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Sara Bronfman-Igtet lists home in Clifton Park for sale

Sara Bronfman-Igtet has listed her Clifton Park home for sale.
She has listed it for less than what she paid for it. The total cost paid – according to public records – was $2,632,773 with the price of the house, fees, and remodeling.
A secluded setting for a member of a reclusive sect
She can’t sell it without paying off the lien she has on the house after she stiffed a contractor for work he did.
The house – or, rather, the mansion – at 7 Traymore is for sale for $1,573,100. This means she is willing to take at least a $1 million loss on the bedroom, 9 bath home – which has 10,465 sq ft and is nestled on 4.31 acres.
7 Taymor Trl, Clifton Park, NY 12065
As for Sara being unable to travel to court to attend Clare’s bail hearing because – as Clare reported – she is nursing a child, let the record show that Sara came to V-week last year with her 2nd child nursing.  Her 2nd child had been nursing on the trip to Albany, the drive to Silver Bay, the 10-day stay at V-Week and the return trip home [home is England and France].
“Saying she couldn’t come to the bail hearing is such V.B.S.–  Vanguard bull shit,” says one of our readers familiar with the lying Bronfmans.


Nancy Salzman with Sara Bronfman at V-Week 2017. Her nursing child was with her then – and under the care of her many nannies.


Some pics of the home in case any of our readers might wish to make an offer:

7 Taymor Trl, Clifton Park, NY 12065
It might be a little shabby for some readers’ taste but the winding staircase at least has a nice banister and handrails – which for all we know Keith – the judo expert – might have slid down – to show off his skills.
7 Taymor Trl, Clifton Park, NY 12065
Ornate and fashionable both – Sara Bronfman Igtet – bought the 10,000 square foot house to be close to Keith Raniere.
7 Taymor Trl, Clifton Park, NY 12065
The dining -kitchen area where Sara made eggs for NY Times contributor Vanessa Grigoriadis.
7 Taymor Trl, Clifton Park, NY 12065
Did Keith ever eat here?
7 Taymor Trl, Clifton Park, NY 12065
The family room is a cozy spot for Keith to come by and visit for a nice chat about word salad and the problems confronting the world.

7 Taymor Trl, Clifton Park, NY 120657 Taymor Trl, Clifton Park, NY 120657 Taymor Trl, Clifton Park, NY 120657 Taymor Trl, Clifton Park, NY 12065

Did Vanguard ever sleep here?

7 Taymor Trl, Clifton Park, NY 12065


In the master bathroom, there is a nice hot tub – the kind which Vanguard so enjoys.


One by one the Albany crew is leaving the area – it is almost as if they don’t expect old Vanguard to ever come back….


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Frank Parlato


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  • Only 1.5K for a property like that?
    They are trying to sell it ASAP.

  • How can you list for sale a property that is listed as collateral on a bond ??

  • “which for all we know Keith – the judo expert – might have slid down – to show off his skills.”

    Frank, my attorney will be contacting you for financial compensation. I need help paying for treatment of the burns on the inside of my nose from the coffee I snorted when I read that line.

    • Raniere saved Sara money on the contractor’s bill for replacing the spinals for the staircase. He just give them the one two judo chop when she was having them replaced. Raniere’s bill came to 32,000 and that is why Sara says she doesn’t owe the contractor that money.

  • What a few million for these brats, it’s like pocket change for them.

  • It’s somewhat Over-the-top. Why does a single lady need 10,000 sqft and 7 bedrooms?

    She’s trying to compensate for something money can’t buy. And she will keep blowing through money (spending it on furniture, houses, Cult Leaders, jets, travel revolutions, and stuff) until she figures out what that is.

    Self-worth? Self respect? Who knows

    • Single lady?
      She is married with 2 small children. And they probably had live in staff, such as a nanny.

  • Sara must be cr@pping in her jodhpurs at what the FBI could do to her if they really investigate all those Rainbow Cultural Garden schools she ran for the little kiddies.
    With excellent teachers like Lauren Salzman, those little kiddies in the RCG schools must have learned all about the differences between PEAS and carrots.
    No wonder that Sara’s gay personal social media spokeswoman (and Clare’s former girl friend) hightailed it to Jolly Olde England.
    No wonder that Sara herself chose not to visit her sister Clare for the court hearing in Brooklyn.

    And since Sara is also very friendly with Allison Mack, what must the FBI know from hacking into Mack’s cellphone?
    What secrets are contained in all those emails and text messages?
    Allison was really a busy beaver churning out all that evidence for the FBI.
    Was Mack really recruiting teen age girls to work in Rainbow Cultural Garden schools or did those girls have other duties to perform?
    What was Mack doing in England and France last autumn for Sara and Clare?
    Did Mack transport illicit NXIVM money to Europe to be hidden and laundered?
    Was that why Clair was so generous in giving Mack a BMW?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Wow you were and still are obsessed with a female pedophile. Shame on you you old perv.

    • You’re a complete flake. The house was owned by someone involved with Sex Abuse and by your logic, the way to “purge the evil within” is by getting a CATHOLIC PRIEST to exorcise it?

      The Catholic Church is a pedophilia ring masquerading as religion.

      I can just imagine how ridiculous your poetry must be.

      In case anybody wonders how a guy like Raniere can do the things he did, it’s because the world is full of gullible nitwits like our resident poet here.

      • And you’re a self-important moron masquerading as….what? I’m not even sure….lol. Why are you even here, “Ben”?
        Comic relief?

      • Pretty sure you’re not really Ben Jerkus.. I think you’re actually that Scott Amway asshole.

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