2.8.10: Actor Nigel Havers for Mirror features. Interview by Olivia Buxton also pictured with Havers. NB: Limited selection of pictures due to shoot being 2 mins in the street, as not allowed into the hotel chosen for interview. (Newscom TagID: mrpphotos282125) [Photo via Newscom]
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Clare and Sara’s Stepdad, Nigel Havers flops on UK Morning show

From a reader:
Hi Frank
Here is something to make you smile today. I go into our ITV news . Put in Nigel Havers and of course we know who Nigel Havers is – he is the stepdad of the Bronfman sisters- Clare and Sara.
We have, like yourselves, a UK daily magazine program going out in the mornings. It normally has two extremely, superbly professional presenters, but they are on holiday. [I do not watch such programmes and when I finally do, I will be in my bath chair being pushed around in my Care Home.]
The two professional presenters are off on their happy holidays and I see in our UK news there were understudies used this week and here is where the smile arrives: One of them was Nigel Havers and I happen to spot the headlines regarding Nigel Havers, who, reportedly is supposed to be the charmer, clearly could not handle the program, and the show and he have been described as “this morning’s car crash.”
Clearly he did not charm his way through this. Perhaps by tomorrow he will be replaced. Even better, they may let Keith out and he could charm the pants off the bored housewives who watched the drivel. Sorry that was rather facetious of me.
In the meantime, keep blogging and I shall keep logging on, failing that you can always take up TV presenting like Havers…

Story image for nigel havers from Express.co.uk

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