Jim Del Negro head of the High Council
News NXIVM To export

Source: Remaining NXIVM members guarding their phones; holding meetings in Albany and Mexico

The remaining members of NXIVM are fiercely guarding their phones, says an insider who has close ties to the group.

There are still weekly Jness and SOP [Society of Protectors] meetings with the remaining followers in Albany.

Esther [Chiappone] Carlson won’t back down. She is behind Raniere all the way.
Three stalwarts – James Del Negro, Esther [Chiappone] Carlson and Dawn Morrison are leading the ever diminishing groups.

It is suspected that remaining leaders are being funded by the new leader of NXIVM – Sara Bronfman-Igtet.

The incomes of NXIVM recruiters such as Del Negro and Carlson have diminished greatly because few [or none] want to join the cult associated with blackmail and branding women.

Dawn Morrison may have aged out of his harem but she will not abandon Keith Raniere’s stellar teachings.

The two leaders of SOP are Jim Del Negro and Lucas Roberts – according to our source – and they remain devotedly loyal to their Vanguard- Keith Raniere. At least two of the Elliott brothers are said to be holding fast to Vanguard along with Chris Pearson Smith and are assisting in keeping the light of SOP alive in followers hearts.

Carlson – who was moved out of the top position at Jness by Allison Mack because she blamed Mack’s bulimia on her 800 calories per day diet – has resumed the teaching role for Jness and is in secret contract with Nancy Salzman to get her orders.

She is assisted by aging Raniere harem member Dawn Morrison.

Emi with secret lover Alex Betancourt may have publicly distanced themselves from Keith Raniere – but just like they keep their love life a secret – they also keep their loyalty to Keith private and confidential – except among the faithful NXIVM members.

According to our insider, Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt – although they publicly denounced their business association with Raniere and ESP/NXIVM – remain loyal to him – and did that as a cover to get the heat off of them.

The Knife closed down last week – shortly after the Frank Report noticed Rosa Laura Junco was no longer listed on the website as CEO.

One source says Rosa Laura said she is distancing herself from Keith – but like Emiliano and Alex – is it suspected to be a mere front – done to try to access her allowance cut off by her father, Alejandro Junco, to encourage her to get out of the dangerous cult.

Omar and Edgar Boone are still staunchly in – and Omar’s wife – Jimena – the branded slave of Keith Raniere – still supports her master Raniere – despite his being incarcerated in Brooklyn where she can no longer attend to his every personal need.

Image result for keith raniere mexico jimena garza
Married Jimena Garza walks down the street with her master Keith Raniere. She sports the initials of Keith Raniere on her pubic region – as he husband Omar Cornudo Boone has occasion to know,.

The married Jimena not only sports the initials of Keith Raniere – but recruited other married women in Mexico to get branded with the same initials.

Down in Mexico, news that this married woman sports another man’s initials [Keith Raniere] on her pubic region has helped earn for Omar, her husband, the title “Cuckie” Boone. Cuckie is short for cuckold.

The Boones and their wives are helping corral remaining Mexican members.

Many members who cannot attend meetings in person [some told relatives they are out of the group] secretly call in by phone weekly for orders. All of them are careful with their phones – since they might be hacked or the FBI might be listening.

Keith Raniere inside the police vehicle which took him from Mexico to Texas where he was arraigned.

It is not known if Rosa Laura, Emi and Alex will be charged in the US for crimes committed in the service of Vanguard. Sources who know them say they are highly nervous they might be charged.

Contrarily, Jim “What me worry” Del Negro, Esther and Dawn seem unconcerned.

Much like Kathy Russell and the Salzmans, they believe the DOJ charges are a joke and they will soon be dismissed or acquitted – so long as they stay loyal to Vanguard.


Omar “Cuckie” Boone sits with wife Jimena Garza. She is one of the leaders of DOS and is branded on her pubic region with the initials of Keith Raniere. She has taken a vow of slavery to Raniere. Her husband, Omar Boone has been ridiculed as a cuckold for his wife bears the initials of horny sex pervert Keith Raniere.




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  • Great reporting FR! I wonder what in the hell these complete idiots still think they are holding on to.

  • Weird question: “Carlson – who was moved out of the top position at Jness by Allison Mack because she blamed Mack’s bulimia on her 800 calories per day diet” Is the implication that Mack has bulimia or Carlson?

    • Mack -there is an old post on here that talks about this. Esther was probably one of the original Jness’s besides Pam Cafritz and Marianna. Originally there used to be meet-ups for moms here in Clifton Park which Esther kind of headed up if I remember they would meet Sundays at Apropos. They even tried Vegan meet-ups some of the coaches may have joined the local chamber of commerce to find ways to get fresh blood.

  • He is one sick pervert. Those that squawk the most have the most to hide. The perv has probably been out to her parents house in Los Alamitos and probably wacked it in Halfmoon where her BMW is still parked. Clearly the guy has issues

    • There are a few here who are obsessed with the actresses involved. They don’t actually care about the NXIVM story, rather the actresses involved. If it were not for their infatuation for these actresses, they would not be here. Modern males in the internet age have become so weak.

  • They all must have burner phones so they can continue to send messages to each other don’t you think?

    How would the Feds track such a thing?

    This group has had years to figure this out and knew it was possible. They have hire experts on how to deal with such a situation as this.

    They have paid millions to private investigators to find people and must of asked how someone could stay under the radar.

    Keith could even be getting messages outside MDC. For the right amount of $$$ you can get pretty much anything you want in jail. Maybe that is why he’s been going to the medical department so often? Maybe he’s got a “friend” there who is getting him things he wants.

  • Can anyone speak with knowledge about the people from Vancouver that are still involved like Lucas, Leah and Diana Lim?

    • I can’t speak with precise knowledge about Diana Lim, but last I knew there have been complaints about her trying to recruit students from her psychology teaching position at Concordia University in Montreal.

  • Most of these dudes in nxiivm look gay. I think there were/are a lot of female beards for these guys. That husband in the above pic with his wife look so bizarre.

    • What other kind of guy would let a pervert like Raniere make off with his wife?
      Either a cuckold or a gay guy.

      And since only one Alpha Male (Raniere) is allowed in NXIVM the women, out of sexual frustration will turn to lesbianism.

      One will find on further investigation that NXIVM’s sex cult was designed to satisfy the lusts of Raniere and the top ranking female members of NXIVM.
      NXIVM is a sex cult for Raniere and rich lesbians.

    • The males are indeed little pussies. I read through Mark Hildreth’s twitter feed once. It made me want to punch him in the face. A virtue signalling moron.

  • Clearly a team of second stringers.
    In some cases even third stringers.

    At least they learned that the FBI, if it gets a hold of a person’s phone, can hack into it a recover a whole treasure trove of incriminating evidence.
    Thank you Allison Mack for generating all those emails and text messages for the FBI to use in court.
    You’ll have a few years, Allison, to ponder how helpful you were to the FBI.
    Unfortunately, for you, it won’t shave any time off your sentence.
    It must suck to be you, Allison.

    • shadowstate1958, Allison Mack is a piece of shit and should rot in hell.. but why are you so personally emotionally involved? You talk as if you were a branded sex slave.

      • He probably is branded, but no one wants to look that closely at his crotch area to find out for sure.

      • Have you ever read George Orwell’s novel “1984”?
        It features a daily minute of hate.
        Every day one individual is singled out for hatred and abuse.
        The same way the main stream media singles out Donald Trump every day for hatred but that doesn’t bother you.

        Ms. Mack is a hypocrite who advocates female empowerment while torturing females.
        Allison Mack deserves hatred scorn and ridicule.

        Notice now that other people are indicted — Lauren Salzman and Clare Bronfman — I have made comments about Lauren’s utter stupidity and Clare Bronfman’s obvious lesbianism.
        And Ms. Mack is the nexus, the hub between Raniere, Clare, Lauren and all the other ass clowns of NXIVM.
        In every group picture Ms. Mack has to be in the center of the group with the biggest most smiling Jack-O-Lantern face.

        Ms. Mack is the public face of NXIVM and the public face deserves the most pies.

        Tom Cruise is the spokesman for Scientology.
        Cruise gets endless abuse for his role as spokesman.
        Who is the current administrative head of Scientology?
        Most people don’t know who David Miscavige is.

      • When beautiful women, who have “cute” personalities and the “sugar and spice and everything nice” type of beauty, turn out to be ugly trolls inside, it can elicit a strong emotional reaction in some men. The same men will react the same way if those types of women turn out to be healthy and independent on the inside. I’m a guy, I’ve seen my fellow guys act like this – it’s pathetic, but it’s an instinctive biological reaction. Nature’s misogyny. It’ll never change.

        In my experience, guys who act this way are usually weak men. Shadowstate1958 has written many insightful comments on this blog and seems to be an independent thinker, but he has flaws that he puts on full display as well. I just ignore his obsession with Mack – who is a brainwashed bit player after all – and just pay attention to his other material.

        • I wouldn’t use the term “misogynist” but I agree with you about weak males behaving like this. It is the same with the white knight types who come to the defense of their infatuation when she is criticized or questioned. Some just do it to virtue signal to feel righteous and heroic. Some do it hoping they will get the approval of their fantasy woman or women in general. Sad.

        • Let’s cut to the chase.
          Ms. Mack has a certain amount of acting talent and was chosen for Smallville because she was poised and professional.
          The NXIVM elite saw that Ms. Mack and her character Chloe Sullivan built up a following among young female TV fans.
          Both the WB and CW TV networks were geared towards young females.
          Young females liked the spunky all-American girl Chloe Sullivan who was Superman’s platonic girl friend.

          The NXIVM elite targeted females as potential recruits to the NXIVM sex cult.
          Up to 80% of the people taken in by NXIVM were female.

          And the Bronfmans and Salzmans and Raniere saw that Mack would be the perfect recruiter to bring young females into the cult.
          Females to serve the needs of Raniere and Clare.

          So Mack put out recruitment videos and appeared a A Capella concerts to entice unsuspecting girls into the cult.

          Up until the last year Mack was still trolling around for young female recruits to the cult.

          Moreover, the Bronfmans put Allison Mack up in an expensive apartment in Brooklyn Heights near the Brooklyn Bridge.
          Brooklyn is now the hottest neighborhood in New York where aspiring actors, actresses and performers can afford to live while they’re trying to work their way up to Broadway and TV and movies.
          Many of these young performers grew up watching Smallville and know of Ms. Mack.

          Ms. Mack was the bait to lure young women into the cult and to turn them into sex slaves for Raniere and Clare.
          And who would suspect an accomplished actress like Allison Mack of being a pimp for a sex ring.
          Why Allison Mack is an all-American Girl.

          Allison Mack knew precisely what she was being used for and she was happy to be used.
          Why else did Clare Bronfman give Allison Mack a BMW to tool around in?
          Out of the goodness of Clare Bronfman’s heart?

          • Let’s cut the bullshit, skippy. You have an unhealthy obsession with a woman whom you have had a crush on for many many years. Please for your own future mental health…. grow up, man up and get professional help. Guys like you usually end up in a bad way.

          • Read your own posts. You have a significant emotional investment in Allison Mack.

            I think its safe to say that Allison Mack is: 1. Brainwashed, 2. Dumb.

            Although everything you say about her in your last post is 100% true, and that she was happy “to be used,” Allison doesn’t know what she’s being used for because she is: 1. Brainwashed, 2. Dumb. Allison Mack doesn’t possess the raw intellect, even without throwing in the hardcore brainwashing, to sort all of this out. I think its safe to say that she’s entirely clueless.

            Being a clueless dingbat does not excuse the criminal and morally reprehensible behavior, but it does relegate a person to the role of “bit player,” even if they played a significant role in the crime.

            I’m not sure how closely you follow basketball, but Lebron James is an excellent comparison to Allison Mack. If you’ve heard Lebron speak and have followed some of the decisions that he’s made, you know he’s dumb as a box of rocks, yet he’s the indispensable “bit player” of the Lebron James marketing machine.

            Lebron James left to his own devices would still be living with his Mom in Cleveland, shooting hoops at the neighborhood basketball court, and Allison Mack left to her own devices would be a D-list “has been” in Hollywood trying to get roles in made for TV movies.

            Focusing on Allison Mack is a complete waste of time, but I doubt anything I say will stop you. I do enjoy reading your non-Allison Mack comments though.

          • Along with an obviously unhealthy obsession with every word that shadowstate types.

        • It is hard to ignore an insecure troll who constantly shits all over the comment section. More people are seeing this empty suit for what he is.

          • He does remind alot of Scott Johnson in his obsession with constantly posting.

        • Actually men’s instincts are, do I kill it, run away, eat it or fuck it. Men act as pussys today because of “evolving society”.

        • There has to be a point where a bad person has to take personnel responsibility for their actions. Saying they are brainwashed does not cut it. ISIS members are deluded. NXIVM members are deluded. Mexican cartels are deluded. Once you commit a crime, you are a criminal, no matter what. Everything is their own decision. These NXIVM people obviously have low self esteem issues and need to feel validated by being a part of something they perceive to be important. It is their own decision. They should face the consequences of their actions. Fuck them all.

          • There are some serious consequences coming for more of them, too.

            Jim del Negro has always been a patsy for these guys. Putting his name on companies and bank accounts without regard for what is really going on.

            Just read the his testimony in the court case in Los Angeles.

        • Wrong Stig.

          Without Ally Mack, NXIVM would still be going strong, just like it did during all the years of Frank’s reporting and those that preceded him.

          The only reason NXIVM got the attention of the NYTimes, network TV and the Feds, is because of DOS branding. Mack created or helped create DOS and was the prime mover. And when Sarah Edmondson exposed her brand to the press, Mack’s celebrity (Smallville Actress In Sex Cult!!!!) is what finally brought all the unwanted Main Stream Media attention on the cult. Not Raniere or the Bronfmans or Kreuk or even Frank Parlato. But Allison Mack and her DOS branding.

          If Mack had not conceived of the branding, Sarah Edmondson would still be making money in Vancouver and the cult would still be a very minor scandal known to only a few and ignored by local authorities.

          DOS would never have happened without Mack–the lead actress, or femme fatale–not a “bit player”

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