Emiliano Salinas ruminates on ‘Fortune’ on his blog

On August 9, 2018, Emiliano Salinas wrote an introspective essay on his blog in Spanish about ‘Fortune’.

Below is an English translation.

It could be summed up as “Mistakes, I made a few [hundred thousand] but maybe it’s a good thing, While Emiliano’s essay borders at times on word salad, it seems like Emiliano is really merely excusing himself for his decision to be a part of NXIVM/Executive Succeess Programs for years [and participate in its manifold criminal activities.].

Of course, he previously chose to publicly announce he cut all ties from Raniere after Raniere was arrested.


The Fortune 

By Emiliano Salinas

I have always liked board games, especially Chess . I am passionate about strategy, to see how much progress can be made with logical and well thought decisions. I did not like Backgammon – the much-much older game than Chess, by the way. It infuriated me that the dice did not come out as expected, and that would spoil the play I had prepared.

I said that I did not like to play games where success does not depend on your ability, but on the luck of the dice.

Today, I see that life, curiously, is more like Backgammon than Chess. There are so many things that are not in our hands that we think we decide, but really are based on what came out of the roll of the dice. It is unavoidable. Fortune, as it was defined and studied by Machiavelli in the sixteenth century, is also a player at the table, and often spoils our most calculated strategies, our most thoughtful moves. And fortune will never stop at the table. It will never disappear from our life and much of our life will be determined by it.

But more than a fatality today I see this as an opportunity. In life I have found myself in situations that at the time seemed very favorable, and at a distance I see that they were not so much; It did not go so well. Or maybe my decisions under those circumstances were not so good, and I ruined what fortune had given me.

And also in life I have found myself in situations that at the time seemed very adverse, and that also at a distance I see that they were not so terrible. It was not too bad for me. Maybe my decisions in adverse circumstances were not all bad, and I could compensate for something that the bad hand that fortune gave me at that time.

So maybe it’s not fortune that spoils our plans, but our good decisions, regardless of the circumstances, which allow us to capitalize on the good fortune that sometimes appears, and mitigate the effects of bad fortune that sometimes, irretrievably, it’s up to us all.

Our life is not the result of fortune itself, but of our acting in the realm of fortune where we all exist.


Emi admits that the dice or fate might have controlled his otherwise good decision to be part of NXIVM – which ended badly.


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