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Rosalie Lopez: Ode to Vanguard — Part I

By Rosalie Lopez

There once was a Laddie named Keith
Who would grow up to make a fine
With his blue, criss-crossed eyes
Few could see through his lies —
How it thrilled him to alter

Keith Raniere he also loved
And the little girls he would deflower
Playing video games
Keith would bring them to shame
Without even bothering
To Shower

The girls believed Keith was
“The One”
For he didn’t just want to have fun
He meant “business” with them
(And with all of their friends)
You see Keith was no quick
Hit and Run

They all thought that Keith was so
What great things unto them he’d
His pontifications,
His ejaculations
Poured forth from a “pure, noble”

Keith, he didn’t just want to get laid
No, he wanted his bed to be
So he harnessed their passions
And used those to fashion
A “business” where few would be

It was all such a labor of love
What world problems Keith’s mind
Could resolve
With his Genius IQ
No one doubted he knew
More than God in the skies up

…To be continued

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Frank Parlato


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