enjoying the fruits of their labor.


Fund Toni Natalie

ionwhitepoetry, writes:

Anyone want to help me start a gofundme for Toni Natalie so she can sue Keith’s attorney for victim shaming, aka, S L A N D E R. – he said it publicly and to people who might not be aware of the details of this case.


NY Doctors

In reply to AHG.

If someone like Danielle Roberts can keep a medical licence in NY, how can anybody trust any doctor in that state?


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  • Wow shadowstates blows stool all over the comment section just with the mere mention and photo of his beloved ankle monitor. I bet his little nub became as big as a golf pencil when he saw it.

  • Couple of those were mind, and no idea they had gone to spam.

    Thanks for sharing them.

  • I give up. If you people want to mock me out I may stop commenting. I would like an apology.

    • Oh boo-hoo…grow up. Nobody cares about your “Pwecious Feewings”, and if you can’t handle having your chops busted online, you are in for a rough life.

      That is brutally honest fact, Pea.

      Some tips to help you grow a spine:

      When somebody puts you down, or makes fun of you:

      1. Throw it right back at them – if the person making fun of you is “giving”, they’ve got to be prepared to “take” it, too.

      2. Consider the source – You most-likely do not know anybody here, in real life, anymore than we know you. Who gives a rat’s ass what ‘these people’ think?

      3. Ignore it – You’re making the choice to reply to the ball-busting…but you don’t have to.

      4. Humor wins over enemies better than arguing, and especially better than complaining about it- When you tell people who are making fun of you, to “stop it” or say “I may have to stop commenting”…the ONLY result you’ll get is MORE people making fun of you.


      I’m one of the people who busts your chops, but I do have a heart, which is why I’m trying to give you some advice here.

  • So here’s what Nicki Clyne has been up to: http://personalspace.tv/cast/
    And Karen Unterreiner is listed in the credits/thanks as a digital producer. Wonder how many other NXIVM names are in those credits? Will there be a Season 2… behind bars?

  • I have repeatedly said that my mother was German /Bavarian and my first name is pronounced Pi-yah. My last name is Indonesian but my father’s family -along with others – fled to Hawaii during the uprising. We still maintain our heritage. I think it’s an outrage that people keep mocking out my traditional and illustrious name. Only in America.

    • Seriously, no one cares how your ridiculously fake name is pronounced.

      Now back to important matters: Allison’s hair looks super dark, like maybe she died it brown and she looks like she’s back to a normal non-cult inspired weight, so maybe this is a good sign that AM’s sanity is restored?

      • Ms. Mack’s hair is naturally blonde.
        Her parents are both blonde.

        Dying her hair brunette might just as easily be a statement of solidarity with her co-defendants Keith Rainiere, Lauren Salzman and Claire Bronfman who all have dark hair.

    • “I think it’s an outrage that people keep mocking out my traditional and illustrious name. Only in America.”

      The same way people mock and ridicule Allison Mack for branding women like cattle and turning those women into sex slaves?

    • One of the best doctors I have ever known was the head physician for a major emergency room, and she was an osteopath.

      In the US, an osteopath does four years of medical school just like MDs.

  • It’s All Kristen Kreuk’s Fault.
    Pimp Mack is innocent.

    One would do well to read the Discovery Order issued last week in the NXIVM case.
    It reveals a massive crime wave managed by Pimp Mack.

    On the last page is Attachment A which has 34 spaces for the names of Allison Mack’s DOS victims who are to be protected from disclosure.
    From that I must assume there are at least 34 women who are victims of Pimp Mack’s extortion.

    In the New York Times Pimp Mack bragged that her sex cult had up to a 150 women.
    “an estimated 150 women ultimately joined.”

    Pimp Mack’s enforcement gang included Lauren Salzman, Nicki Clyne and India Oxenburg with Dr. Danielle Roberts handling the branding iron.
    And Pimp Mack directed the show while also filming the proceedings.

    The materials collected by Pimp Mack were accessible by Keith Raniere, Lauren Salzman, perhaps Clare Bronfman and Pimp Mack herself.

    What kind of blackmail material did Allison Pimp Mack collect?

    Compromising Photos

    Salacious Videos

    Confessions — True and False

    Sexual Histories

    Medical Information

    Social Security Numbers

    Bank Account Numbers

    Credit Card Numbers

    Pimp Mack’s sex cult went well beyond fun and games and well into extortion and racketeering.

    And the investigation is ongoing with other charges and defendants to be added to the mix.

    And it’s all the fault of the wicked Kristen Kreuk because she did not rescue Pimp Mack from Mack’s own craziness five years ago.

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