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The Knife Media has ceased publishing – another Raniere brainchild bites the dust

The home page has little to say. The once highly vaunted Knife Media [formerly The Knife of Aristotle] is dead.

On the home page, all we find is this:

The Knife has ceased publishing.

Thank you for your interest and support.

The brainchild of Keith Alan Raniere, known to his followers as The Vanguard, the Knife Media was designed to give its paid  subscribers an unbiased analysis of the news reported by the major news outlets as analyzed by NXIVM members.

DOS slave, Rosa Laura Junco – the daughter of famed Mexican newspaper magnate Alejandro Junco – was the CEO.

Under her (I don’t mean it that way!) was writer Jens Eric Gould as Editor-in-Chief.  Actress Nicki Clyne was the Producer.

Another cast of about 20 NXIVM members were spin specialists and senior analysts.

Last week, I reported that Rosa Laura’s name came off the masthead. I suspect she is readying herself for an indictment for her role in the sex trafficking and financial crimes of NXIVM.

Of course, it is possible she acceded to her ailing father’s wishes that she leave the vicious cult and is now aiding the prosecution.  Rosa Laura is an heiress in her own right – but her father, wroth about her involvement in the criminal cult, cut off her million dollar per year allowance last year. Lack of funds might be another reason that the 10-12 remaining NXIVM/Knife spin analysts were furloughed (Last time I checked, I didn’t see any provision in Clare Bronfman’s bail package that would allow her to keep funding this operation)

While it was in operation, the Knife Media consistently failed to disclose its relationship to NXIVM – and Keith Raniere – even prior to his arrest in March.

Its Twitter thread featured NXIVM members declaring how great the Knife Media is and why everyone should pay to subscribe.

I have written about the Knife in the past. Now, it’s and just like all things associated with Raniere, it will not be missed or remembered.

Here are links to a few of the articles I wrote about the Knife:

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  • I think Pea needs a sandwich or some pie. Must still be on the vanguard starve-a-slave diet and the consequent malnourishment is affecting her cognitive functioning (oh look – I even tossed in a little word salad for her)

  • So have they really folded up shop or are they just trying to cut the cords with their real identities and start “fresh” under a new name ?
    I guess we will see where Jens Gould goes, because his legacy as a devoted NXIVM member is not going to just disappear.
    Nicki Clyne, Rosa Laura Junco and Jens Gould on stage together at the illustrious Vanguard Week.
    Wonder how the three of them will celebrate this year.

  • what disclaimer did the Spoon, er, the Knife have with paid subscribers? If none, the subscribers are owed the balance of their subscription. I know this because I had to pay as a publisher when our newspapers went out of business.

    • I’m referring to a non-bankruptcy going-out-business scenario. In bankruptcy, that’s taken up by the trustee.

    • On their twitter page it says that they will refund this month’s $15.00 because subscribers didn’t get this month’s garbage, Some people are actually going to miss them???

  • Wow. I’m genuinely surprised that The Knife was run by the NXIVM people! That’s a shame. It was one of my favorite news sites. That said, does anyone know if there is a website similar to the Knife? Maybe something not connected to a cult?

  • It’s always sad to witness a great media empire fade away.

    Does anyone remember the Literary Digest magazine which passed away in 1938.
    At one time it was bigger than Time Magazine.

    And with Rose Laura Junco out of the scene who will import Mexican slave girls to service Master Vanguard?

    “Rosa Laura Junco blamed for failure of Mexican girls to find Raniere appealing”

    And without the Knife how will I be able to tell real news from fake news?

    Now that Nicki Clyne has lost her acting career and her journalism job and Nicki’s wife Allison Mack is headed to prison, what will she do to occupy her time?

    I know what Nicki can do!

    Go down to Puerto Vallarta and climb the palm trees like she used top do in the good old days.

  • Boo hoo,
    It was NXIVM rag mag anyways.
    Makes one wonder how many are now Ex-NXIVM members

  • Good to see. Now Allison Mack has another failed enterprise to her name. Started of with failed female empowerment with JNESS and then could not keep her Vanguard happy with her failed news media. I pleaded with her hundreds of times a day to get out of that cult and get her ass to Cook County Ill where I could give her the meaning of manhood.

  • I resent the allegations of the pusillanimous cowards. Allison never mind £>. Clare is the most ethical woman and Rosa Laura will withstand the swings and arrows of her greedy brothers. Fear Not. Follow €¥><. Until further notice. We shall prevail. Watch Frank Report for further details. |£ ¥£€~|* ¥•

    As for those who say I am Lauren what proof do you have. Lauren stand strong. Karen is despicable. Kathy you made a vow. It is unethical to break a vow. £€¥*#}

    • Which Karen?
      Unterreiner or Abney?
      €¥>< and |£ ¥£€~|* ¥• and £€¥*#} – is this some kind of code Raniere came up with to communicate online since the Feds are likely watching emails and text?

    • To Pea Onyou:

      “Clare is the most ethical woman”

      According to Laura Darby Clare, the most ethical woman in the world, just up and gave Allison Mack a sporty BMW.

      Tell us Pea Onyou, was that car a gift or was it a payment to Allison Mack for services rendered?

      In other words did your great hero Allison Mack provide women to Clare to service Clare the same way that Allison provided women to service Keith Raniere?

      Isn’t it true Pea Onyou that both Nicki Clyne and Lauren Salzman took nature vacations with Clare?
      And that both Nicki and Lauren were Allison’s personal slaves to do Allison’s personal bidding?
      Was Allison a full service pimp who would provide women to either men or women?

      After all Pea Onyou you say that Allison merely wanted to empower women.
      There’s nothing wrong from women profiting from their own sexuality is there?

    • Pea, you keep mentioning “Karen.” Did Karen U finally flip? After thirty odd years, she must have some serious shit on KR.

      I don’t care who you “really” are. Your defense of Keith is shameful. You have no idea what “ethical” means. Hot tip: if you WERE ACTUALLY ETHICAL, you wouldn’t be okay with Keith fucking little girls. PERIOD. And that horse shit justification about ‘Vanguard” telling some poor woman to run headfirst into a tree is equally lame, and absolutely the antithesis of “ethical.”

      One more hot tip: if the so called vow results in harm to people who could not consent, whether due to age or being mislead about what the “vow” actually means (as in, a fucking brand next to your lady parts as opposed to a tattoo), then I can’t imagine why it would be “ethical” to keep a vow based on lies. Are you actually that feeble minded?

      Try again, sad girl.

        • Namzlas, typically “post puberty” refers to the ages of 16-17, which is not the age at which the emotional centers of the brain mature (try 25-26 years of age). At least one allegation involved a twelve year old girl, as in NOT post pubescent, nor was she mature emotionally either. Furthermore that is not the age of consent in New York. Your point??

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