Kathy Russell stands strong – for NXIVM – as Bronfman sisters likely foot legal bill for ‘fall gal’

Two sources tell me that Kathy Russell is standing tall: She will not flip on Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman.

This may be the true reason her attorney recently withdrew from the case.

Why did he leave?

Kathy’s attorney, William Fanciullo, a top flight Albany attorney, may have dropped Kathy – or perhaps the Bronfmans fired him.

Either way, Kathy has been assured – my sources inform me – that she will get an attorney who will properly defend [Keith and Clare] and her [in that order] and the legal bills will be paid for her defense – by the Bronfmans  – as long as she does not cooperate with the prosecution.

This may require her to take the fall for Keith and Clare.

William Fanciullo has withdrawn from the case. He represented Kathy Russell – perhaps a little too zealously. Kathy may be designated to take the fall.  She signed everything, not Keith, Nancy, or Karen. Her attorney might have tried to warn her – but when you have lawyers assigned to various defendants being paid by one of the defendants – conflicts may arise. Exit one honest attorney.

I believe Russell has been for years targeted as a ‘fall gal’ for NXIVM and that’s the reason she was tasked with signing so many curious documents – as opposed to the one who told her to sign the documents – and oftentimes the preparer of those documents – Karen Unterreiner.

Longtime NXIVM co-conspirator Karen Abney put up the $25,000 cash bail for Russell.  It is not known whose money that is but it is curious that it was put up in cash and not a bail bond – which would have cost far less.

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  • Kathy has been drinking Vess-Aid way too long. It’s going to take her awhile, if ever, to detox from the cesspool she has been drinking from for the last 18? years.

    Everything that comes out of their Vanguards mouth is bulls–it so there is a large body of cess to be had.

    Will Kathy do prison time?

    Would she do less time not having a “Clare Lawyer” (paid for out of the bear’s trust). Will Kathy cuts a deal with the Feds and CB stops paying for the best legal representation her money can buy and does less time. It’s in the roll of the dice as Emi would say.

    How is it not a conflict of interest having Clare paying for everyone’s legal fees? There must be a way around it since the mob has been paying for lawyers for their crews legal fees for decades.

  • I suppose when you are able to buy off so many with your millions, you stop seeing law enforcement and the judicial system as anything but a tool to be manipulated or even just as a complete joke. I hope reality slaps them hard in their faces.

  • They brought this case because they have plenty of electronic evidence to back up the accusations.

    It is not going to matter who tries to “take a fall” if it contradicts the existing evidence, which is going to implicate everyone who is already indicted.

  • There are lots of people serving as designated fall gals for Vanguard and the Bronfmans.
    Kathy Russell
    LaurenSalzman (Pea Onyou)
    Nicki Cyne
    Allison Mack

    But the joke is on Clare Bronfman and the Vanguard.
    They’re all going down together.

    They are all Peas in a Pod.

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