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Shira’s Got The Scoop!: NXIVM: Catherine Oxenberg Says Daughter “Will Be Fine…More Than Fine”

Shira’s Got the Scoop – pulled off an enviable coup today – getting an interview with high-in-demand Catherine Oxenberg – and getting some great inside information.

Here is the story:

Catherine Oxenberg is many things. She’s enviably beautiful. She’s intelligent and she’s kind. She’s also “royal” – her mother is Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia – in addition to having played royalty on televisions as an actress.

But these days Catherine Oxenberg is known for more than her television roles, most notably for starring on Dynasty, and her lineageThese days she’s known as a fierce crusader and a fighter, one who took on a cult and didn’t back down until she knew her daughter was safe. It is a group that has threatened its detractors and maligned former members. Yes, it is the cult that is the subject of many conversations and is currently all over the media. The one that fronted as a mainly innocuous, but money-sucking, professional empowerment, and self-help group and has changed names many times but is now known for one represented by Roman numerals. That one that – it was subsequently discovered – had a unique division devoted to the sexual slavery of women. That division, called DOS, called for fierce loyalty pledges from members, requiring the handing over of “collateral” (incriminating information/pictures that would mortify the individual should they defect from the sorority) and branding in the pubic region.

As Catherine details in her new book Captive: A Mother’s Crusade To Save Her Daughter From a Terrifying Cult,

Read the full story:

#NXIVM: Catherine Oxenberg Says Daughter “Will Be Fine…More Than Fine”


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  • The kid didn’t inherit Mom’s Intelligence ….. that’s for damn sure!

    • Her real name is Little India. That’s because she is just a girl. She is, or was, too small to understand what’s happening. Impressionable. Confused. Too little.

      But it looks like she has defected and going canary against the cult. Little India: good for you.

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