Former NXIAN- Attorney Omar Rosales – sends letter to US Atty Western District: Drop Charges Against Parlato

Omar Rosales, an attorney and author in Austin, Texas, was formerly a member of NXIVM. He escaped the cruel cult’s clutches when he smelled the horrific odor of this grotesque and sinister group , Rosales later wrote the first book about NXIVM – entitled American Cult – NXIVM exposed.



Omar took it upon himself to also write the US Attorney Western District of New York to drop the charges against me.

I did not ask him to do this He told me about his letter after he sent it to the US Attorney [see below].

What he is asking the new US Attorney of the Western District to do is take the opposite approach of his predecessor – which was to support and protect Clare Bronfman and the Bronfman-Raniere crime organization.

The Western District was offered comprehensive evidence by me in 2015 that, if acted upon, would have closed down the Bronfman-Raniere crime syndicate – before they started branding women.

The Eastern District on the other hand acted – acted swiftly – using a lot of information I published – and all but shut this vicious cult down – but unfortunately not until 2018 – after I first revealed evidence of branding – which was followed up by the New York Times.

Back in 2015, on numerous occasions through my lawyers, I attempted to provide the US Attorney Western District with the list of financial and racketeering crimes of Bronfman-Raniere – the same crimes [and more] they have currently been charged with.

I possess the emails back and forth with an Assistant US Attorney in the Western District – Anthony Bruce – and my lawyers – that shows he refused to even listen to evidence – unless I took a [false] plea deal admitting to crimes I never committed – something he knew or should have known I would never do.

The story of the Bronfman-Raniere crime organization is bigger than just a little scoundrel named Raniere and his heiress Bronfman abusing women, blackmailing them and branding them.

Catherine Oxenberg in her book Captive relates how the Western District tried to protect Clare Bronfman – and silence me – which she says – could have ended the effort to expose the crimes of the NXIVM cult.

The truth will come out. I tried to stop the Bronfman-Raniere crime organization prior to the branding of women. I went to the Western District – I was ignored, and falsely charged – based on trumped up, fictitious narratives and perjurious testimony.


Captive: A Mother's Crusade to Save Her Daughter from a Terrifying Cult by [Oxenberg, Catherine]

From Catherine Oxenberg’s Captive


Here is Omar’s letter:

PO BOX 6429
AUSTIN, TX 78762-6429
(512) 520-4919
(512) 309-5360 Fax

AUGUST 10, 2018
VIA U.S. MAIL CERTIFIED RRR 7017 2400 0000 2041 7498




Dear Mr. Kennedy:
Thank you for your time and attention. I am writing this letter as a victim of the Bronfman Criminal Enterprise that operated for many years in Albany, NY under the guise of NXIVM, Executive Success Programs, and various shell corporations.

As you are aware, the head of the Bronfman Criminal Enterprise, Clare Bronfman and her associates Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman were indicted in 2018 for various crimes including Racketeering, Identity Theft, Tax Evasion, and Human Smuggling. I am
also personally aware of their Immigration violations, as I heard several foreign members of the enterprise talk about having to ‘get married to US citizens to stay in New York.

I have kept up with the story. And I ask you to please dismiss the indictment and case against Frank Parlato, filed under 1:15-CR-149 in the Western District. Mr. Parlato has been a vocal critic of the NXIVM and Bronfman Criminal Enterprise for years. Mr. Parlato has fought tirelessly to expose the graft, corruption, and illegal activities of this group. As retaliation, the head of the Bronfman Criminal Syndicate (Clare Bronfman) initially swore out a complaint and testified in front of a grand jury to engineer Mr. Parlato’s indictment.

Obviously, if Ms. Clare Bronfman and her associates have been indicted for racketeering (1:18-CR-204 in the Eastern District of New York), neither her nor her associates are credible witnesses.

It is widely known that the Bronfman Criminal Enterprise operated in the Albany area with impunity for years. To silence their critics, the group would use the legal system to harass, intimidate, coerce, and silence witnesses against them. The indictment
against Mr. Parlato is one more example of the Bronfman Criminal Enterprise’s reach.

However, through the efforts of Mr. Parlato, the FBI, and the Department of Justice, the Bronfman Crime Syndicate and NXIVM are finally being brought to justice.

Mr. Kennedy, I know you were not the US Attorney at the time the indictment against Mr. Parlato was birthed. I am asking you to please consider withdrawing the case against Mr. Parlato. As a victim of NXIVM, and a fellow attorney, I am concerned that the wheels of justice were improperly steered by the Bronfman Crime Syndicate against other former members and critics of NXIVM.
In the United States, there is the perception that the ultra-wealthy do not have to follow the laws of our country and can steer the justice system for their own ends. Mr. Kennedy, would please help to ‘right the ship’ and consider dropping the case against Mr.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I will be more than happy to provide a statement to investigators on the NXIVM case.

/s/ Omar W. Rosales
Omar W. Rosales




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  • When the Long Con is using propaganda to deceive people into believing you’re the Good Guy.

  • I was not able to select “reply” to Laura Darby’s comment. She is correct.

    • Why is she correct? Anyone who knowingly participated in crimes should be publically exposed and charged. These people did not defect because they discovered they were in a criminal organisation. They knew full well that they were. They knowingly profited from crime. For real justice to be served, all perpetrators need to be exposed and punished. Instead, there are people kissing the ass of anyone who left. How many people have had their lives ruined by this cult? God knows. These people did not care. Only when they were personally affected did they leave. That is not honourable. If they want to defect and talk to the Feds and want to bring down the cult, fine, so be it. But they need to be held accountable too.

      • Not entirely true that people are kissing the ass of anybody.

        There is a massive difference between just leaving and trying to pretend they have done nothing wrong (Kristin Kreuk) or completely ignoring their involvement (Mark Hildreth) and people who have active worked to end the situation (shutting down the locations they ran and publicly speaking out), as well as acknowledging what they have done wrong and expressing their remorse (Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmonston).

        The latter two are more than likely going to have to deal with some financial repercussions of some tax issues in respective countries, along with a hefty dose of PTSD for Sarah and all the other emotional issues of escaping such an incredibly toxic environment.

        Look at what other people who left before them have gone through… Look at what Catherine Oxenberg has been through, and the only thing she did was introduce her daughter.

        I don’t think anybody is getting off scot-free.

        That being said, I am glad some of us are able to see the positive side of things. These people spoke out and NXIVM will never again be what it once was, and any organisation these leftovers could try to start up would already be exposed the second they are identified as being involved with it.

  • I imagine the WDNY has been hoping this story would quietly forget their part in this evidence of LE corruption on their part,. It’s sad we live in a time where violent crime is constantly around us. This is going to sound awful and it is but the uniqueness of the branding is what grabbed the attention of the general public and it wasn’t going away. I’m sorry it came to such horror along with the fright experiments and the bizarre illness at a Nxivm festival. But if these things hadn’t happened Nxivm could still be creeping along. I wonder how many young girls were near misses for DOS and how many could have been given the information available already out there. WDNY YOUR TIME IS COMING TO PAY FOR YOUR TRANSGRESSIONS.

  • Omar, you should go to the press and tell them about your experiences and what you know. You can send emails to the numerous reporters writing about NXIVM.

  • Thank you everyone for the support! It’s been quite a journey. A bit surreal at times. To get to know people and then see them on ABC Dateline…is something else.

    At first, I did not believe it when the NY Times broke the story on the branding. It took a bit of soul searching (and de-programming) to finally pull the plug on Keith’s web of lies and deceit. Amazingly, I still felt loyal to the group 10 years later. But then, it was like a distorted lens was cracked then removed.

    I like the Frank Report, because we can come here and share our stories. It is a support group for former victims of NXIVM. The purpose of the Frank Report is to combine forces and destroy NXIVM once and for all. Not destroy one another.

    What people don’t understand is that Keith is a super-nice person if you meet him. And he fills in the gaps, he becomes what you need: a guru, a mentor, a kind friend, a good listener, and to some a lover. But that is his psychopathy. He’s a mimic. His true nature is of a total lack of empathy, remorse, guilt, compassion, or caring about another human being.

    Frank Report really turned the tide and has allowed many to see the real Keith Raniere and NXIVM for what they are. An elaborate hoax and ruse to grift, steal, harm, kill, and break people’s spirits.


    • Narcissistic Personality Disorder/ Psychopath right there in your description:

      “he fills in the gaps, he becomes what you need: a guru, a mentor, a kind friend, a good listener, and to some a lover. But that is his psychopathy. He’s a mimic. His true nature is of a total lack of empathy, remorse, guilt, compassion, or caring about another human being.”

      It’s all a mask of the moment – whatever will get him what he wants and needs. And he sure doesn’t like it if he loses a toy before he is done with it.

      • – “It’s all a mask of the moment – whatever will get him what he wants and needs. And he sure doesn’t like it if he loses a toy before he is done with it.”

        By toy, you mean someone’s vagina right?

        • No, I don’t – that’s only part of it. I think Raniere views people (women in particular) as objects for his own sick pleasure. He rapes people physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and takes pleasure from that. All of it is heinous.

    • > He’s a mimic. His true nature is of a total lack of empathy, remorse, guilt, compassion, or caring about another human being

      Everyone had to learn this at some point. Some later than others It’s a hard pill to swallow. Pretty sure Allison is starting to rue the day she ever met Keith.

    • “he becomes what you need: a guru, a mentor, a kind friend, a good listener, and to some a lover. But that is his psychopathy. He’s a mimic. His true nature is of a total lack of empathy, remorse, guilt, compassion, or caring about another human being.”

      Nothing else needs to be written about Keith. People not comprehending this about him is why some are still conflicted.

  • You are truly appreciated, as always, Omar.

    Thanks for sticking around in spite of ridiculous trolls, particularly the one who is continuing his same nonsense just no longer using his name.

  • What this group did to Frank Parlato was totally wrong.

    Keith Raniere is a conman, a Psychopath, and a monster. Young women, children, and families suffered because of VanGrifter, Nancy Salzman, and Clare.

    And the only time Clare Bronfman ever showed emotion, is when she teared up as it was explained to her that she would lose MILLIONS if she were to jump bail.

    It’s time to turn the page and help clear Frank Parlato!

    • Boris is think Mr. Rosales is have something smelly and brown on nose. Spasibo!

    • Thank you, Omar, for doing this. I am sorry people on this page are intent on deriding you and others. Those with the courage to speak up should be praised. Frank deserves people who support him. If no one had spoken up, this cult would have gone on and on and on. Maybe they still will – after all, everything was consensual and Van Douche is as gentle as a little lamb… Maybe he’ll escape the charges and go back to his monstrous ways. In my mind, he is a carbon copy of Jim Jones.

  • You use a PO box for your law firms mailing address? Red flag. Nice of you to write tho.

    • For privacy reasons. Would you want NXIVM members showing up at your place of work?

      Remember Keith’s words…

      Big firms also use PO Boxes. Everything is digital now. Hardly anything gets sent via mail nowadays with Pacer and e-file in State Courts.

      • Speaking of PO Boxes… from John Tigue:

        “NXIVM had been using an inefficient method of transferring large amounts of cash across the border into the US. The Mexican operation is almost always conducted in cash and in US$. The money, once across the border, was then simply sent by mail to a series of PO boxes in the capital region….

        Juliana Vicente (Mark Vicente’s mother) was given the task of emptying these boxes each week, but the sheer volume of these pickups was starting to draw attention”.

        • The third time I have posted this, pay attention! Far more then one person collected mail from the PO boxes.

          • You did indeed. You have not revealed who these people are on Frank Report. Will you? Have you told the authorities?

          • to the anonymous above who seems intent on dragging Mark’s mother thru the ringer for unknown, possibly personal reasons?

            I can rattle off a litany of names who worked in the “accounting offices” of NXIVM but I am not going to give you the satisfaction you seem to want. It would also be irresponsible and potentially intimidating potential witnesses to do so.

            Rest assured the information was provided to the FEDS by more than one party and it is time to let the Government attorneys do their jobs and await the trial to see who is called as witnesses. Then the dots will connect.

      • Odd reply. Using public records, I could easily find your home address. With a phone call, I can simply call your firm an find your firms location. NXVIM members already know where I live. If you have information on them, you have nothing to fear.

        • You’re right, it is an odd reply. A lot of things here don’t add up – from weird trolls such as Pea Onyu (and others) to fake stories with political connections, something is amiss here.

          Do y’all notice that Scott (and Van douche) disappeared from the comments, and suddenly Ben started to troll here?

          • Van Douche has always been off and on, and Scott appears to just be posting anonymously now.

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