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Laura Darby: Dr. Brandon Porter’s home sold –future remains uncertain for ‘Shock Doc’!

Another NXIVM member’s home was put up for sale.

The former home of Dr. Brandon Porter and his wife Jane Jeffries is a pending sale via Armida Rose Realty Group (NXIVM member Franca Dicrescenzo’s real estate brokerage company).

A pending sale generally means that there is a contract for sale and it is pending closing.

The Porter house went up for sale and it did not take long to sell, The sales price of $352,00 is at the low end of what the neighboring homes in the area are appraised at.

Can you say fire sale?

It was mentioned previously that 1) Allison Mack co-signed on the mortgage 2) The Porters couldn’t pay their bills even before Brandon Porter wound up in deep doo-doo.

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Dr. Brandon Porter sold his home at 45 Oregon Trail.

Sale history for 45 OREGON TRL

Date Event Price % Change Source
Jul 12, 2018 Pending $352,000 CRMLS
Jul 2, 2018 Listed / Active $352,000 CRMLS
Interior of the home:
45 OREGON TRL, Halfmoon, NY
45 OREGON TRL, Halfmoon, NY
45 OREGON TRL, Halfmoon, NY
45 OREGON TRL, Halfmoon, NY
45 OREGON TRL, Halfmoon, NY
Dr. Brandon Porter – a true believer in the wisdom taught as Executive Success Programs – is an exemplar of the program. He started off as a medical doctor and will likely lose his license. The main objection to his work as an MD is his practice of conducting human fright experiments on women.
Artist conception [not a real photo]: Dr. Brandon Porter [right] conducts a female human fright experiment where he shows a woman films of rape, and murder of women – and monitors her reaction. Dr. Porter is also in charge of monitoring the linguistic skills of little children in Rainbow Cultural Garden.

It remains to be seen what will happen to the Shock Doc – Dr. Brandon Porter. He may lose his license or even be charged criminally. Either way his reputation is ruined and his career in shambles.

Viva Executive Success!

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