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Where’s Waldo? And why is he walking around so much?

Well, once again, we have an update on the status of Keith Alan Raniere a/k/a Federal Prisoner #57005-177 at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, NY.

Things are starting to settle down for The Vanguard as he moves towards his fifth month of incarceration (Time flies when you’re having so much joy!). He’s still residing on the 5th floor of the East Tower – which is reportedly so cold at this time of year that prisoners routinely wear multiple layers of clothes 24/7. That’s because the A/C system in that building basically has two settings: “On” and “Off”.

He’s still in what is generally referred to as the “Deviants Unit” – which is where MDC houses most of the prisoners who have been accused of a wide variety of sexual crimes. But, according to sources, he’s the only one in the unit who’s been accused of running an international sex slaver cult – which has given him a certain elevated standing among his fellow deviants.

He’s still being housed in a cell and, along with his “cellie”, is locked up from about 9:00 PM until about 6:00 AM every day. [Apparently, he’s been unsuccessful in convincing MDC to let him and his fellow prisoners play volleyball all night long.]

But during the daylight hours, Raniere is still a whirling dervish as he paces about non-stop except when it’s time to eat. And unlike his daily walks at Knox Woods, he walks alone at MDC.

Thus far, he has still not had a single visitor except for his phalanx of attorneys. They love meeting with him and would probably like to do so more often – which, given their exorbitant billing rates, makes all the sense in the world (If all five met with him at once, the meetings would probably run at least $6,000 per hour).

But what this means is that even his father hasn’t come to visit him – which is a little strange. Especially since Dear Old Dad lives less than an hour from MDC. You have to wonder what that’s all about.

And, as of now, Raniere’s phone privileges are still cut off. Supposedly though, that issue will be reviewed sometime around the end of the month. And because he’s in the Deviants Unit, he does not have access to CorrLinks, which is the email system that allows Federal prisoners to communicate with their friends and family members.

Perhaps the biggest problem that Raniere is dealing with right now is his high blood pressure. Despite the best efforts of MDC’s top-flight medical staff, he’s still experiencing abnormally high blood pressure. Maybe they’ll bring in a harem member or two to see if that will solve this problem.

So, that’s it for now. Waldo is safely caged up with his fellow deviants – and counting the days until he gets to go to trial and prove his innocence to one and all.

Under the current schedule, his trial will start in about 5 months – which means he’s about halfway to that date. But don’t be surprised if there’s another significant delay after still more charges get leveled against him, his five current co-defendants, and the not-yet-charged gaggle that’s next up on the Feds’ agenda.



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  • Frank, if you were surrounded by Deviants, wouldn’t you always be moving too…cuz if you stop….

  • This is all interesting and thank you for it, but what I would really like to know is what is going on inside the cult currently. Especially with the recent slew of arrests of the “Vanguard’s” top dogs. Like who is running it now? Is is falling apart, are the slaves leaving/escaping. Can it even still function? If you could get a scoop on any of that I would be very interested to read about it. Keep up the great work FR!

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